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3.7 / 5

DuckDice is a crypto gambling site focusing solely on a few selected and original provably fair games.

  • Established 2016
  • Licence(s) Curacao
  • Minimum Deposit None
  • Minimum Withdrawal 0.002 BTC
  • Customer Support E-Mail, Live Chat, Bitcointalk
  • Languages English
  • Restrictions USA, Netherlands, Curacao, France
  • KYC Yes (only in rare occasions)
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Multiple supported cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple promotions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Dice-only
United States
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DuckDice Casino

Sabant B.V. owns and operates DuckDice. The Curacao-based company also runs, a much younger platform launched in 2020, as compared to DuckDice, which went online in 2016. Over its existence, this site’s main aim’s been to bring reliability to the crypto gambling sphere via flawless performance and fast transactions. Active on numerous social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, this is a dice-only site that’s heavy on promotions and allows the use of multiple cryptos.

First impressions

Design-wise, DuckDice does share some similarities with its sister site That said, our opinion is that it features better font-use, and even though its colors are duller, it’s less fussy and more pleasing to the eye. Navigation is simple, though the account tab and its drop-down menu should be more prominent.

To register, you’ll have to click the orange Register and Play button in the top right of your screen. Then you can enter a user name and email, or you can choose to sign-up with your Google, Discord, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Telegram, or LinkedIn account. If you pick the email option as we did, you can enter a confirmation code or click on a link in your inbox to verify your account.

Once you finish the registration steps above, you should set up 2FA in the security tab within your profile page. You’ll need to make a deposit first and bet before you can use the public chat and send messages.

Games offered by DuckDice

The site claims that its design-driven Bitcoin dice game is the best one of its kind. One thing that sets it apart is that the over and under amounts here do not correspond to the numbers on an actual die. They are over and under 5,000. To start playing, you set your bet amount, and then you pick the low or high option. Meaning, you guess if the number that the RNG will produce will be higher or lower than 5,000, then you click – Roll. The number the game comes up with will appear in the central four eggs, and the appropriate amount will get deducted or added to your balance immediately.

The interface shows your last ten bets under the central four eggs, with their results in green if it was a winning bet or in red if it was a losing one. Below it, you can see tables that show who has won what from the progressive jackpot prize and all bets on the site.

The dice game features a terrific auto-bet function that lets you set different betting parameters and save presets, which we rarely see. There’s also a Flashbet mode that allows you to place hundreds of bets at the highest possible speed. However, note that there will be no ability to manually stop, pause, or make any changes once you activate this option. It will stop only when it fulfills your set criteria or due to insufficient balance.

Demo-play is available.

Play at DuckDicePlay at DuckDice

Easy access

There is no DuckDice mobile app. However, there is a Telegram app that lets you experience the game from inside your messenger. Going by our conversation with the staff, they do not plan on adding dedicated mobile software any time soon, so don’t get your hopes up for a DuckDice Android app or one for iOS users.

Seeing as we have to settle for the mobile version, we opened the website using our Android phone (Android Pie) via Chrome. What you get on a mobile screen is the same as when you resize your desktop browser window. That said, the mobile version does work nicely, and except for some slow load times, everything else ran smoothly. Though some pages require a lot of scrolling, and some images could be a tad smaller. Also, the text in the account menu features too much leading. That said, if you want to play-on-the-go, that’s an option, as you shouldn’t face any problems via the DuckDice mobile version.

Deposits & Withdrawals

When it comes to DuckDice deposits and withdrawals, the site lets you use a wide range of cryptocurrencies for both. Note that there are no deposit minimum limits here. You can fund your account with as many coins as you want. However, they will have to go through the necessary network confirmations. If you want a deposit to get instantly credited to your account, you’ll have to deposit an amount that corresponds to the instant amount listed for your desired crypto.

Withdrawals usually get processed within minutes, but in rare cases, due to security checks, the process may get drawn-out up to 48 hours. If you encounter a problem with your withdrawal, first check your transaction on before contacting customer support.

There is a fee for withdrawals, a payment for Blockchain use. To avoid heavy wait-times, you can opt for a fast fee that will unite you with your winnings quicker. There are three fees to choose from, depending on your hurry, a slow, standard, and fast one for each crypto. For example, from Litecoin, the slow is 0.0001 LTC, the standard is 0.00015 LTC, and the fast one is 0.0002 LTC.

DuckDice supports fiat withdrawals via the following currencies, the Ukrainian Hryvnia, the Russian Ruble, the Euro, and the American Dollar. Withdrawals can happen directly to credit cards, Yandex.Money, QIWI, and via mobile refills.

DuckDice Bonuses & Promotions

Now, when discussing the subject of Duckdice promotions, there are too many things to elaborate on, so we cannot go in-depth on each one. The first promotion on the bonus page is the Sniper Races, which are simple betting contests that last a few hours. They are free to join, and there is no participation fee. There’s a Duckdice lottery that happens on Mondays at 15:00 UTC. You can buy an unlimited number of tickets, and you can choose the lotto numbers yourself or use a quick-pick option. There’s a new bonus designed to let you participate in the draw for free via bonus tickets, which you can win through various contests and challenges.

From time to time, the site may feature a deposit bonus. At the time of writing, there wasn’t one. If you stumble upon an active offer, look to take advantage, as it will feature a deadline. The DuckDice deposit bonus will multiply your balance with leverage from the platform. Every bonus will have different maximum and minimum amounts, which impact this leverage, and a wagering requirement. You’ll first have to set your share, which will define this leverage. Think of it as margin trading. To get the bonus, you’ll have to bet a specific amount within the expiration time.

Other promo deals include the Bet Refund Bonus, the Lucky Bet Bonus, the Duck Hunting game, and the progressive jackpot. The Bet Refund Bonus gets you some of your bet amounts back by multiplying them, regardless of if it is a losing or winning bet. The Lucky Bet Bonus lets you earn extra from betting, and you get chosen for it at random. The Duck Hunt consists of a duck animation flying over the chat at random times, and if you click on it, you win a prize of 0.00001 BTC. To win the DuckDice progressive jackpot, you’ll have to roll 7777, where the last symbols of your ID bet will be 77. How much you’ll win gets calculated via the following formula – (bet_amount * 100) / coefficient.

DuckDice’s Bitcoin faucet awards funds via tic-tac-toe. There’s a Rainbot that gives away free coins in the chat, and you can send or receive tips. The site also provides event promotions, like an Easter Bonus, a Halloween, New Years, and Christmas ones, and there’s a decent affiliate program here that can earn you up to 15% on referral commissions.

Play at DuckDicePlay at DuckDice

VIP Program

What about a VIP DuckDice program, is there one? Well, the loyalty scheme here is a levels program where the rewards come in the form of increased faucet amounts. It is a more complicated system than what we usually see. You attained levels depending on your qualified wager, which is part of your wager/bet total. It is a bet you make on the site, and its age plays a factor in how much it contributes. A bet made today counts 100%, but 0.5% gets subtracted from its value with each passing day. So, if today’s bet counts 100%, yesterdays will drop by 0.5% in value.

Bets made with faucet funds contribute negatively to your total bet activity. Meaning, when you play using deposited funds, your totals go up en route to the next level, but when you use faucet funds to bet, your totals will go down. However, when you reach the minimum faucet withdrawal, you can exchange the faucet funds and play with them as they begin to count positively to your bet total.

The scheme has five levels, and you move up depending on your placement in the overall bet standings. Level one encompasses the top 1,000 players in terms of overall bet activity, while level five is for the top fifty players on the site. At level one, the faucet will give you 0.0000015 BTC in free-playing funds thirty times a day, while level five will yield a faucet amount of 0.000035 BTC fifty-five times per day.

DuckDice Customer Support

As always, we first explore the DuckDice live chat. You can click on the Support button in the lower left of your screen, which will then transform into a search field. The site will attempt to correlate your question with what’s available in the Help Center, expanding the window displaying several options. If you do not get what you need via the search option, click live chat, and type in your question again. We did and reached a representative in less than thirty seconds. He was swift and knowledgeable.

Now, there’s a Help Center and a DuckDice FAQ page. Both are accessible via links in the site’s footer. Note that they are not the same, though they cover many of the same things. Their organization is different, and the FAQ page does not have a search function. The Help Center is tidier, and when you access one of its eleven categories, you get a page with columns of sub-categories. We assume that the Help Center is an attempt to modernize the FAQ page.

The site urges that if you have a transaction problem or one with your account that you send an email to – We received a reply in 52 mins. For anything else, the staff prefers that you use the live chat. Unless it’s a complaint, then send an email to –

There’s a DuckDice forum that features five sub-forums in Russian, Hindi, Filipino, Portuguese, and Indonesian. Most threads aren’t very active, except for the ones where you can discuss the DuckDice contests.


Sabant B.V., the company that operates DuckDice, does so under a license from Antillephone, which, according to many, is the worst master license holder of the four Curacao ones. However, it is one that’s par for the course for Bitcoin casinos. So, it shouldn’t play a major factor in your decision to sign-up here.

Defraya Ltd, a Cyprus-based company, is the payment agent for DuckDice, and they handle all financial transactions. The platform utilizes advanced encryption with a certificate issued by Cloudflare and an ECC key (256 Bits) to protect all user data entered on the site. All DuckDice servers have full encryption and backups.

The platform complies with the European privacy regulation – GDPR, and it aims to collect the least possible amount of data necessary. Know that the site can expose big winners for advertising purposes and has the right to discontinue your account for any reason, at any time, without notice.

The platform has an RNG certificate from iTech Labs, a high-respectable organization in the sphere, which guarantees the randomness of each dice roll. DuckDice is also a verified operator of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, and it utilizes a provably fair system that lets you check the randomness of each outcome.

GOSU Conclusion

DuckDice has been around for a few years and has attained status as one of the more popular crypto dice sites on the internet. However, in recent times, some users have brought into question its reputation, and you may see such posts on internet forums. Though, no outside party has been able to verify these claims. DuckDice may feature one game, but its dice offering has every option imaginable and enough promotions to match. You can play tic-tac-toe to win Faucet funds, buy lottery tickets, participate in betting races, and more. The site allows you to use thirteen cryptos and features a range of withdrawal options. You get to be part of a community here via the forum and the public chat that lets you direct message others. There is still no dedicated app, but the mobile version works fine. The customer support is decent, as is the UI, and the platform is continuously developing. So, if you’re into dice, visit the site, and look around.

Play at DuckDicePlay at DuckDice

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