Litecoin Casinos – Spin Reels Using LTC

Litecoin is not only one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there. It is also one of the older ones. It got created by Charles Lee in 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin. Essentially, Litecoin is different from its predecessor in that it features Scrypt as a proof of work scheme and has a faster block generation rate. Many call it silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It often ranks as a top-ten crypto coin. Due to its structural similarity to Bitcoin, Litecoin frequently gets used as a testing ground for improvements that will likely, later on, get applied to the world’s dominant digital form of money. Tech detail-wise, Litecoin is virtually identical to Bitcoin.

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Best Litecoin Casinos

What Are Litecoin Casinos?

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Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin casinos are nothing more than gambling sites that let you use LTC as a payment method. Nothing more. We have seen a handful of Litecoin-only platforms over the years but have chosen not to review them, as they lacked the quality necessary to get featured by us. Thus, most Litecoin online casinos you will stumble upon on the internet, in general, and on BTCGOSU, will offer this crypto alongside Bitcoin and a few others.

Litecoin Casinos Gambling

What Are Some Games That You Can Enjoy with LTC?

There are no LTC-restricted games. If a crypto casino you fancy accepts LTC, you should be free to play all its offered products. Below, we break down a few of your gaming options at Litecoin gambling sites.

Litecoin Slots

Slots rule the online gambling sector. Products from NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, and a slew of other providers dominate digital casino floors. You can play all of these games at crypto gambling sites that accept LTC. Hence Litecoin slots are an option.

Litecoin Live Games

While it is accurate that reel-spinning games face no threat when it comes to the throne of the internet’s number one gaming option, live dealer tables are slowly growing into a viable contender. Litecoin blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are available on many platforms, where you can put your luck and decision-making prowess against a croupier in an HD studio located on the other side of the planet.

Litecoin Lottery-Style Gaming Products

Yes, Litecoin crypto casinos do offer lottery-style gambling. So, keno, bingo, and scratch cards are betting options you can enjoy at most LTC-accepting platforms. You should find these under the specialty games category, along with novel products like fish table shooters.

Litecoin Provably Fair Games

In the past, provably fair games were the backbone of the crypto gambling sector. Today, they are not as popular but remain an attraction that caters to a niche crowd. Litecoin dice, hi-lo, crash, Plinko, and a few other simple games whose results you can verify, and seed numbers you can reset, should be available at a decent amount of Litecoin platforms.

Litecoin Sports Wagering

Sports betting is continuously gaining traction as more and more territories legalize this activity. However, most Litecoin sportsbooks accept bettors from a vast range of regions, so finding one that lets you register should not be a problem if you want to lay down bets on your favorite sports team in LTC.

What are the Pros of LTC?

Let us talk about the benefits of using Litecoin.

It Is Fast

We already touched on this in the intro. Litecoin is four times faster than Bitcoin. That means that it processes transactions within a maximum period of 2.5 minutes.

It Is Easy to Trade

Virtually every exchange and popular wallet supports Litecoin, and it has an excellent reputation with crypto aficionados. Thus, holding it in your crypto wallet should not induce too many hassles, as it has a low volatility level, and you can get rid of your LTC fast if you need to do so.

It Has Low Transaction Fees

Overall, and particularly compared to some of the other popular cryptocurrencies.

What Are the Cons of LTC?

The main drawbacks of using LTC are:

It Has Lost Some Credibility

In 2017, Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s developer, sold his holdings when Litecoin prices were surging. That left some to speculate that he did not have long-term faith in the coin. The LitePay service going under also set off alarm bells with some investors about the long-haul prospects of Litecoin. Its upgrades also often feel like patches.

It Gets Connected with Illegal Activities

In 2018, a report suggested that 30% of Dark Web vendors accept Litecoin, making it the second-most-used coin on the Dark Web. This stat also casts doubts on the future of this crypto.

It Is Growing Too Slowly

Yes, Litecoin’s price jumps every year, but not close to the same level as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Thus, it may not be as safe an investment as its competitors.

How to Start Gambling with LTC?

To begin betting with LTC at Litecoin crypto casinos, you will need to:

Get an LTC Wallet

According to most, the best LTC wallets are LiteVault, Exodus, Guarda, Exodus Mobile, Litecoin Core, Ledger, and Trezor.

Purchase LTC

You can buy LTC on Coinbase, eToro, Binance, Benzinga, Kraken, and many other popular exchanges.

Put LTC in Your Litecoin Casino Account

When you have a crypto wallet with LTC in it, you must open the banking page of your Litecoin casino, pick deposit, Litecoin, and enter the amount of LTC you wish to transfer over to your gambling balance.

Picking a Decent Litecoin Crypto Casino

If a Litecoin gambling hub looks appealing at first sight, before creating an account, go through our review of it, paying attention to these things:

Quality UX Design

A decent UX design can help provide smooth gambling entertainment and reduce unnecessary hassles. You should move from one section of a Litecoin site to another with ease on desktop and mobile devices. If that is not so, maybe you should look into another casino accepting Litecoin.

Simple KYC

If you are a BTCGOSU regular, you know where we stand regarding KYC procedures. They need to be as simple as possible, as they are the bane of most internet gamblers’ existence. Check the T&C of the site you are considering to see if it makes life difficult when you attempt to remove funds from your balance.

Game Selection

If you are not a provably fair gambler, you likely want to have access to a robust game lobby. Glance through our review of the platform you are thinking about joining to see how many products we list it has and from who. If what you read in that section of our review satisfies you, go ahead and sign-up. If it does not, skip it and search for a Litecoin gambling platform that fits your interactive gaming appetite.

Litecoin Casino FAQs

Before you start betting with Litecoin today, have a quick mooch at our FAQ guide to betting at Litecoin casinos.

Do All Crypto Casinos Accept Litecoin?

Most of the major ones do, and even some of the up-and-coming fledgeling casinos take on LTC deposits and withdrawals. Litecoin is a major cryptocurrency, so finding a top site to play at should be a doddle, especially with our Litecoin casino reviews.

Are LTC Deposits Free from Fees?

Litecoin is notably cheaper than most other major cryptocurrencies to use. With typical charges of $0.03 up to $0.04 per transaction, it is miles cheaper than Bitcoin and Ethereum to use at online casinos.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games with Litecoin?

Playing your favourite live dealer casino games with Litecoin shouldn’t pose any sort of issue. Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and most of the other major providers have made LTC gameplay possible in their biggest live casino titles.

Is It Safe to Wager with Litecoin?

Using Litecoin to bet online is no riskier than betting with BTC, ETH or other significant crypto options. It’s lost a bit of credibility due to Dark Web vendors, but the relatively slow growth rate makes it stable to gamble with.

Can I Claim LTC Online Casino Bonuses?

Any major cryptocurrency casino that accepts Litecoin should easily offer you the chance to claim welcome bonuses and more in LTC. Our top Litecoin casinos certainly can, and some even extend LTC online casino bonuses to loyalty rewards, tournaments, and re-deposit deals.