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Onlyplay is a game provider that has roots that go back to 2007. Yet, it was not until 2019 that this company began focusing on building its own gaming product line. It now has around forty-five releases, out of which the most popular ones are F777 Fighter, Jack Potter Megaways, and Royal Kitties. Most of this brand’s creations are available at sites concentrating on markets like Canada and various European territories. Troll Dice is an Onlyplay title that debuted in late September 2020. It has not seen any notable success in these three years, and aside from Turkey, it has not trended well in any other region we know of. Still, since we are on a dice game review run, and this one looked visually more impressive than what we usually find in this genre, we decided to give it a look. Hence, let us find out together if we wasted our time or found a lost gem in the Internet gaming arena.

How Does Troll Dice Work

The goal in Troll Dice sessions is to accurately predict the total of the five dice spinning inside the glass vessel flanked by the green creature holding a gem staff to the right of it and the female character left of it. Given the intro load screen images, we assume these two are friends, storyline-wise, with the woman doubling as a scientist and adventurer engaging in dangerous time-shifting experiments. Note that a wild may appear in this game’s rounds, replacing numbers for a higher probability of you predicting the right total. Also, if you guessed the five-dice total and a poker hand formed on that winning combo (triples, straight, full house, fours, fours + wild), then your bet will get multiplied by a corresponding poker hand coefficient.

How to Play Troll Dice

It is fairly easy to be frank. You have a slider in the button interface in the middle of your screen. Here, you can select from five pre-determined ranges or pick your own manually. Once you do, an upper panel will display your winning coefficient, chances, and potential payout. You can choose your bet size using the plus and minus buttons found on the left of the number slider, and right of it is the green spin function that initiates a Troll Dice gaming round.

Troll Dice Game

Where Can You Play Troll Dice

From what we can tell, loads of high-quality crypto casinos house Onlyplay games. From the list of our reviewed platforms, hubs that should carry this provider’s products are Wagmi Casino, WildCoins, Joo Casino, and Thunderpick Casino.


  • Prize boosting option
  • Cool visuals
  • Wide betting range


  • Low RTP
  • Low max win

Graphics Quality

The visuals in Troll Dice are nice. We are not going to lie. The game’s overall vibe reminded us of True Flip’s Magic Dice, which we looked at some time back. Both titles have similar element setups and presentations. The graphics here are painterly, with both characters displaying some movement even when the gameplay is idle. The setting has some depth to it, and while everything here seems like an older Flash mobile game, these visuals are still better than those in most other entries in the genre. Plus, the soundtrack here is quite charming, reminiscent of older cartoons, and it gives the underground laboratory setting an interesting sense of mood, a quirky one.

User Experience

We somewhat explained the interface of Troll Dice in the subheadings above. We will mention that you have the hamburger icon in the top left corner of your screen, which will provide you access to the game’s rules and info pages. In the bottom screen section, you have what Troll Dice calls its diapason panel, where you can move sliders to choose the range of numbers you wish to bet the five-dice roll will total. Right of it, you have the max bet, turbo/auto spin options, and your win/balance info. Left of it is your bet price and stake modifier. Finally, at the top of the diapason panel is a bar dedicated to the payout, winning coefficient, and chance information.

Things have gotten pretty clearly defined in this game, so we do not predict that you will encounter any issues regarding how to play it. You should pick everything up quickly if you are an intermediate online gambler.

Tension & Anticipation Value

You know us, dice gameplay does not make adrenaline pump through our veins. Therefore, Troll Dice brought the same tension/anticipation value as your classic crypto dice pick. At least, this is how we felt about it. You may feel differently. If you do, tell us why in the comments by dropping a reply.

RTP & Variability

Onlyplay has set the RTP here at a disappointing 93%, and the provider states that the variance of Troll Dice can be adjusted per the wishes of the hosting operator.

Min/Max Multipliers

From what we can tell, the lowest win multiplier in play here is x1.02, and the top one is x118. The betting range of this title moves from a penny to $100 on most platforms.

House Edge

If the RTP is 93%, that would make the house edge of Troll Dice 7%, which is high for a dice game.

Winning Strategies

If you can be happy with tiny wins per spin, spread the number range as much as possible until the interface tells you that the expected payout is x1.02. For example, eight to eighteen is one such option. If that does not make you happy, follow your gut, or try to select a range that gives you above 50% winning odds and try to incorporate the Martingale or Paroli wagering patterns.

Summary – Is Troll Dice Worth It?

Eh, Troll Dice is not horrible. The RTP and max exposure of this Onlyplay release are definitely not terrific. That said, we like the aspect that getting a poker hand can boost your prize in this game. That adds a different twist to the gameplay, and the presentation gives this title a unique feel. The question is if these things are enough to overcome Troll Dice’s underwhelming specs. We think – no. While we enjoyed playing this game, we are all about getting the best prize-to-win-probability ratio we can. Troll Dice does not satisfy this need of ours as other dice options do.


Can You Play Troll Dice for Free?

We played in demo mode at one of our favorite crypto casinos. Hence, we see no reason you should not be able to do the same if your preferred hub hosts this dice product and if it allows fun credit entertainment.

Can You Watch Troll Dice Live?

Yes. We have repeated this multiple times in past crash and dice reviews that popular streaming platforms have tightened the noose on crypto gaming video feeds. Yet some sites still allow them from popular casinos, so theoretically, this is on the table. Though, realistically, we doubt you will find someone streaming Troll Dice sessions.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Troll Dice?

It is a prize of $11,800.

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