2024 RIO Carnival Promotion at BC.GAME


Join the dazzling RIO Carnival Promotion extravaganza at BC.GAME with a staggering prize pool of $1.5 million! Grab your chance to win weekly prizes of up to $600!

Collect RIO coins to enhance your daily winning opportunities throughout the event at BC.GAME!

Duration of the Event

27 Days, 9 Hours, 18 Minutes and 38 Seconds

When Does it Start and End?

Starts on 2024/2/5 at 08:00:00 UTC+0

Ends on 2024/3/4 at 07:59:59 UTC+0

What is RIO Coin (RIO)?

RIO is an exclusive coin created solely for the RIO Carnival event.

How to Earn RIO Coins (RIO):

Deposit: Get 1 RIO coin for every $1 deposited.

Wager: Receive 1 RIO coin for every $2 wagered.

Daily Login and Invitations: Log in daily for a chance to earn 5-10 RIO coins. Additionally, invite friends to earn extra chances – up to 5 more daily. Valid referrals require friends to have verified mobile numbers.

Important Notes:

  • Only players with a verified mobile number on BC.GAME can participate. Valid referrals need friends with verified mobile numbers.
  • RIO coins will be recalled after the event.
  • RIO coins are not usable for Coindrop, Rain, Tip, Withdrawal, Deposit, or Wagering.
  • Deposits must be wagered to earn RIO coins.
  • Players using multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned from winnings and bonuses.
  • Cheaters will be publicly exposed and disqualified from all BC.GAME events.
  • GAME has the final decision authority on event results and placements.

Prize Distribution Ratio


πŸ₯‡ Rank 1 | 15%

πŸ₯ˆ 2 | 10%

πŸ₯‰ 3 | 7%

πŸ… 4 | 5%

5 | 3%

6-7 | 2%

8-10 | 1%

11-20 | 0.75%

21-40 | 0.5%

41-70 | 0.3%

71-100 | 0.3%

101-150 | 0.15%

151-200 | 0.1%

201-300 | 0.05%

301-400 | 0.02%

401-500 | 0.01%

Prize Pool Details

Prize Pool Accumulated:

  • Starts with a base of $200,000.
  • An additional 0.1% of every wager during the promotion period is added to the prize pool.
  • The maximum prize pool can reach up to $1.5 million.
  • Shared among the top 500 RIO coin holders at the event’s end.
  • Rewards distributed within seven days after the event concludes.

Cash Prizes

Ranking | Ratio of Share

πŸ₯‡ $250 | x1

πŸ₯ˆ $150 | x1

πŸ₯‰ $50 | x3

πŸ… $5 | x10

RIO Carnival Promotion Coin Redemption Questions Answered

Is there a cash redemption limit?

Yes, players can redeem up to $600 per week!

When will redeemable prizes be issued?

Prizes will be added to your BC.GAME account immediately upon successful redemption.

What happens to RIO coins after cash redemption?

RIO coins will burn immediately upon prize redemption.

When do weekly redeemable prizes refresh?

Redeemable prizes refresh every Friday at 00:00 AM UTC+0 until the event concludes.

I deposited but haven’t received any RIO coins?

To receive RIO coins, you must wager 1x of the deposited coins.

Redeem Cash Prizes in the Rio Carnival Promotion

Earn up to $600 weekly by redeeming your RIO coins for cash prizes.

Redeemable Prizes:

5 BCD for 1,500 RIO coins

Get 5 BCD (0/10)

50 BCD for 10,000 RIO coins

Get 50 BCD (0/3)

150 BCD for 28,000 RIO coins

Get 150 BCD (0/1)

250 BCD for 48,000 RIO coins

Get 250 BCD (0/1)

Note: The redemption limits and availability may vary. Ensure to check regularly for updates.

Start accumulating RIO coins now to maximize your chances of winning exciting cash prizes!

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