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Duelbits, run by Liquid Gaming N.V. from Curacao, launched in 2020 and gained traction in the interactive gaming arena via the CSGO community due to its past skins gambling functions. However, today, it is a regular crypto casino, attracting gamblers worldwide through its library of thousands of slots, hundreds of live tables, and nine provably fair options, with more promised on the way. Regarding the latter category, at Duelbits, you can engage in verifiable outcome betting on virtual scratch cards, Dual Poker, Duelbits Lottery, Dice, Roulette, Crash, Mines, Dice Duels, and Plinko.

Naturally, the last-mentioned game is our subject of interest here. According to many users of this platform, we have spoken to, this provably fair pick boasts a reputation in some circles as the best Plinko one in the business, and such claims are more than enough to get us to review it. Thus, read on to find out if these bold claims are true or nothing but hot air.

How Does Duelbits Plinko Work

As with all Plinko games, site-specific and third-party, there are no complicated mechanics involved here, making the barrier for entry low. You do not have to spend any prolonged period trying to figure out what you need to do to get rewarded adequately in this gambling option. Its gameplay consists of you selecting a few round modifiers and pressing the green bet button. Then balls drop from the top of a pin pyramid, bouncing off into random multiplier boxes at the bottom, awarding the ones where they land. The mechanic in play is simple. You wait for a dropped ball to prance its way down, changing its direction every second, hoping it will hit the highest value multiplier possible. That is all. There’s no strategy or complex rules, just pure luck-driven gambling.

How to Play Duelbits Plinko

You should know that the payouts in Duelbit’s Plainko game get determined, in large part, by the type of selected ball. In this proprietary version, you can pick from four types. A green one represents the normal mode, where you get to choose the level of variance. Then, you have Bronze, Silver, and Gold disks/balls. Each of these comes with a different max win and a different board layout. Bronze offers up to 100 times your bet and features a board with eight pin lines. Silver can reward you with up to x1,000 and implements twelve lines, and Gold presents the opportunity to win up to x10,000 your stake, with sixteen lines in play.

Note that the Bronze, Silver, and Gold modes all come with high levels of risk. But, as mentioned, when playing in the Normal one, you can also select a low or medium mode, choosing a number of lines between eight and sixteen. Whatever best suits your needs. You can also modify the speed at which a ball drops, but this does not affect its trajectory, meaning your winning chances.

Where Can You Play Duelbits Plinko

You can only enjoy it at –


  • House edge of 0.88%
  • Gameplay customization options
  • Enticing max payout


  • Should have more auto-play functionalities
  • It could be a tad more visually engaging

Graphics Quality

Since the Duelbits website utilizes a similar color palette as, this platform has a reminiscent vibe to that one, and given that this is a provably fair title that uses its crypto casino’s interface, it should come as no surprise to say that Duelbits Plinko looks somewhat like Stake Plinko. Except the virtual pin board is much bigger here and more in your face. We really cannot say much about the presentation here because this game has no graphics and only subtle sound effects. Going too much into explaining the overall look would mean breaking down its UX design, which is something we will do in the subheading that follows.

Duelbits Plinko

User Experience

Again, the UX design of this game is very much like Stake Plinko, but the betting function panel is on the right instead of the left. It is also a bit more robust and user-friendly because it allows you to select various options by clicking a distinct number. There are no drop-down menus, like at Stake. The presented options begin with the modes on hand, the number of rows available, the risk level, bet speed, and wager size, and end with the big green bet button itself. Left of this panel, you can see small icons stacked one after the other that lets you mute the game, view your past results, and verify the fairness of round outcomes.

The Plinko board is about what you would anticipate it would be, and it has the traditional table that shows you all the bets made on the Duelbits platform, the high-roller ones, the lucky winners, and your made wagers. We should note the auto-play functions here are not as diverse as we hoped. Outside the mentioned ones in this section of our review, you can only select the number of automated disk drops and nothing else.

Tension & Anticipation Value

As always, the tension in crypto Plinko games varies depending on the stakes involved and your perspective/preference. Without argument, the anticipation of a potentially significant payout can cause a sense of nail-biting anxiety, which can enrich gameplay. You can do this by selecting one substantial bet size and letting one ball drop.

However, you can also make this game engaging by choosing a low stake and making a dozen balls move down your select pin layout, appearing on the screen at the same time. That can add a different type of immersiveness here. Duelbits Plinko allows you to watch many balls descend from the top of the pin pyramid if you choose a bet speed of 50ms and a high-risk mode with sixteen lines. Of course, you can also approach this crypto Plinko version more casually and without significant emotional investment. That is entirely up to you, and how you select to play and what you feel during your sessions will be influenced by factors like the amount wagered and your individual risk tolerance.

RTP & Variability

You get to choose the variability in Duelbits Plinko, depending on your desired playing style, and this casino has set the RTP of this product, which they have developed, at 99.12%.

Min/Max Multipliers

The top multiplier of this game is x10,000, and you can hit an x0 one if you play in high-risk mode going after more significant rewards.

House Edge

The house edge of Duelbits Plinko is 0.88%, which is terrific.

Winning Strategies

Duelbits Plinko may have straightforward gameplay, but it still allows room for some strategy, particularly owed to the risk and line options. If you are unfamiliar with products from this gaming category, we suggest you start in demo mode to get familiarized with how this provably fair gambling game works first. As always, we recommend that you opt for the lowest variance available, looking to turn any profit at the end of your session. Once you feel confident and have gotten ahead of the Duelbits platform in terms of your accumulated balance, you can begin experimenting with different bet combinations. That refers to altering the number of lines and the game mode to harness this Plinko variant’s volatility for maximum returns. You can also explore the Martingale or the Paroli pattern as tools to try and conclude your betting entertainment with a little more in your pocket than when you began.

Summary – Is Duelbits Plinko Worth It?

Duelbits Plinko is the perfect beginner-friendly gambling game. It is simple and features excellent winning odds. It can have low variance but also make you a millionaire if you can handle the risk involved in going after such a reward. The customization options make this proprietary version stand out, and the speed function is not something we have seen in many other entries in this genre. We also love the potential super low house edge of 0.88% and the fact that you can play in demo mode. So, in total, we would rank this Plinko variant among the better ones out there. We only wish it had more auto-play functionalities.

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Can You Play Duelbits Plinko for Free?

Yes. Just press the bet button without entering a stake amount.

Can You Watch Duelbits Plinko Live?

On streaming sites that allow gambling feeds, this can be an option. So, on platforms like Kick, PeerTube, and Odysee, you may find Duelbits Plinko action getting streamed.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Duelbits Plinko?

The most alluring prize this game can yield is one of a cool million bucks.

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