Overwatch Explained for Beginners

Overwatch, like so many e-sports and multiplayer online games, has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment. There are many “hero shooters” out there, and this is another one of those. It launched in 2016 – long before some of its more recent counterparts – and is deemed to be a more fantastical take on the genre.

Like most of these games, cross-platform gameplay is a possibility. The future of Overwatch is teetering at the moment, as Overwatch 2 was announced in 2019. The sequel entered beta in 2022, and the free-to-play, player-versus-player game could very well overtake and replace the original game.

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What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a game that effectively operates as a first-person shooter. You can choose from various game modes, character classes, and heroes. Set in a fictional Earth future, the game sees players assigned to two teams of six. Team members will then work together to complete objectives on a map. They will only have a limited period of time to do this.

Your Choice of Heroes

There are different heroes to choose from. Damage heroes defend themselves well and do a lot of damage to enemies. Tank heroes can absorb an immense amount of damage, while Support Heroes offer health upgrades to their teammates. Each character class comes with its own perks, and it is up to you to decide which way to go. Most teams have a combination of various classes at their disposal.

Ranked Gameplay

Overwatch can be played casually at home, with ranked gameplay, or competitively as an e-sport. For the most part, ranked gameplay usually consists of securing control points on the map, escorting payloads between various sections, and basic attack/defend action. Casual matches also include capture-the-flag and deathmatch gameplay.

Cosmetic Loot boxes Offer Skins

Loot boxes are always a contentious topic. Overwatch does permit loot boxes, but they can only offer cosmetic upgrades. You won’t be allowed to boost your hero or character via this method. However, the use of cosmetic loot boxes does promote so-called skin gambling in the game.

Once a team has managed to complete all their map-based objectives (depending on the mode selected), they will be declared the winner. In attack/defend deathmatch games, for instance, the objective is to annihilate the opposition, so victory is not assured until no enemy players remain.

How to Bet on Overwatch Online

Overwatch bettors will typically stick to one or two bets over any others. Of course, each Overwatch betting site will have its own selection of bets, but we recommend that rookies stick to the following options over all others:

Match Winner

This gambling bet does what it says on the tin – it is effectively a wager on who will win the match in question. We’re not talking about multiple matches here – just a single game. This may also be known as a straight-up bet or a money-line, amongst others.

Handicap Bet

If you fancy something more adventurous, you can have a crack at a handicap bet. These bets effectively balance the discrepancy between favorites and underdogs. Favorites must win by X points, and underdogs must not lose by more than X points. You can get a fair bit of value from these types of bets.

Outright Winner

Unlike match winner bets, these are stakes on a player/team to win a tournament or series of matches. For instance, in best-of-three or best-of-five matches, you would wager on an outright winner, not a match winner. The same is true of the championship, league, and tournament winners.


Props bets vary from site to site. Some may offer you options that include First Kill or the total number of kills a player will have. Others may include a variety of objective-based bets. Either way, the variable and difficult-to-predict nature of these bets ensure long odds aplenty.

What Major Overwatch Events Can I Bet On?

If you want to bet on Overwatch, be sure to check out the major tournaments and competitions involved. To better help you understand what you’re looking at, we’ve put together this short section on the mainstream events you should out for if you want to bet on the biggest and best players and teams. They include:

Overwatch League

This competition is the premier league, featuring twenty organizations from across the world. Beginning in February and ending in September, the league features 27 competitive weekends, known as Homestands. The playoffs and league final take place in September, and the event forms the majority of all Overwatch bets.

Overwatch World Cup

The World Cup sees “national teams” take to the stage to try and get involved. There is a mix of professional and amateur players involved here, making for a truly interesting competition that not many rival e-sports can offer.

Overwatch Contenders

The Overwatch Contenders competitions act as a second division to the Overwatch League. Here, fledgling Overwatch players compete in the Contenders Season. There are eight regions and sixty-eight teams involved. Considering the training ground for the pros, the most successful players in the Overwatch Contenders tournament will go on to participate in the Overwatch League proper a year or two later.

Top Tips for Overwatch Betting Online

Before betting on Overwatch, you may wish to make a note of a few top tips. Here are a couple of the things we’ve learned while playing and betting on Overwatch at top cryptocurrency casino sites. They include:

Gambling Tips

Sound gambling advice includes using accumulators (they work well in Overwatch). Bad advice is to wager on Trails, Contenders, or Open Division events unless you know the players – these are deemed the riskiest bets.

Varying Odds

Like many e-sports, bookmakers all have varying odds for Overwatch games, and some of these can vary wildly from what is available elsewhere. We’d always recommend exploring the odds at several Overwatch betting sites before choosing one site over another.

Try the Game Yourself

It certainly can’t hurt to learn how the game is played and have a crack at it yourself. Overwatch is free to play, and you don’t have to pay a dime at any point. This is ideal if you want to grasp the ins and outs to better and more accurately wager on players and teams in the major tournaments.

Am I Ready to Bet on Overwatch?

If you think that you’re ready to bet on Overwatch, we’ll help you get signed up at a top casino. Our recommended Overwatch betting sites have been checked out, certified, and vetted by our team. They are regulated, licensed domains offering you fair Overwatch odds in a safe and secure environment. Don’t hesitate to look towards the top of this page to find out the most trusted and recommended Overwatch crypto gambling sites.

FAQS: We Answer Your Overwatch Questions

If you still have questions or Overwatch queries, our team is on standby to help. Let’s kick things off by answering these questions for you…

Can I watch Overwatch matches live?

Yes, but not everywhere. YouTube, Discord, and private Twitch pages will stream games. Blizzard will stream main events and competitions, and some crypto bookmakers and betting sites may also have a live feed to Overwatch games.

What is Overwatch skins betting?

As touched on above, this is where loot boxes come in. You can earn cosmetic skins via these. Some Overwatch players choose to “gamble” their skins facing off against another. The legality of this is currently being tested.

Can I bet on Overwatch with cryptocurrencies?

If you happen to play at an e-sports betting site that facilitates crypto gambling options, then sure. We know of more than a few sites that qualify and you can find those right here on this page.

Can I claim Overwatch bonuses and promos?

It is not impossible to find Overwatch bonuses and promotions, but they aren’t as common as you might think. In most cases, many sites choose to offer generic welcome bonuses and reload offers – you can use these to bet on e-sports like Overwatch, though.

Can I bet on myself when playing?

As long as you aren’t playing in a major tournament, then betting on yourself to win or lose is deemed okay. Once you start hitting those pro tournaments, any gambling you do on the side may begin to be questioned by bookmakers – if that is, they spot that you’re an Overwatch player involved in those tournaments.