ICODA Releases Crypto Gambling Report


ICODA releases crypto gambling report that has revealed the explosive growth of the crypto gambling market, driven by rapid technological advancements and the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. The analysis highlights the evolution of the industry, showcasing how these factors are driving the market’s impressive expansion and transforming online gambling.

Key Insights from the ICODA Report

Surging Market Value

The online crypto gambling industry has unchanged a lot in recent years. Before the pandemic, the global market was valued at $37 billion. The pandemic, however, acted as a catalyst, driving the market’s worth to over $70 billion by 2024. Projections show that this upward trend will continue, with the market expected to soar to $150 billion by 2030. This rapid growth underscores the mainstream acceptance and evolution.

Influx of New Players

The appeal of crypto gambling has drawn a significant number of new participants. By the end of 2023, the global number of active crypto gamblers surged to 15 million, marking a 50% increase from 2022. This growth reflects the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, the accessibility of online platforms, and the appeal of blockchain technology’s anonymity and security.

Record-Breaking Transaction Volume

The scale of activity within the crypto gambling market is staggering, with a transaction volume of $2 trillion recorded in 2023. This milestone highlights the growing trust and engagement in crypto betting, with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the revolution.

Up and Coming Regional Hotspots

The report also outlines new areas that have the potential of fuelling the growth of the industry. North America, in particular, is quickly becoming one of the centers of crypto gambling with reported growth at 60% because of the changes in the regulation and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Europe is also developing, with an increase of 55% due to technological advances and the regulation of the production process.

Mobile Dominance

Mobile platforms have become all about crypto gambling and represent 65% of all transactions. This is due to the fact that mobile apps are convenient, easily accessible, and provide a less complicated user experience interface which attracts a wider and more diverse audience.

Regulatory Confidence

The report emphasizes the positive impact of regulatory developments on market growth. Progressive regulatory frameworks in jurisdictions like Malta and Gibraltar have created a more secure and transparent environment. This increased clarity and oversight have bolstered confidence and encouraged further investment in the sector.

The Future

According to the ICODA report, the crypto gambling market is primed for growth, with potential upward of $128 billion by 2026. It is believed that the following factors have contributed to this continued growth. New breakthroughs in the blockchain further expand its benefits to the industry in terms of privacy, security, and usability. Also, the increasing global recognition of cryptocurrencies as a legal tender and method of payment will keep on driving the market.

With changes of the regulatory frameworks in the various parts of the world, a stable environment will be realized. This is important since it’s expected to introduce new opportunities for regions that have been slow to embrace the idea such as Asia and South America. These regions are expected to grow significantly in crypto gambling as they continue to use regulatory reforms and technological improvements for their countries and contribute to the development of the global market.


ICODA releases crypto gambling report that highlighs its remarkable growth and potential to reshape the entertainment industry. Fueled by technological advancements and evolving regulatory frameworks, the industry is attracting significant interest. With significant growth on the horizon, the future of crypto gambling looks incredibly promising. For more details on ICODA and their insights, visit their official website.

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