Meet the Forgotten Games: Your Guide to Instant Win Games

What Are Instant Win Games?

When most players think of signing up to the best bitcoin casinos, they are generally considering playing online slots and table games. True, some may consider having a punt on sports, but other casino games won’t come into the equation for the most part. However, you could be missing out on some quality games and not even be aware of it.

Here at BTCGOSU, we’re going to showcase the “other” games you can commonly find at our best crypto casinos. These may be called fixed odds, arcade games, or specialty titles, and sometimes they are even found under that “other” header. Most industry insiders call them instant win games, and here’s our guide to what these games can offer.

Why Play Instant Win Games?

Why might you consider playing instant win games, and what are they? In truth, instant win games can vary wildly in terms of what they offer. Some are as random as slots, while others provide straight-up 50/50 odds of success.

The key selling point of these BTC games is that they are widely available and that they require virtually no experience or strategy guides to play. Anybody, no matter how long they’ve been betting online, can sit down and play instant win games at crypto casinos right now.

Types of Instant Win Games

There are several types of popular instant win games. As mentioned above, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all genre. Let us introduce you to some of the most played instant win games below:

  • Scratch cards: These are arguably the most famous of the bunch. They work just like land-based scratchies, in that you scratch away windows to match up symbols or cash prizes to win a prize determined by your stake.
  • Fixed Odds: These games get their name because the amount you can win is predetermined by your stake. A good example of these games is virtual horse racing titles. Here, you might choose a horse (at the fixed odds displayed on the screen), and your success will determine how much you win.
  • Games of Chance: These constitute most 50/50 games. One of the most popular examples here is Heads or Tails, which can commonly be found at many top crypto casinos.
  • Number Betting Games: Some bitcoin casinos consider video bingo, keno, and other lottery-based games to be instant win titles, while other casinos don’t. Check your casino to see how they view these games.
  • Novelty Games: These represent almost everything else. Some are based on popular games such as Plinko and Sudoku. You may also find dice games and other in-house, proprietary titles at cryptocurrency casino sites.

Some casinos may lump video poker games in with “other games”, but this is wrong. Video poker count as its own genre, even if some casinos don’t have enough of them to warrant their own collection.

How to Play Instant Win Games Online

The exact methodology behind each instant win game may vary from title to title. However, the general rule is to wager a fixed sum using the bets available on the screen. Unlike slots, your bet won’t be comprised of payline x coin value, etc. Nor will it require betting rounds, like in poker.

Once your bet is placed, you will generally be able to “pick” an outcome, be that a horse, a side of a coin, or so on.

After the game is complete, you will either win whatever prize is displayed on the screen, or score a win based on the symbols represented on the paytable and in your game.

Can I Use Instant Win Strategies?

Nope, not really. Most instant win games require virtually no experience or even skill. They are always games of chance, so there is little (next to nothing) that you can do to influence your game. Unlike poker, no betting strategies or charts are going to help you here. You might think that this sounds like a hindrance. However, the simplicity of these games is what makes them appealing for many players.

Playing Instant Win Games for Free

We recommend one thing before trying your hand at any instant win titles – play them for free. Most can be played in a demo mode at top crypto casinos. Failing that, the website of the software providers behind the games will generally carry a free-to-play version on their sites. These are great ways to learn about each instant win game.

However, let us stress this again – you don’t really need to do this. While practical before playing slots, and especially table games, instant win titles are so basic and elementary that you won’t need to get practice in before betting on them, even if we do recommend you do so.

Do All BTC Casinos Offer Instant Win Games?

No, but most of the top sites will do. The exact array of games may have their own genre or genres, as listed above. However, many crypto casinos just lump them under “other games” or don’t give them a collection at all. You may need to use a casino’s search box to find these games.

If you want to be confident that you can play the best instant win titles out there, then we strongly suggest you head over to our bitcoin casino reviews to uncover which top domains offer instant win titles. We’ve also got many other crypto casinos that support these games that are worth looking at, too.

If you’re tired of slots, fancy a change from the tables, or simply want to play something that is easygoing and requires literally no effort on your part, then you can’t go wrong with crypto-friendly instant win titles today.

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