GOSU Slots Multiplier Telegram Challenge #11 with $50 prize

Time for our eleventh GOSU Telegram challenge. Play slots, aim for big wins and earn a GOSU $50 cash prize in BTC!

How this GOSU Challenge works:

Just play any 3rd party slot (any provider is fine, you need to be a GOSU referral) with a $0.10 min bet on any partner casino site. Share your highest multiplier in our telegram group on https://t.me/btcgosu and if you have a twitter account, sharing there with hashtag #btcgosu would also be appreciated – that`s it!

The GOSU with the biggest multiplier will be rewarded with a $50 cash prize in BTC, paid directly to his/her BTC wallet.

This GOSU Telegram challenge begins now and ends in 24 hours.

If you haven`t done this already, make sure to join our telegram group. You don`t want to miss our (not always constructive) chats, challenges, rains and so much more!

May the GOSU luck be with you!

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