Balloon Crash Games Guide – Best Bitcoin Balloon Crash Games

Today, various types of crash games exist, and as time passes, more sub-genres in this category seem to pop up. One batch that has gotten some steam in recent years is balloon-style products. These are gaming titles that work pretty much the same way as all other crash additions. Yet, they usually feature a little twist to them. Instead of a multiplier growing on its own here, players in this game usually must hold down a button that makes it swell. Moreover, gamblers can select to pause its expansion, thinking about whether they should cash out within a defined time window. And if they decide against going this road, they can keep swelling their balloon, hunting for more sizeable prizes.

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What Are Balloon Crash Games?

Like all other crash titles, Balloon games also seek to exploit the fear of missing out and humans’ urge for greed. Hence, in these online gambling options, players must continuously press a button, sometimes inaccurately referred to as the spin one, looking to grab a higher payout. If they stay too long in a round, they risk the balloon popping. That shall cause their rising multiplier’s growth to come to a halt, leaving them not only prize-less but also without their stake.

In balloon crash games, a balloon can either detach or explode. These actions happen spontaneously and randomly. The longer the round button gets held, the higher awarded credit value gets achieved.

Our Top Recommended Balloon Crash Games

In truth, not many balloon crash-based creations are floating around in the interactive gaming sphere. Without question, the two best choices from this batch are Balloon by Smartsoft Gaming and The Incredible Balloon Machine Game from Crazy Tooth Studio. Both of these games came out close to each other, with Smartsoft’s product hitting the Web in mid-2019 and Crazy Tooth’s in early 2020, and they are both dominating the balloon crash landscape to this day.

How We Pick the Best Balloon Crash Games

We apply the same criteria in judging balloon crash picks we use for rating any Busta-bit-inspired choices. That means the main things we are looking for them to feature are:

  • High RTP.
  • Sizeable max win.
  • Bonus features.
  • Manual fairness checking.
  • Multiple bets per round.
  • Robust auto-play functions.

Since few site-specific (proprietary) balloon crash options can get found, it is sure hopeful to locate a balloon-style product with a house edge that hovers in the 1% to 2% range. It is more realistic to set one’s expectation on playing a balloon game with an edge of 3% or higher. .

Which Crypto Casino Has the Best Bonuses for Playing Balloon Crash Games?

It depends as crypto gambling sites continuously change their promo offers. We suggest enjoying these games at FortuneJack, as it gives away an impressive welcome bonus upon sign-up, whose funds can get used on balloon gaming.

Which Balloon Game Has the Best/Highest RTP?

We will be honest and tell you that we have not scoured the internet searching for every balloon crash game out there. So we do not know every single one. What we will say is that The Incredible Balloon Machine Game by Crazy Tooth Studio is likely the most popular one from this sub-genre we know of, listing an RTP of 96.75%, which is pretty respectable, and 0.75% better than its main competitor, Smartsoft Gaming’s Balloon..

Can You Play Balloon Games with Different Crypto Coins?

Of course. From our list of highlighted crypto casinos, ones carrying Balloon games include 7Bit, FortuneJack, Joo Casino, Sol Casino, JackBit,, Sunplay Casino, and All these hubs accept a varied list of cryptocurrencies.

How Does the Gameplay Work with Balloon Crash Games?

The gaming action in choices from this category closely resembles all other options that feature the crash concept.

How to Play

During a round, you get a timeframe, a countdown of sorts in which you must lay down a bet. After it expires, the round begins, and your goal in it is to sense the impending balloon pop, existing out of the round before it occurs and claiming the value the balloon has reached at that time.

How to Bet

You can usually decrease or increase your stake size in balloon games on a bet selector that implements plus and minus icons that let you do this. It may also have a field where you can manually type your chosen wager size. After doing that, you hit the place bet button, and your participation in a balloon gaming round is official.

What Are the Key Features of Balloon Crash Games?

The chief defining factors are balloons and pressing the play button to grow the round multiplier value. Also, these games supply the ability for players to pause and think about whether they should keep expanding the multiplier more or bail out with the on-screen value in hand. That is another vital feature of balloon crash gambling.

Do Any Strategies Work with Balloon Crash to Increase Winning Chances?

No. It is wise to cash out early and be happy with modest wins, as that is the best approach to profiting in these games. Anyone is free to try progressive betting tactics on balloon burst mechanic titles, particularly if these implement a two-bet per round option and a wide wagering range.

Why Is Balloon Crash Better Compared to Other Crash Games?

There is really not much difference between this sub-genre and all the others. Nonetheless, we will agree that holding down the play button to inflate the in-game multiplier/balloon and the fact that balloons popping is something we have all got stunned by in real life give this category a bit of a different feel.

Do Balloon Crash Games Perform Well on Mobile Phones?

Yes, they do. These are fairly lightweight games, with many boasting a file size of under 20 MB. Thus, they should run fairly fast on most smartphone and tablet devices.

Are All Balloon Games Provably Fair?

No, they are not. Some third-party picks do not allow players to manually check the randomness of the outcomes their gameplay produces. That said, these options, like modern slots, get subjected to the same third-party testing that reel spinners go through. Hence, there is little doubt about the credibility of their results.

Can You Play Any Balloon Games for Free?

Of course, many balloon game providers offer a demo-play version on their official sites that allows online gamblers to have a test run on their balloon picks. Most crypto casinos permit the same. So, we foresee no issues in anyone getting a chance to experience some balloon crash gaming on a pick that has caught their eye with no real prizes before laying down any coins on that game.

Video of Balloon Gameplay


For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who enjoy straightforward gaming and have a soft spot for every party’s favorite decoration (balloons), these crash games are an ideal source for gambling entertainment. They are simple to play, deliver standard provably fair-like odds, and get hosted at super reputable sites. We suggest trying out The Incredible Balloon Machine Game, yielding multipliers of up to x3,083. Smartsoft’s Balloon is also a quality option from this gaming product group worth exploring.