How to beat the house edge in Dice games


The house edge is the advantage a gambling game has over the player. The house edge prevents players from winning in the long term and it’s what prevents any strategy from really working, so how can you actually beat it then? This article is not about some fake or scam bitsler or primedice hack.

This article is to teach players how to take advantage of bonuses, wagering contests, or any other promotion that will give you extra value on your rolls. For instance, if a dice game has 1% house edge it means that for every dollar bet, the casino keeps $0.01 as profit. If you gamble with $1000 dollars, you are expected to lose 10$ on each bet. If you bet hundreds of times you will eventually lose everything, however, what if at the end of the day you are winning back $10000 from a wagering contest? Even if you lost your initial $1000, you are still getting back $9000.

Wixiplay, for example, holds a daily and monthly wagering contest. The top 3 participants are usually ahead of the house edge. The daily contest has a prize of 0.1 BTC for the winner. If you spend 3 BTC, you are expected to lose 0.03 BTC because of the house edge but you are still getting back the 0.1 BTC.

We can’t recommend playing at Wixiplay for the time being due to some unsolved accusation against their provably fair system!

Bitsler also has a really nice weekly wagering contest that is paying a flat amount of $10000 in BTC. Players can also take advantage of other bonuses like loss back and bet refunds that can take them closer to a 0% house edge. Bitsler, for example, offers chests to its players that contain different rewards as well as a progressive jackpot. 

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If a player takes advantage of all the bonuses at once after playing for a while, he can easily be on a positive EV (estimated value) but always keep in mind that the house edge will still win in the long term if you are not careful, this isn’t some free bitcoin hack so remember to stop when you are ahead.

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