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Minesweeper may not be the very first game you think of when you first set to bet online with bitcoin. Most of us tend to get swept away in slot mania, fancy trying our luck at a few hands of blackjack or poker, roll those bones on the craps table, or spin that roulette wheel. However, there are a large number of “oddities” out there for you to bet your bitcoins on, and the legendary Minesweeper game is one of them.

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How Does Bitcoin Minesweeper Work?

As you are probably aware, Minesweeper is an old game, and for many of us, our first memories of it come from those early Windows PCs, even if the game predates them. As the game’s name suggests, it involves navigating a hidden minefield, using visible numbers to make your way across without hitting one. How does this game get applied for online gambling purposes, then?

As it happens, we have the answer…

Bitcoin Minesweeper requires you to place a bet. These are usually fixed-odds stakes. There is some flexibility in the wagering range, so you can bet what you are comfortable with. After doing so, you can click on a square. Assuming you haven’t landed on a mine from the off, a series of squares will be cleared (sometimes, just one), and numbers will be shown. These reveal to the player how many mines there are surrounding the spot. By using the information on the screen, you should hopefully be able to navigate your way across the rest of the field. Get hit, and you’ll lose your bet. Make it across the board, and you’ll win a fixed prize.

Despite the simplicity of this game, it is a challenge. There are also a few things worth noting about Minesweeper, including:

A Game of Pure Chance

Minesweeper is a game of pure luck. Games of chance such as this can only be mildly influenced by the information you have at hand (the visible numbers), but there is no real way of knowing where the mines are hidden, even for the most skilled players. There is still an element of potluck that looms large over this game.

Clearing Fields Is the Ideal Tactic

Some Bitcoin Minesweeper games allow you to clear far more than a square at once. A right-click may reveal just a single square, but left-clicking can often clear more than one spot. Doing so clears a wider space, potentially allowing you to gauge the approximate location of mines. The more spaces you have eliminated, the better your odds of success are at guessing where the mines are located.

Again, Bitcoin Minesweeper is a game of chance, so don’t expect to find any strategy guides to help you navigate this minefield, pun very much intended. If we’ve burst your bubble there, we’re sorry. The next question is if you’re still eager to bet, where can you do it?

Where Can I Play Bitcoin Minesweeper Online?

Bitcoin Minesweeper is not a game that appears on every cryptocurrency betting site. It can appear at two types of venues in all but don’t expect it to crop up every time. You’ll want to choose one of our certified Bitcoin Minesweeper sites to be doubly sure of being able to play the game. The two types of sites commonly offering the game include:

Small, Bitcoin Exclusive Betting Sites

One of the venues where you would expect to see Bitcoin Minesweeper is at small, exclusive sites. These tend to feature in-house software. As Minesweeper is a relatively straightforward game to develop, you can find a lot of “homebrew” games at these independent operators.

Mainstream Bitcoin Casinos

Some mainstream casinos also offer Bitcoin Minesweeper. A handful of established and reputable providers have been known to have a crack at the game, so many of our top recommended casinos could prove an ideal place to have a stab at BTC Minesweeper.

Reasons to Bet on Minesweeper with Bitcoin

Minesweeper can (although it is rare) be found at fiat currency casinos. However, for the most part, it tends to be crypto casinos that offer the game, specifically BTC casinos, as you would expect for a title called Bitcoin Minesweeper. That’s not the only reason to bet on Minesweeper with bitcoin, though. Here are a few more…

  • The game is globally available, so everyone can try their hand at Bitcoin Minesweeper.
  • Playing with bitcoin can see you pocket your winnings far faster than with fiat currencies.
  • Most bitcoin payment providers have low to no fees.
  • The best bitcoin betting sites regularly carry bonuses, some of which can be used on this game.
  • Bitcoin betting offers you a degree of anonymity, which is ideal if you don’t want others to know you are playing or have other reasons for increased privacy.

Choose the Best Bitcoin Minesweeper Betting Site Today

As mentioned, Bitcoin Minesweeper is not a commonly available game at most mainstream betting sites, even crypto domains. Therefore, it pays to know a few venues which do support Minesweeper with bitcoin bets. Our team has diligently put together a top array of sites that will do a job for you there.

Scroll up to find our top recommended Bitcoin Minesweeper websites, or nip over to our casino reviews to find sites that are safe and that provide Provably Fair; RNG certified versions of this game.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin Minesweeper Questions

Bitcoin Minesweeper should be a straightforward experience for most players, but if you have questions, our concise FAQ guide may be of assistance.

Is this the same game as other Minesweeper releases?

By and large, yes. Bitcoin Minesweeper isn’t much different from those games, except for the fact that you’re betting with BTC stakes.

Is there a strategy I can use to guarantee wins?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve looked long and hard at this. Bitcoin Minesweeper is a definitive game of chance. You can try and use the numbers that are displayed to give you an inkling of where the mines are, but there is no guaranteed winning strategy, no.

Can I play this game with fiat currencies?

Yes. There are a couple of incarnations of Minesweeper, only one of which is BTC-friendly. You can find it at selected fiat currencies, but it is hardly what we would call a popular game.

Why can’t I find Bitcoin Minesweeper at your recommended sites?

Trust us; it is there! As it doesn’t classify easily, the game may be found under “other”, “arcade”, or “instant win” games. Assuming your betting site has a search bar, use that to find the game. Don’t type “Bitcoin”. Just “Minesweeper” will suffice.

Are there other games like this that I can play?

There most certainly is. Plinko, Hearts, Solitaire, Chess, and even Sudoku have been transformed into bitcoin gambling games. They may not all appear at the same site, but check out our bitcoin casino and betting site reviews, and we’ll highlight a few top places where you can find them.