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Windice offers three provably fair crypto games, progressive jackpots and has quite a big community in place.

Easy Access
Deposits & Withdrawals
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
  • Established 2019
  • Licence(s) None
  • Deposit Options BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE
  • Minimum Deposit None
  • Minimum Withdrawal 0.00086018
  • Customer Support E-Mail, Bitcointalk
  • Languages English
  • Restrictions None
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Community presence
  • Six cryptocurrencies supported
  • Mobile-friendly
  • A limited number of games
  • No live chat
United States
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Sadly, we couldn’t discover what company is behind There is no name listed in the terms and conditions, and when we tried to reach out to the site staff with this question, it fell on deaf ears. We do know that the site went live around March of 2019, and has quite the following, reaching 460 million bets in August of 2020. It’s a simple gaming site that puts a focus on building a community through the chat, its social network-like features, as well as a dedicated forum. It supports multiple cryptos and runs promotions that should provide a chump change for a roll or two. You can find it active on Twitter, Telegram, and VK.

First impressions

Windice heavily utilizes greys, and it goes for a kind of retro style, with font sizes and typeface choices that stray from the norm. You can also see a square pattern in the background that is somewhat reminiscent of a tablecloth. It all feels crowded, as everything fights for our attention.

Registration couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is accept the terms and enter a user name, that’s all. Then you get a daily prize, and a quick tutorial on how to use the site, which you can skip. You’ll need to enter your profile to set everything up, put in your email, password, and customize your account.

Once you do all that, it’s best to get familiar with the chat. There, you can access active member’s profiles by clicking on them, and looking through the number of bets they have made, you can add them as a friend, put them on your ignore list, direct message them, and so on.

Games offered by Windice

Windice game offer consists of three provably fair games. These are a simple Dice game, a Crash game, and a Plinko one. You can verify their fairness via the code example in the Fair Game section. By comparing hashes before and after the randomization, assures a fraud-free process in producing the round outcome.

The Dice game generates a number from 0 to 9999 and consists of comparing the game’s outcome and the player’s betting range. The probability of winnings and the winning coefficient depend on the winning chance and the width of the betting range.

The crash game generates a random multiplier from 0.99x to 9900x and compares it to the payout set by the player. The multiplier grows and can crash at any time. If a player presses the crash button, before it does, he gets a resulting multiplier, which multiplies his bet amount. Let’s say you cash-out at a multiplier of x5 with a bet of 0.01 BTC. You would receive 0.05 BTC as your reward.

In the Plinko game, a player presses the drop button, and the game generates the ball’s direction as it falls. It does so and lands in a random slot with a corresponding multiplier. If the slot multiplier is zero, the player loses the bet. If it’s, for example, x3, the payout gets calculated, which is the player’s bet amount*slot multiplier.

Play at WindicePlay at Windice

Easy Access

Like with most Bitcoin casinos, there is no Windice app of any sort. No Windice mobile app for any type of device. Nevertheless, the site works optimally through a mobile browser.

In the beginning, we complained that some of the font sizes are perhaps a bit too large. Well, this is an advantage on a mobile screen, as everything is very readable. Though, the ones in the dropdown menu are massive. If you resize your desktop browser, you’ll get an idea of what the platform looks like on a mobile phone. However, some of the text is too small when you do this, and is not 100% representative of how it would look like on a mobile browser. But you get a general idea.

As far as functionality goes, everything worked Okay on the Android phone we used. Some of the pages loaded in sections, but that is likely just happenstance. As far as we could tell, the play-on-the-go experience is satisfactory.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Windice crypto casino is just that, a true crypto casino that allows players to use six cryptocurrencies. Deposits through each of them should happen instantly after the sufficient number of confirmations. For Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, the number of confirmations is one. For Ethereum and Litecoin, it is three, while for Dogecoin, it is six. Withdrawals should also transpire instantly as every payout request gets processed immediately and hits the crypto network within ten minutes.

The currencies that Windice supports are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

There are no deposit limits. However, there are ones for withdrawals. Instance, for Bitcoin, it is 0.00081688 BTC, for Ethereum, this limit is 0.02337049 ETH, and for Litecoin, it is 0.15024038 LTC. Also note that when you are withdrawing funds, the site will charge you a commission. The system automatically sets up the optimal amount to ensure that transactions are speedy and inexpensive. Thankfully though, there are max limits to these commissions. For Bitcoin, it is 0.00020000 BTC, for Ethereum, it is 0.00800000 ETH, and for Litecoin, it is 0.00050000 LTC.

For the full list of the minimum withdrawal limits and max commissions, visit the FAQ page. There are no max withdrawals.

Windice Bonuses & Promotions

If you open the bonus page, it may seem like there are a ton of Windice promotions on offer, but once you read through everything, you’ll notice that much of the content there is also present elsewhere.

The main thing that caught our eye is the wagering contests. There are daily and weekly ones. You do not have to register for both, as the site detected all bets, calculates them, and forms the leaderboard. The prize pools usually split between the top 10 participants, who get their winnings within 24 hours after the contest ends.

There’s a jackpot prize that you can win, where the larger the bet you place, the higher your expected win becomes. You can also receive free cryptos by playing a minesweeper game. There, the longer you play, the more significant your reward grows.

If you are a persuasive person, you can take part in the multi-level referral/affiliate program. If you are too lazy to put in an effort, you can talk in the chat, and get in on the free rain.

Players can also receive a daily bonus for their activity. If you login every day during the week, you will get a bonus in Wincoins and experience points. The bonus counter resets every week, or if you fail to log in 24 hours since your last visit.

Play at WindicePlay at Windice

VIP Program

As far as a Windice VIP program goes, there’s a point-collection scheme where you earn experience points as you bet and play. You can also get them by winning contests, completing daily quests, participating in tournaments, and more. The more points you earn, the higher the level you attain, the better bonuses and perks you unlock.

There are six levels, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Every VIP status increases your faucet claims, where you can get both Wincoins, the platform’s currency, or real cryptos. You also get VIP rain in the chat, which is way more than the regular rain that you may receive.

In the two highest levels of the Windice loyalty program, you also get rakeback and cashback deals, as well as larger store discounts. A rakeback is a benefit that lets players receive some of their wagered funds back, while a cashback is when players get a percentage of their losses back. The store is a segment of the site where players can purchase items, Wincoins, boosts, and customization options. You can find it in your profile menu.

Windice Customer Support

Well, there is no live chat. The site doesn’t plan to implement one, as it feels the moderators in the chat room do a similar job. You can also establish Windice contact and converse with a representative if you head over to the support page and create a ticket. A ticket is an email you send to the support staff. We sent one and got a response in two hours and ten minutes.

If you’re in a bind, ask around in the chat or register in the forum. We recommend the chat room as there’s usually someone there, where some sections of the forums display inactivity.

The site has an FAQ page, which has six categories that are host 48 FAQs. We have to say that these aren’t your one-sentence answers, some of them go quite in-depth and explore their subject adequately. So, that’s a huge plus.

Security has no gaming license what so ever. If this frightens you, know that many crypto gambling sites do not have a license. Especially those that allow the use of only cryptocurrencies. A license would be terrific as it adds credibility, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

What is concerning is that there is little about what the site will do to protect you as a player in its terms and conditions, which seems to feature only things that will get you in trouble.

Windice does have advanced SSL encryption, and it promises that all data entered on the site is in safe hands. In the case of a data breach, it will inform its customers promptly, and it will only disclose data based on lawful requests. All servers and all information are reliably encrypted, as well as all backups.

GOSU Conclusion

Time to render our verdict. Well, Windice floats in a sea of many dice site. These platforms seem to keep popping up. However, this is less of a knock-off site than most. It supports six cryptos, has three games, and there’s a point-collecting program that can get you some interesting prizes. There is also a site store where you can purchase things. The selection is limited, but at least it is something. There’s a decent community presence here, which makes up for the missing live support, as you can get help from members and moderators in the chat room or the forums. Everyone we talked to that uses the site says that it is legit, so we’ll have to take their word for it. If you’re into playing Dice, Crash, or Plinko, we guess this is a good of a place as any.

Play at WindicePlay at Windice

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