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Stake: Beat Eddie and win share of $2500 Jackpot

Stake recently launched a pretty cool promotion, involving Eddie, where players go head to head against Eddie in order to win their share of a $2500 jackpot.

How this promotion works:

Once a week, Eddie is going to play a specified game for one hour. Stake will post a bet id with his highest multiplier and player will then have one week to beat Eddie`s multiplier on the respective game. Whoever does beat him, will receive his share of that $2500 prize pool. As a player, all you need to do is play the specified game, there is no need to post your Bet IDs since these will be automatically picked. Please note that your email address must be verified, otherwise you will not be eligible to receive your prize.

Week 1 has already started, so be quick and beat Eddie! His multiplier isn`t special so your chances are not bad!

Week 1
22nd Feb GMT – 1st March GMT

Game: Sweet Win
Bet ID: house:36537568253
Multiplier: 62x
Minimum Bet: 0.10 USD

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