The problem of Gambling Licenses and the need for Honest Guides

In simple words, a gambling license is an approval to the casino to operate legally. As important as gambling licenses are to ensure the safety and well-being of not just the casino but the gamblers as well, these licenses can cause some problems to the players, and today we are going to discuss in detail the need for an honest guide and why it’s important that more independent guides evolve to keep the players aware of the problems and promote the best casinos and sportsbooks.

What is the most common crypto gambling license provider?

You must have heard about it by now, it’s the Curacao Gambling License. Almost all the casinos that exist in the crypto space have acquired their licenses from the same provider. It’s often considered to be the ideal choice for casinos because it comes at a comparatively cheaper cost and the taxes are low. Truth is though that it isn’t the best-suited license for the players because it doesn’t intervene if there is a dispute between the player and the casino. This ultimately means the casino gets an undue advantage over the player which may or may not be abused.

Why do casinos prefer Curacao Gambling License over others?

  • Easy, quick and cheap to acquire as compared to other gambling licenses.
  • Casinos enjoy a really low tax rate.
  • Doesn’t intervene during a dispute between the player and the casino.
  • The casinos don’t require a separate license for different games, one license covers all.

What does the Curacao license offer to the Player?

Honestly, nothing. The license is virtually meaningless for the player because there are no benefits the player gets from it. There are certain cases where casinos have a curacao gambling license but are free to scam the players by various means. You may have heard about 1xbit, a scam operator one should never play at. 1xbit does not officially hold a license but their sister site 1xbet, which is another scam, owns a Curacao license. One must understand that it’s not the license provider who is responsible for the scams but the freedom that is given to the casino. There are some of the best casinos that acquired their gambling licenses from Curacao.

Why do we need independent guides and reviews sites?

There must be someone the gamblers shall look up to when they want to choose the right casino for them. This is where review sites are crucial in ensuring the player is aware of the legit and corrupt gambling platforms by providing honest, open and transparent reviews for each casino. The player cannot try and test every casino themselves and hence we at BTCGOSU are working hard to evaluate, inspect & audit every casino independently and fairly.

Unfortunately, there are countless review websites that are taking advantage of this and are promoting some fraudulent casino operators by taking money from them or by simply getting lucrative affiliate benefits.

We at BTCGOSU take pride in announcing that we don’t support paid listing and if a casino acts in a manner that doesn’t meet our standards, we immediately try and solve it with them, and if their response is not satisfactory, we delist them indefinitely. You may check out some of the casinos we delisted because of such problems.

BTCGOSU deactivates several casinos for various reasons

What does BTCGOSU offer to the players?

Unlike the license provider, we actually listen to the players who have registered through our affiliate links. Below are the advantages you get from us:

BTCGOSU Dispute Resolution

If you face any problem with the casinos listed on our website and have registered through our links, you can always count on us to help you solve the dispute given you have followed the casino’s Terms & Conditions. Usually, the casinos we list are flawless and you won’t need our help but we are here to help you in case there is a dispute or a problem you are facing.

Read more about it here: Casino Disputes & Mediation

BTCGOSU Deposit Guarantee

Unlike other listing websites, we only select and list casinos operators which we feel are safe to deposit our own coins before we recommend them to our readers. The deposit guarantee reflects the faith we have in the operators and to make sure the players feel heavenly during their playing time we offer a refund of deposits up to $500 if the casino for any invalid reason, has seized your funds.

Read more about it here: BTCGOSU Deposit Guarantee


A Curacao license is literally worthless from a player perspective. This does not mean that all casinos with a Curacao license are shady and shall be avoided but it means that as a player, you would not be able to count on the licensor to protect you by any means. In another article, we will take a deeper look at Curacao licenses, Master licenses, who holds them and will link to it from here as soon as we publish it.

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