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Bitcoin Dice Faucets

Bitcoin faucets have existed for a long time, they were initially created as a way to help new Bitcoin users earn a small amount of coins in order to test how it works. They are pretty easy to use and most of the times users only have to click one button, fill in a captcha and claim their Bitcoin. Faucets allow you to get free Bitcoin instantly.

Faucets still exist but their payouts are really low and not really worth it for experienced users but there is a better alternative to earn free bitcoin, Bitcoin dice faucets. 

Bitcoin dice faucets not only allow users to try their gambling website for free but also to earn a substantial amount of Bitcoins for free. These faucets allow users to earn bitcoin playing games, the payouts are also far better than classic faucets up to 10 times higher in some cases. Also most casinos will allow users to withdraw their faucet winnings if they are lucky enough to win the minimum required amount to withdraw and this process can be repeated as many times as wanted as long as the user doesn’t break any rules of the casino.

A lot of websites claim to offer free bitcoins but they are usually scams. There isn’t any real free bitcoin generator but faucets can almost be considered one since they basically give you freebitcoin. Faucets work due to the fact that faucet owners make money with ads and referral websites.

Best Dice Faucets

There are many Bitcoin dice games out there and although most of them have a faucet, not all faucets are the same. Some of them will require players to rollover their Bitcoin a few times or even disable withdrawals for Bitcoins won using the faucet. Which faucet to choose depends on the amount of coins rewarded as well as the minimum amount of coins required to withdraw.

TrustDice Faucet

TrustDice offers the best dice faucet, players can claim every 6 hours but there are no other restrictions. Players can claim even if their balance is not 0. This means that you can literally keep getting coins for free every 6 hours without any kind of limit. Of course the amount isn’t too big but you can always save up to a decent amount of coins and try your luck gambling with it or keep saving.

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Crypto.Games Faucet

Crypto.Games is a pretty old crypto casino that offers a faucet for the players to test the games. The faucet is based on a level system, players can level up by betting or investing as well as referring friends or even chatting, players will get higher faucet rewards if they are higher level. This means that you won’t be getting big amounts of coins at first, only if you play and level up.

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DuckDice Faucet

DuckDice is a dice gambling website that focuses only on Dice, it offers a pretty interesting faucet where players have to fight other players or a bot in a game of tic-tac-toe in order to actually claim from the faucet. The faucet is also based on a level system, similar to Crypto-Games and players will earn more coins when they are higher levels. This isn’t particularly a great faucet when it comes to making money with bitcoin but it still allows players to test the website.

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CyberDice Faucet

CyberDice has a really nice faucet that allows players to claim every minute, there is a catch, though, you can only claim if your balance is at zero. Unlike TrustDice, that allows you to claim even if your balance is not 0, CyberDice will only allow players to claim when they run out of coins. This is a great faucet if you really want to try your luck playing dice since you can keep claiming all the time but overall it’s not the best bitcoin faucet.

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Bitsler Faucet

The Bitsler faucet is similar to TrustDice’s faucet and players can claim even if their balance is not zero and can do so every 10 minutes. There is a catch with this one too, though, the Bitsler Balance Coins are wiped out every 24 hours so you can’t really keep claiming hoping to eventually amass their Coins. The faucet is also only for their own coins, you can’t claim Bitcoins.

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