Esports betting Guide: League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular online battle arena games where players can pick their champions and get onto the rift and battle against their opponents chasing for the towers and the ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy base. There are over 140 champions to pick from and players pick the champions of their choice based on what suits them and their team.

Roles and Functioning of the game

The usual team combination is made up of 5 types of heroes and roles:

  • Top Laner: Top Laners are usually tanks. The tank duty is one of the most boring but crucial roles in the game where the player would absorb damage from the enemies, allowing his back-line to attack viciously by positioning behind the tank.
  • Jungler: A farm-efficient hero is most suitable for the role. This player is focused on gathering gold from the map and objectives like the Dragons and Baron. It’s the jungler who would assist his weaker lanes at times.
  • Mid Laner: A mage capable of doing high magic damage or an assassin that can thread the back lines of the enemy is the ideal choice for mid-lane heroes.
  • Bot Laner: This is the most important role and is fulfilled by a marksman. Also known as Attack Damage Carry, the player needs to hide behind the tank and output maximum possible damage to the enemies and buildings while making sure the enemies cannot slay him at the start of the fights.
  • Support: Sometimes the most underrated role but a selfless player who understands the game well acquires this role. The support player has to help his AD Carry to farm effectively and act as a bodyguard for him. It could be a tank or a high skill hero who needs to hook or cast spells to engage in the team fights.

The most popular markets available for betting are as follows

There are several markets to choose from in each game of League of Legends and one should carefully choose how they place their bets.

  • First Blood: Betting on the first kill of the game can be really fun because even the worst team can slay the best team’s first player and while it does not have a huge impact on the result, you can easily get good odds.
  • First Tower: This is an interesting market and based on drafts you can easily analyze which team is going to have a higher objective and map control in the early game and the team who picks the Rift Herald usually claims the first tower although in some cases it can be different.
  • First Baron: Baron is one of the most powerful buffs in the game and the team that claims the Baron gets allied super minions that help them push into the enemy territory so both teams will always try and contest for the Baron and usually the team that picks Baron are the ones who win the game as well.
  • First Inhibitor: Inhibitor towers protects inhibitors which eventually protect the base. Betting on a team to destroy the inhibitor is as close as betting on the team to win the game. Although in some games, teams are able to destroy the inhibitors but unable to win the game so make your bets carefully.
  • Winner: Ultimately there is the winner market everyone loves betting on because no matter who takes the first tower or the kill, you know your pick can always come back strong and win the match regardless of the stats in the game and the kill score doesn’t always reflect the winner.

Some tips about how to make bets on League of Legends

When making bets on LOL matches you should take into consideration a number of things.

  • The Team: When you know a team, it gets easier to analyze their skills against the opponents. For example, a team like Suning Gaming will perform well against slower-paced teams but against a team that is pro-active, they will always struggle like Rare Atom or Invictus Gaming.
  • Roster and Play Style: After every season there are roster changes in teams and trades happen as some teams will replace their players, like G2’s star player Perkz left the team and joined Cloud9 because he was better suited for the mid lane and now Cloud9 looks like an even stronger team.
  • Team Composition and Drafts: Drafting is one of the most crucial parts of the game and this is where coaches and teams sometimes make or break in big games because of their inability to adapt to the enemy drafts. Always compare the drafts and a team with a good balance between tanking and outputting damage champions will have an advantage over unbalanced drafts where either there is no tank to sustain the damage or the ability to output damage is lacking.
  • Early game and Late game: Certain drafts and picks are meant to dominate the early game while some champions need time to gather gold and pick some levels before they get online and start impacting the game. An example of an early game champion can be Renekton while a late-game scaling champion like Kassadin might struggle early but as soon as level-16 is reached he will dominate the game. Analyze who has a better draft and usually teams with late-game drafts have a higher win rate.

You can and should always check what heroes are performing better and based on that you would have a better idea of the current meta in the game, you can check all stats here:

Meta is basically the current pool of heroes that are performing well in the current patch of the game.

Some of the best leagues in the game

There are lots of leagues going on within different regions and at different times, we have filtered some of the best leagues you should follow and make your bets on.

League of Legends Pro League (LPL)

This league is officially abbreviated as LPL and is the top league among all Chinese leagues. Most of the matches played in this league are fast-paced and the talent on show is unbelievable as even the rookie teams perform out of their minds and stun everyone with the level of performance. Found in 2013 the league is owned by Tencent.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)

This Korean league has given the world teams like T1 and recently Damwon Gaming which are now known as Damwon Kia. Some of the best talents in the world come from this league like Faker, the most popular player the game has ever seen. The league was started around 2012 and compared to LPL the gameplay is slower but very calculated and the teams tend to play more objective-oriented and avoid unnecessary fights.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

Commonly known as LCS, this is the top-tier league in the United States and Canada. While the quality of gameplay is not close to the other two leagues mentioned above, there are some excellent players and some refreshing style of skills on show in the league. Also found in 2012 this league produces some raw talent, who sometimes are able to surprise some of the best teams during the world championships.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC)

Previously known the European League of Legends Championship Series is the top league for European teams which was found in 2013 and has produced teams like G2 and Fnatic who have a humongous fan base. The gameplay on display in the league is really impressive and there are players who have made a name for themselves like Caps, Perkz and Rekkles who are some of the most famous players in the league.

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