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Here we are with another article explaining one of many facets that make BetFury Bitcoin casino unique. In our dedicated casino review and site-specific articles, we already touched upon the BetFury crypto casino jackpots. However, now we have decided to give them their page, complete with our in-depth analysis.

As BTCGOSU patrons already know, this crypto gambling platform opened its digital doors in 2019 and recently went through a minor rebrand. At the time of writing, Gosu’s rank BetFury as the second-best casino on the internet. We would not be surprised if it moves up to number one soon. If it does, we believe that its five jackpots would be a contributing factor.

A jackpot is the maximum win amount attainable on a given game per round. BetFury offers these kinds of rewards for five of its in-house titles, Dice, Crash, Circle, Hi-Lo, and Plinko. You can head over to the about jackpot page to see what the total amount of these five prizes has grown to become.

The amount of a jackpot you can win depends on the size of your bet. That holds for all the in-house games that have this sort of a mega reward. You can see this distribution by clicking the question mark icon in each game’s interface.

BetFury’s Dice Jackpot

BetFury online casino’s version of crypto dice is about what you would expect it to be. You set a slider that goes from one to ninety-five, and you pick under or over before hitting roll. This provably fair variant has a house edge of 1.99%.

To win this game’s max prize, you will have to hit eight lucky combinations starting with the same first digit (5x). For example, such a winning streak would be – 52, 54, 59, 56, 51, 50, 53, and 57.

BetFury’s Crash Jackpot

Likely every crypto gambler knows what Crash is and how to play this super-simple game. You set a cash-out amount, and a multiplier rises before crashing at a random number. If it manages to pass your chosen figure, your bet gets multiplied by the amount you picked. If it crashes before it reaches your number, you lose. Know that Crash has a house edge of 4%.

To win the BetFury Crash jackpot, you race for collecting x20 000 sums of winning coefficients. So, every time you win something, that multiplier gets added to your jackpot race. For example, you win with 1.85, 0.85 gets added to your race status. The first person to reach x20,000 wins the Crash jackpot.

BetFury’s Circle Jackpot

Circle is a money wheel game with a house edge of 3.7% to 7.4%, depending on your chosen multiplier. You have to pick one of four before a timer runs out. When it does, the wheel spins and stops at a random color which signifies a corresponding multiplier.

To win the Circle jackpot, you have to place a bet on this wheel game. Know that it accepts 100,000 wagers per jackpot round. It does not matter if you make losing or winning bets. Both types enter the jackpot pool. If you happen to be the person that makes the 100,000-wager, you become the jackpot winner. You can follow the number of current round bets in Circle’s jackpot info tab.

BetFury’s Plinko Jackpot

Plinko gained notoriety thanks to the game show The Price is Right. It got created by the famous TV producer Frank Wayne and is now a mainstay at crypto gambling sites. Here it has a house edge of 0.5% to 2%, depending on your chosen multiplier. Plinko is super simple to play. A chip/disk falls through an obstacle pyramid which determines its path to a random position below. Each spot at the bottom has an associated multiplier. If you bet on the right one, your stake gets adequately multiplied.

To claim the massive Plinko prize, you will have to spell out Plinko. Every multiplier has a letter from this word, and you have to collect all of them to win the jackpot.

BetFury’s Hi-Lo Jackpot

Gambling games do not get more straightforward than Hi-Lo. It is crypto dice with cards. You bet if the next card coming will be higher (or equal) or lower (or equal) to the previous one. The house edge here is 4%, the same as in Crash.

To logout out of the BetFury gambling site a jackpot winner, you will have to hit a sequence of cards with a seven in any suit. The initial card in the round does not get counted, and skipping a card will discard your previous progress.

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