Crypto.Games is an online crypto casino founded back in 2014 by cryptocurrency fans. It is now one of the oldest and most popular casinos in the crypto space offering 8 different games and supporting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

First Impressions

Right of the bat, Crypto.Games interface looks professional but a little bit outdated, thankfully, it is optimized for mobile phones. The main interface might not look too nice but it does its job correctly and clearly shows the games the casino is offering as well as all the supported cryptocurrencies.

The interface of different games is again straightforward without fancy graphics but we do like the two sections above the game explaining how it works and how to verify your bets through a provably fair system.

For an old crypto casino, Crypto.Games seems to be lacking many features that other competitors are currently offering. There are only 8 games and there is no option to bet on sports, however, the casino does offer players the ability to play for free, something that we all highly appreciate. There is no better way to test a casino than doing it with free money, using your account tab and then ‘rewards’ you can claim from the faucet every 3 minutes. Obviously, the amount of Bitcoins you get is low but more than enough to test any game.

Crypto.Games has KYC verification which is quite weird. Each verification level provides you with different rewards, the E-mail verification gives you access to chat, deposits and withdrawals, the SMS verification allows you to receive two extra faucet levels and the personal document verification makes it so that you have no speed limit on dice. We don’t particularly think it’s worth it to give away your personal information just to get that reward but if you don’t mind it, you do have that option.

Games offered by Crypto.Games

Like most crypto casinos, Crypto.Games offers the classic Dice game with a huge maximum bet amount of 66.7 Bitcoin but only a maximum win of 6.67 BTC per win. You can also hit the jackpot after rolling a 7.777 or 77.777 but you need to meet other requirements which definitely makes this feat quite hard. You also have access to a few statistics pages on all games showing high rollers, top players, and other interesting data.

Crypto.Games also includes Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper, and Lotto.

GameHouse EdgeMinimum Bet
Dice0.8%0.00000001 BTC
Slots1.97%0.00001 BTC
Blackjack1.253%0.00001 BTC
Roulette2.7%0.00001 BTC
Video Poker2.09 – 2.11%0.00001 BTC
Plinko1.52 – 1.84%0.00001 BTC
Minesweeper1%0.000001 BTC
LottoNo house edge0.0001 BTC

Video Poker should not be confused with live poker as it is simply a few poker modes that are based entirely on luck, so if you are looking for a skill-based game, this is not it. The graphics, again, are a bit lacking and not too enticing but at the end of the day, it’s enough if you are looking to test your luck.

Lotto is a PvP game and has varying multipliers/prize pools as a result.

We did particularly enjoy ‘Minesweeper’ even though it’s a fairly simple game. You basically have a grid of 5×5 and a text field lets you set any number of mines from 1-24. If you choose more mines, your payouts are higher and every time you click on a slot that has no mine, you can cash out or continue clicking. No fancy graphics or complex gameplay here but still enjoyable.

Crypto.Games Bonuses & Promotions

Crypto.Games holds monthly wagering contests where anyone can participate simply by betting. The monthly contest is held on all supported cryptocurrencies which means that if you see there is less competition on one particular crypto, you can deposit that one and start betting to win.

The rewards are actually huge, for example, the maximum BTC reward this month is a whopping 1.5 BTC, 300 lotto tickets (0.03 BTC) and VIP membership.

VIP membership at Crypto.Games means dice speed limit, VIP tag in chat and VIP chat channel – nice to have but nothing really fancy here and no financial benefits. We are personally very attracted to these kinds of rewards as they don’t require anything extra from us, we can simply bet and if we get lucky, we earn extra money. Obviously, you can also employ different strategies specifically to wager more to win the contest.

While these contests have high maximums, please note that the prize depends on your total wager. For first place, the reward is 0.2% betback up to 1.5 BTC. Second is 0.17%, third is 0.15%, then 0.13%, then 0.11%, etc until 0.05% for 10th. While that’s decent, you can definitely get much better value (betback wise) playing Stake races (especially mini/mega race(s)) or a wagering contests on a few other sites. Bitcoin only has prizes for top 10 (altcoins have top 5) and you needed to wager nearly 11 BTC to place in the last month.

For a lot of smaller players, wagering 11 BTC isn’t really something practical and they’d be better served by a VIP system or promos that also cater to smaller players. To get 1.5 BTC, you’d have to place first and wager 750 BTC. Other sites will almost certainly be able to offer higher rewards either through VIP system and/or wager contests.

The house edge of 0.8% for dice is 0.2% lower than the standard 1% found on most sites, which essentially makes it a free 20% rakeback, without it hidden behind VIP systems. The low house edge is definitely a huge plus.

Deposits & Withdrawals at Crypto.Games

Crypto.Games is offering an exchange inside the casino where users can convert any of the available coins for another supported coin. The fee is only 3%, which is good when compared to other exchange offerings. The exchange rate is refreshed automatically and it is displayed before the conversion is completed. You also have the possibility of depositing other currencies because Crypto.Games uses ‘CoinSwitch’ allowing users to deposit non-supported cryptos that will be automatically converted to BTC.

When it comes to deposits, the casino doesn’t take any fee when depositing which is always a good thing. Deposits only need 1 confirmation and withdrawals 2. You can check all your deposit addresses and deposit history on your account tab. Crypto.Games has dynamic withdrawal fees in place, based on how full the mempool is. Altcoins will generally be much cheaper and so will BTC during times when the mempool is pretty empty (0.0001 BTC is the maximum at time of writing when the mempool is essentially empty).

Crypto.Games Customer Support

We were pleased with Crypto.Games customer support system. However, it’s actually hard to even find the service as it seems there is only a small box on the bottom right of the page indicating the support page and the support e-mail. Your personal account doesn’t seem to have any tab that goes to the support system which is not optimal.

We personally contacted the email support with a small issue regarding deposits and we were surprised to see a response within 1 hour, yes, the support team responded in basically 40 minutes with a good solution.


It seems that Crypto.Games cares a lot about the security of your account. You can easily go to your account info and check the full login history which indicates the IP address used as well as the browser used. You can also add a 2FA method to further protect your account and can set up an Emergency address on your settings tab in case of any emergency.

There are also really cool privacy options that allow you to hide your profit from other people, your nickname in the ‘high rolls’ tab, and a few more options. We found this particularly useful and a good addition overall.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • An established casino with a good track record
  • Only 0.8% house edge
  • Supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Offers a Provably Fair System on all its games except for Lotto
  • The design is a bit lacking
  • A relatively low number of games for such an old casino

If you are looking for fancy graphics and a slick design, Crypto.Games is probably not for you, however, if what you want is an established crypto casino with years of experience, you have come to the right place.

You can enjoy 8 different classic casino games using a good variety of cryptos and without worrying about getting scammed because all of them employ a provably fair system that allows you to check every single bet you make.

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