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Crypto.Games features provably fair games with very low house edge as well as a progressive jackpot.

  • Established 2014
  • License(s) Curacao
  • Deposit Options BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, DASH, DOGE, GAS, LTC, PPC, XMR
  • Minimum Deposit 0.0001 BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal 0.001 BTC
  • Customer Support E-Mail, Ticket System, Live Chat, Bitcointalk
  • Languages English
  • Restrictions USA, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Hungary
  • KYC Yes (Uncommon but possible if deemed necessary)
  • Decent reputation
  • Ten supported cryptocurrencies
  • Free Faucet
  • The mobile version is underwhelming
United States
Your country is not supported.

Crypto.Games Review

Curacao-based MuchGaming B.V. operates Crypto.Games under a Curacao eGaming license. We could not locate any other gaming site in this private company’s portfolio, other than Crypto.Games, which launched in August of 2014, as one of the first crypto casinos on the internet. The platform is active on a range of social media sites, features eight provably fair games, and a slew of daily challenges, as well as monthly wagering contests.

First Impressions

Upon entry, the home page had a small business website feel to us, with font choices that are way too thick. However, once you click on a specific game, you get a more casino familiar design that’s a tad outdated.

Registration is a four-step process. You put in your username, check the terms and privacy boxes, and click join. Once this is complete, you’ll have to navigate to your account, enter your email, password, and set up 2FA. The latter is super-important as you cannot use the chat if you don’t complete this step, and you cannot change the site’s theme to something more appealing.

When you get settled, you can click on your account drop-down menu and check the reward and contest pages, or look to complete your KYC verification process.

Games offered by Crypto.Games

When it comes to Crypto.Games games, the platform provides eight mediums of provably fair gaming entertainment. These are dice, slots, roulette, blackjack, plinko, video poker, minesweeper, and lotto. All are simple to play, but if you are not clear on the rules, you can click on the How to Play tab in each one. If you want to know if the result of each round is truly random, you can click on the provably fair tab for verification. The lottery uses the third-party website Randompicker for its draw.

You can test the games thanks to the faucet system, or by selecting the PlayMoney option. Naturally, the casino games feature the best graphics, which isn’t saying much, as they are crude. Video poker and blackjack share an almost identical interface. The first has three poker modes that are based entirely on luck. They are Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. The slot is a five-reel, three-row virtual machine, reminiscent of vintage Vegas slots, and minesweeper, though simple, is a lot of fun.

The house edge differs from game to game and is most favorable at dice, where it is 0.8%. It allows a max bet amount of 66.7 Bitcoin but a max win of only 6.67 BTC per win. You can land a jackpot prize by getting 77.777 or 7.777, on a winning roll. However, first, you will need to fulfill other requirements to become eligible.

Roulette has the most unfavorable house edge, which stands at 2.7%, and video poker trails behind in second place in this category, with an edge of 2.09% – 2.11%.

Lotto has no house edge, as it is a PvP game and has varying prize pools, where you can either buy tickets or earn them. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning become.

Crypto.Games Review

GameHouse EdgeMinimum Bet
Dice0.8%0.00000001 BTC
Slots1.97%0.00001 BTC
Blackjack1.253%0.00001 BTC
Roulette2.7%0.00001 BTC
Video Poker2.09 – 2.11%0.00001 BTC
Plinko1.52 – 1.84%0.00001 BTC
Minesweeper1%0.000001 BTC
LottoNo house edge0.0001 BTC


We did particularly enjoy ‘Minesweeper’ even though it’s a fairly simple game. You basically have a grid of 5×5 and a text field lets you set any number of mines from 1-24. If you choose more mines, your payouts are higher and every time you click on a slot that has no mine, you can cash out or continue clicking. No fancy graphics or complex gameplay here but still enjoyable.

Play at Crypto.GamesPlay at Crypto.Games

Easy Access

There is no Crypto.Games mobile app. We talked to the staff about this issue, and they told us that they are planning on creating one, that they are in the beginning stages, looking at how to move forward. Though they did not want to reveal if this is going to be a Crypto.Games Android app, or if there is going to be one for iOS users as well.

Given that there is no app, we accessed the site using an Android phone via Chrome. Know that the platform does not support Android browsers below version 4.4. Once we opened the site, it looked the same as when you resize your desktop browser, yet some of the text and buttons do not shuffle in the same order. However, the real difference comes when you try to play the games, as their default size is not appropriate for a mobile screen. We had to zoom in for a better view, and we had difficulty when attempting to change games. The load times were also a tad slow. We switched Android phones and got the same result. Thus, we cannot compliment the Crypto.Games mobile version and we are eagerly awaiting the release of their mobile app.

Deposits & Withdrawals

On the topic of deposits and Crypto.Games withdrawals, we were happy to see that the platform allows the use of ten cryptocurrencies, and it offers the option to convert balances between all supported cryptos. You can see the exchange rates in their designated tab, but know that this is for informational purposes only, as the rates fluctuate. The exchange rate is refreshed automatically and it is displayed before the conversion is completed. You also have the possibility of depositing other currencies because Crypto.Games uses ‘CoinSwitch’ allowing users to deposit non-supported cryptos that will be automatically converted to BTC. The supported currencies that you can use here are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • GAS

Only fully registered users can make deposits, and all deposits should land in their accounts after one network confirmation. Those stemming from the exchange option can take longer. There are different deposits minimums for each currency. For example, for Bitcoin, the deposit minimum is 0.0001 BTC, for Ethereum, it is 0.01 ETC, and for Litecoin, it is 0.01 LTC. If you deposit an amount lower than a minimum, you will not see those funds in your account.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC or the altcoin equivalent. While deposits usually need one confirmation, for withdrawals, it takes two. The waiting times differ depending on the currency, even though they feature the same number of confirmations. For Ethereum, your funds should leave your account within one minute, but for Bitcoin, it could take up to twenty. The speed of the transfer also depends on your chosen fee. On your withdrawal page, you can see a fee slider below your wallet address. If you opt for a higher one, the process will move much faster. You can check your transfer history inside your withdrawal tab.

Crypto.Games Casino Review

Crypto.Games Bonuses & Promotions

When it comes to Crypto.Games promotions, some may find their organization on the site confusing. Rightfully so, as you cannot locate all the information in one place. If you head over to the promo link in the footer, a schedule of daily promotions pops up. Challenges get added every week, so it is hard to get bored. However, you’ll often have to migrate to a Bitcointalk thread to get all the details on how things work.

Crypto.Games also holds monthly wagering contests that start on the first of every month. These feature leaderboards for each crypto and the top players receive lottery tickets according to their standing. The top five BTC/ETC players, the top three for LTC, as well as the top player for every other coin, besides their prizes, also get the VIP tag. You can see a list of the number of rewards for each crypto and their respective amount. The contest rewards can change month to month and are different for different cryptos. For example, at the time of writing, the monthly contest awards ten prizes up to 3.84 BTC for Bitcoin users and five prizes of up to 18.50 DASH for Dash users.

While these contests have high maximums, please note that the prize depends on your total wager. For first place, the reward is 0.2% betback up to 1.5 BTC. Second is 0.17%, third is 0.15%, then 0.13%, then 0.11%, etc until 0.05% for 10th. While that’s decent, you can definitely get much better value (betback wise) playing Stake races (especially mini/mega race(s)) or a wagering contests on a few other sites. Bitcoin only has prizes for top 10 (altcoins have top 5) and you needed to wager nearly 11 BTC to place in the last month.

For a lot of smaller players, wagering 11 BTC isn’t really something practical and they’d be better served by a VIP system or promos that also cater to smaller players. To get 1.5 BTC, you’d have to place first and wager 750 BTC. Other sites will almost certainly be able to offer higher rewards either through VIP system and/or wager contests.


The house edge of 0.8% for dice is 0.2% lower than the standard 1% found on most sites, which essentially makes it a free 20% rakeback, without it hidden behind VIP systems. The low house edge is definitely a huge plus.

The site features a free faucet, and the number of your requests depends on your level (more on that later). At the highest one, you get 60 requests per day. Rain gets spread out to active chat users in random intervals between 30 and 90 minutes. The maximum number of users that can receive rain is six, and the minimum is two. Its size depends on the user’s chat activity since the last rain. Do not spam, as the algorithm can tell what is real text and what is not. Within 24 hours, the RainBot must give away a maximum of 30% of its balance.

Users can also tip each other, and you can refer others to the site. Every time you do, the platform will share 15% of the house edge. You can reach out to the marketing team to negotiate a custom rate.

Play at Crypto.GamesPlay at Crypto.Games

VIP Program

What about a Crypto.Games VIP program, is there one? Well, yes. There’s a VIP Club, and there’s also a leveling up scheme where you move up multiple ranks. We will first explain the level-up system, where every player starts at zero, and from then, he or she earns points by referring friends, betting, their chat activity, and through days spent on the platform. Higher levels yield a larger faucet amount, and your faucet level gets calculated as the sum of all your categories.

There are 35 levels and eighteen ranks. We obviously cannot list them all, but you start with the Baby status, and then these turn into military ranks, as you advance to Private, then Private First Class, and so on. The last three are Major, Colonel, and Brigadier General. At level zero, at the Baby rank, your faucet amount is 50 satoshi. Once you reach Brigadier General, your faucet amount becomes 6150 satoshi.

You enter the VIP club via a top spot on the monthly leaderboard. When you do, you get to use the VIP chat and no speed limit on dice bets until the end of the next contest. You also get a $50 bonus in BTC on your birthday.

Crypto.Games Customer Support

Well, when discussing Crypto.Games support options we have to point out that there is no live chat. If you have an issue, you’ll have to reach out via email to establish Crypto.Games contact, which you can do so at – The site says that you should allow up to 24 hours for their team to handle your request. However, we sent an email with three questions and received a response after four minutes.

We sent them an email and we were surprised to see a response after four minutes.

You can find the support email address in the lower right. There, you can also locate the support link, which will take you to a Zendesk page, where you can browse through the 45 FAQs, read the chat rules, or go through the terms of service. You can also access the FAQ page via another link in the footer, in the lower left.

Though there’s no live chat support, you can use the public chat, which has over two hundred active users at all times. Moderators also lurk there, so if you crave one-on-one help, hit it up.


MuchGaming, the company that operates Crypto.Games has a Curacao eGaming license, which provides only one license type that covers all forms of interactive eGaming, and it has IP compliance services and data centers all over the world. It has been in business since 1996.

Crypto.Games mentions in its terms of service that it ensures and guarantees the security of all financial information between users and the platform, as well as tax authorities. It also complies with KYC policies, so you may need to complete such a procedure before a withdrawal. The site aims to perform this check within 24 hours, but sometimes the process may last longer.

Crypto.Games uses advanced encryption with an ECC 256 Bits key to encrypt all data entered on the site, and it is big on users setting up 2FA. If you want to hide your activity from appearing in the last bets and from the High Rolls tab, you can tweak your privacy settings.

GOSU Conclusion

If you want a modern design and a variety of complicated games, then this is not the place for you. If you desire an established crypto casino with provably fair games, then Crypto.Games is worth a consider. It does not have live chat support, and we found its mobile version to be underwhelming, but it does support ten cryptos, and some of its games have pretty low house edges. In terms of promotions, it doesn’t provide anything overly exciting, but you can take part in daily challenges, and the referral program is pretty sweet. All in all, if you enjoy playing provably fair games on your desktop, on a platform with a large community presence, then give Crypto.Games a try.

Play at Crypto.GamesPlay at Crypto.Games

Can I bet on games at Crypto.Games with cryptocurrencies?

Given the name of this online casino and its in-house games, you can rest assured that you can bet with cryptocurrencies, yes.

Does Crypto.Games have a gambling license?

It does. Crypto.Games has been licensed by the Government of Curacao.

What cryptocurrencies can I use at Crypto.Games?

There is plenty to choose from. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (and Ethereum Classic), Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and even Gas.

Is sports betting offered at Crypto.Games?

No. Crypto.Games provides in-house cryptocurrency gambling titles. They do not offer sports betting to members.

Are the bonuses and promos at Crypto.Games fair?

Crypto.Games’ promos are confusing, they are scattered about the place and vary wildly, but they are at least fair. We have no qualms about using them.

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