Your Guide to the Best Bitcoin HiLo Games

There are all sorts of bitcoin betting games out there. Some are mainstream titles that you can find at all types of online casinos. Then there are those special games, the type you can only find at specialist, dedicated BTC betting sites. HiLo (alternatively, hi-lo) is one of those games.

What is HiLo, and where can you expect to see this game? Despite being a seemingly simple type of bitcoin betting game, HiLo is worth a closer look. Join us as we explore how the game works and let you in on a few other secrets regarding this gambling game. Before that, though, allow us to showcase some of the very best venues hosting HiLo bitcoin games for you.

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What Are HiLo Bitcoin Games and How Do They Work?

At its most basic, HiLo is a variant of video poker. If you aren’t a poker wizard but still want to make a bit of cash playing with cards online, then HiLo could be for you. Because of its simplicity, HiLo is well-suited for all types of bitcoin bettors, those with no experience or bundles of it. To help you better understand how the game works, let’s take a closer look at it…

The Objective

HiLo is a game that tells you its objective in its title. In a simple game of BTC HiLo, you are trying to predict whether the next card (or number) in a sequence will be of greater or lesser value than the preceding one.

Betting on BTC HiLo Games

To kick things off, you must first choose your stake. These tend to be relatively low at bitcoin betting sites, although there are a few high roller games out there at your disposal. After choosing your stake, you will be taken to a series of six cards, the first of which is upturned.

Landing a Win and Payouts

Once you’ve got six cards in front of you, you can start to make your predictions. You will need to decide whether the next card in the sequence is higher or lower than the visible one. From here on out, the objective varies. In some games, you must work your way across the entire sequence, and in other games, you can choose to collect your winnings or carry on, gambling them for richer rewards. Ultimately, if you guess incorrectly, you will lose any winnings you have acquired.

Because some bitcoin HiLo games differ from others in terms of how many cards or numbers you must successfully predict to win, you must understand how your game works before you bet on it. Many HiLo games can be played for free, and these represent a great way to understand your chosen BTC game.

Where Can I Play Bitcoin HiLo Games Online?

As touched on, there are two types of bitcoin betting sites where you are likely to find higher and lower type games, such as BTC HiLo. The two types of gambling domains you can consider include:

Independent BTC Betting Sites

These tend to be small-scale domains that specialize in offering in-house, proprietary titles. They are often independent casinos (not run by major operators), and their titles tend to be more basic in terms of graphics and imagery than those released by more established developers.

Established Crypto Casinos

By contrast, established crypto casinos will often feature software from many of the most reputable and noticeable software providers. These tend to be less unique and all follow the same sort of gameplay. However, you are likely to find more titles to choose from at these casinos.

How to Choose a Top HiLo Bitcoin Betting Site

Irrespective of whether you wish to play HiLo at bitcoin betting sites that are small, independent venues or larger, mainstream casinos, you need to keep an eye out for the same criteria. Our team reviews each site and specifically looks for the following signs, and you should, too…

Good Game Distribution

We want to see a good array of titles available. By being able to choose from several HiLo games, you can find the one that has the right stake limits and gameplay for your needs. As mentioned, some payout (or offer you the option of a payout) after just a single prediction, while most require you to navigate your way across the entire board, so having options is essential.

Provably Fair Titles

We would never play any casino game that isn’t certified. For this reason, your casino must be certified for fair play. The Provably Fair certificate is a great hallmark of fairness for small, independent casinos. Other certificates, such as eCOGRA, are ideal for larger, more established sites.

Licensed, Safe, and Secure

On top of the RNG certificates to showcase that a casino’s games are fair, we would also want to see licenses and regulations. These highlight that you can trust where you play. Of course, our team looks for these criteria, and you should, too. Any site which offers responsible gambling tools will also score highly.

Multi-Crypto Options (If Required)

Not every crypto casino player wants to deposit and wager with BTC. If you want to bet on games with Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether (USDT), or any other cryptocurrency, then be sure that your site gives you those options.

Why Bet on HiLo Games with Bitcoin Online?

Betting on HiLo games with Bitcoin will naturally provide you with access to titles you can’t find at conventional fiat currency sites. After all, as mentioned above, some games are exclusively designed for BTC. However, you will also prosper from faster withdrawal times, lower fees, and more anonymity than if you play at fiat sites.

Find the Best HiLo Bitcoin Betting Sites Here

Don’t worry if you are a touch confused about where to play. You don’t have to do all the legwork yourself. We’ve put together a top array of betting sites for you to join. Each of our recommended bitcoin HiLo betting sites fulfill the criteria listed above. Feel free to peruse those at your leisure if you want to get started right away.

FAQs: We Answer Your Bitcoin HiLo Game Questions

If you still have questions about bitcoin HiLo games, then we’re happy to help. For instance, we’ve got answers to the following queries…

Are HiLo games the same as Omaha Hi-Low?

No, and it is important to understand this. Games such as Omaha Hi-Low are poker games and bear no resemblance to conventional bitcoin HiLo and hi-lo games.

Do all Bitcoin casinos offer HiLo games?

No. Some mainstream casinos don’t bother offering games that are as simple as this. However, small, independent sites will often carry at least one, if not more versions of HiLo.

Can I play BTC live dealer HiLo games online?

Not normally. Live dealer HiLo isn’t really a thing. However, that doesn’t mean to say you won’t stumble across a one-off game, either now or in the future.

Can I play HiLo games for free?

That depends. If the game has been developed by a mainstream provider, you can often visit their website to play the game for free. Independent sites offering proprietary software don’t normally permit this. However, HiLo is so easy to learn and play, there isn’t much need or demand for a free version.