Join the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative by Casino Guru

Casino Guru has announced that it will be working on a global self-exclusion initiative and we here at BTCGOSU would like to raise awareness. We feel that such an initiative can make a huge difference in the long run when it comes to responsible gambling and player protection and we will try to support the initiative as much as possible.

What does Self-Exclusion mean?

In order to address the problem of gambling addiction, casinos are forced by law to have a feature in place that allows players to exclude themselves from gambling for a fixed period of time. Once you have excluded yourself from a casino or sportsbook or any other gambling site, you shall not be able to gamble on the platform by any means. If you try and create duplicate accounts, they shall be locked immediately once noticed, it’s the responsibility of the casino. Despite all these barriers in place, players are able to bypass these restrictions due to some intentionally sloppy attitude towards it from the casinos.

Why it’s even more extreme in crypto casinos?

Crypto casinos aim at providing players an environment that is anonymous and almost decentralized where players aren’t asked many questions until, of course, they win big. Although these crypto casinos have a license and operate legally, the license doesn’t mean much and aligns well with the casino’s greedy approach. You can read more about it here: The problem of Gambling Licenses and the need for Honest Guides

Most crypto casinos want to juice out the last Satoshi in your wallet and will not enforce the self-exclusion properly as the player can simply make a new account and start playing while the casino will neglect and let him lose more money and control.

We at BTCGOSU take subjects like this very seriously and we are appreciative of Casino Guru launching such an initiative to support the cause.

The Self-Exclusion Initiative by Casino Guru

They have a clear objective in mind – Players should be able to self-exclude from all the casinos at once!

Right now, players might self-exclude themselves from one casino but end up playing at some other casino. To solve the problem, all the casinos must join this revolution so that a player shall be able to exclude from all the casinos in a single go.

Casinos that don’t appreciate or take part in this campaign will earn themselves a bad reputation.

We want to contribute to the positive change and urge our readers to take part actively in making this initiative successful. Learn more about this superlative initiative and be a part of the change!

Join the Global-Self Exclusion Initiative by Casino Guru

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