Stake: NFL Survivor Pool 2021 with $40,000 prize pool

The NFL season is scheduled to start from 9th September and stake has once again launched their famous NFL Survivor contest. It was a crazy contest last year and with the prizes quadrupled this year, it might be even crazier. You need to pick which team will win each week and even if you manage to enter week 10, you will get a share from the 10% of the prize pool. The winner takes home a mammoth 90% of the potential $40k prize pool.

How to Participate

  1. First, join Stake if you haven’t already joined.
  2. Create an account on and go to this page
  3. Join the stake group by entering the following details:
    Group name: StakeSportsbook2021
    Password: StakeSurvivor
    Direct link:
  4. Pick a team you think will win each week.
    Twist: You can only pick each team once. Make your picks smartly.
  5. Once you have followed the above steps and picked your team, post your username and your username here on this topic.

NOTE: Please visit the thread to read the rules officially.

Prize Pool

Less than 100 participants: $12,000 prize

100 – 249 participants: $20,000 prize

250 – 499 participants: $30,000 prize

500+ participants: $40,000 prize

Everyone that reaches week 10 will split the 10% of the prize pool.

The winner(s) will get 90% of the prize pool.

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