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We have mentioned FunFair Games a few times in the past, and we have even reviewed several of this provider’s releases. It recently made the news cycle thanks to a deal with Raw iGaming that allows this company to buy FunFair’s multiplayer game catalog, including titles like the two Astroboomers crash-like picks, one of which we have analyzed, a review available on our Crypto Crash page.

Since we are looking into dice-infused crypto-gaming products now, next up happens to be Fun Mountain, a FunFair product from this company’s arsenal of forty releases. In our eyes, this is a quality crypto-gambling option, a unique one that has flown under the radar for most players. It showed up inside online casino lobbies in November 2019. And despite the fact that it has remained low-key, we believe this is one of the more interesting dice-themed titles out there, deserving of a BTCGOSU review.

How Does Fun Mountain Work

Here, you mine a mountain, hoping to reach its top level, where this game’s max payout awaits. How do you do that? In every round, you roll a dice causing a cart to move along the tracks corresponding to the position of your dice roll. The tracks on which the cart moves have green spots. These propel it to move much further down the line. When that happens, you get an extra roll. But you do not have to take it, as Fun Mountain lets you take advantage of the collect feature if you are satisfied with your prize and want to bail. Also, the tracks have TNT spots, and landing on one of these will blow up your cart, ending the game round.

The springboard and TNT track positions are always the same. And rolling a six will grant you an extra roll as well. That means for you to keep advancing up the mountain, you must keep getting sixes or landing in green springboard spots on continuous rolls.

Note that if you do not roll a six or land in a green spot on your initial die throw, you walk away empty-handed.

How to Play Fun Mountain

You adjust your bet size using the plus and minus buttons below the mountain ladder in the left corner of your screen. Once you decide how much you wish to wager in a given round, press the Let’s Roll button under the Fun Mountain logo in the right corner to initiate a cart ride. Above this option is the auto-play one, which has robust features. It lets you set the number of automated rounds up to a hundred. And it allows you to adjust the auto-play behavior after each one, meaning how you wish to play subsequent ones following losses and wins. On top of this, you can also tell this game to stop auto-play if your balance exceeds a specific sum or if it reaches a minimum one. Moreover, you can define the max permitted bet, so Fun Mountain does not go over this line in automated play.

Fun Mountain Dice Game

Where Can You Play Fun Mountain

Sadly, FunFair products are not that easy to find at crypto casinos. Some popular fiat brands carry them, but the same does not hold true when it comes to the coin-based gaming side of things. Fortune Jack and work with this provider. Yet, at writing, they did not host this game. Still, check those sites periodically for Fun Mountain, and we will look to report back and update this review if we see one of our Best Bitcoin Casinos include this title in its game library.


  • A new twist on dice gameplay
  • Quality presentation
  • Fun theme (wink-wink)


  • Underwhelming RTP
  • The max prize could be more substantial
  • Difficult to find

Graphics Quality

For a third-party dice pick, the presentation here can compete with anything in this category. The visuals here are painterly images, but the cart carrying all the mined gold is a 3D model. We must say that due to the configuration of the mountain (its level design), it has loads of depth to it, giving the game an overall 3D vibe. The win/lose animation here is very slot-like. And the dice spinning along with the cart moving and flipping on rolls give this FunFair release a dynamic quality. The music is also complimentary, creating a sense of tension in the gameplay, and the prize sound effects are reminiscent of those in reel-spinning games.

User Experience

There is not much to say here. You have the spin functions on the bottom right, and the bet modifier is in the bottom left of your screen. Next to the latter are two buttons, a question mark allowing access to the info page, and a cog that lets you turn the sound on/off and enable/disable quick play.

Tension & Anticipation Value

We usually say that we experience little anxiety when enjoying dice game rounds. While that is also partly true in Fun Mountain, we think that FunFair had the right idea of introducing the springboard mechanic and the TNT positions. Furthermore, the fact you have 50/50 odds on your first roll makes things interesting here. Consequently, at least for us, this game builds up a tad more tension than your average crypto dice gaming creation.

RTP & Variability

There is no variability in play here, but the RTP of Fun Mountain stands at 95.2%

Min/Max Multipliers

The highest win you can attain in this title is x100, and the lowest is x1.

House Edge

If the RTP is 95.2%, that would make the house edge of Fun Mountain 4.8%, similar to what you would get in the casino poker variant Caribbean Stud.

Winning Strategies

You really cannot do anything that will sizably boost your prize-accumulating odds in Fun Mountain. Hence, we advise you to seek to get the most entertainment value you can out of this engaging gaming product and try to budget your sessions wisely when playing it.

Summary – Is Fun Mountain Worth It?

We like Fun Mountain. It is as simple as that. The presentation here is of a higher caliber than what we have gotten used to expecting from dice games, and we appreciate the fact that FunFair attempted to get creative with the genre and add a new twist to it. We cannot recall, off the top of our heads, another title in this category that implements only a die and one that blends music and visuals so well. Yes, the max win and RTP are somewhat disappointing, but we shall willfully turn a blind eye to them on account of the positives that Fun Mountain supplies.

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Can You Play Fun Mountain for Free?

We did, so we are sure that you can also do this. Just Google Fun Mountain demo play, or see if your favorite crypto casino houses FunFair games and permits fun credit sessions.

Can You Watch Fun Mountain Live?

Seeing as this is a somewhat obscure game, we doubt that you will be able to find such feeds on platforms that allow the airing of crypto gambling streams. Nevertheless, in theory, yes, this is a possibility.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Fun Mountain?

It is a reward worth one hundred times your stake. We cannot tell you the fixed max prize because operators can adjust the betting range of this FunFair release as they see fit.

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