BetFury cheats players in terms of cashback

BetFury Scam

When we thought things could not get much worse with BetFury, unfortunately, they did…

One of the most popular BetFury promotions among players is cashback, which makes sense because after all, this is how players get a part of their losses back to try their luck again.

BetFury ScamBetFury calculates the available cashback in periods, which always run from Mondays to Thursdays. If a player deposits $100 on Monday and loses it completely, he will get $10 back after the timer expires on Thursday cashback (based on his level, in this example 10%).


Then the timer is reset and a new calculation period starts. This is exactly how the cashback offer has always worked at BetFury and how it is explained on the website, see the two screenshots below:

BetFury Cashback Scam

BetFury Cashback Calculation Scam

BetFury Cashback Scam

Let’s get to the point where it gets “weird”. We noticed that we have not received any cashback at BetFury for over a month, even though we deposited countless times.

IMPORTANT: At this point it is important to mention that we had made a profit at the beginning of the month (in the first cashback calculation period that is)).

After this period, we made several deposits and of course lost money.

Well, this month was overall positive for us, but still, according to BetFury’s cashback policy, we should have received a lot of cashback.

For this reason we contacted BetFury and now it gets really interesting… and amusing.

We explained the scenario and for simplification, we also sent screenshots of our non-existent cashback payments for over a month and the various deposits we made during this time. They said they would look at it and get back to us today.

Of course, we did not receive any feedback, which is why we have kindly reminded BetFury again. What happened next was unreal.

The answer (original sound): You have made deposits in the amount of XXXX and withdrawals in the amount of XXXX in the last 28 days. You have withdrawn more than you deposited, which is why the cashback calculation is correct.

We were surprised and replied that we did not understand this because cashback has been calculated in cycles from Monday to Thursday for a long time (as described on the BetFury website, screenshots above).

We asked since when cashback would be calculated in this way and the incredibly unprofessional answer was: Since today.

Yes, you can hardly believe it, in fact, BetFury answered that the rules were changed today, which is of course absolute nonsense and only goes to show not only how shady this company acts, but also how unprofessional their employees are.

If anyone still had any doubt that BetFury is not trustworthy, this should be settled now.

We can only strongly advise all players not to deposit their money at BetFury. You cannot and should not trust BetFury.

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