In 2016, Just-Dice closed. The disappearance of that platform served as an inspiration to two European developers to launch YOLOdice in 2016. Their goal was to let players experience the same level of adrenaline on a site that has a strong sense of community. Today, YOLOdice has a vast user base, which contributes input on how to grow the platform. Four years after its inception, the site accepts four cryptos, features numerous bonuses, provides investment opportunities, and further develops day by day.

First impressions

YOLOdice does not seek to impress visually. That much is clear upon first access. That said, it doesn’t have to, as it aims for functionality. Featuring a simple design heavy on greys, it makes everything accessible via the left side menu.

To register, all you have to do is hit the green button in the top right and then click the blue – create my account one to confirm your membership. Once you pass this step, you can click on your account drop-down menu and fill in the first two tabs, profile, and settings to customize and set up your account.

After you get done with all this, you should look at the Levels page to see how you can reach Level 4, so you can participate in the chat and receive guidance on how to use the platform.

Games offered by YOLOdice

Are there many YOLOdice games, or is it just the one? It’s just the one, a dice game, or as some call it, Hi-Lo. We assume that the second name fits better, seeing as most dice sites try to incorporate some form of a digital die, graphically. Here, what you get is an entirely text-based game. You set your bet amount and enter a multiplier or chance number. These two do the same thing, as the higher your multiplier is, the lower your chance of winning becomes. You can select one of an already assigned multiplier or chance options, or you can type in your figure in their respective fields.

The game has a house edge of 1%, which is more or less the norm, and should prove enough for both players and investors. There’s an auto-bet function that works, though it’s not as robust as one you can find at other dice sites. Still, it does its job. What’s worth a mention: The dice rolls are super quick.

Easy Access

There is no YOLOdice mobile app. Do not expect one in the future. The site claims that due to its responsive design, it works perfectly on all devices. It was functional on our desktop, and when access via our Android phone, through Chrome, we didn’t run into any difficulties as well.

If you resize your desktop browser window to a ratio similar to that of the average smartphone screen, you get an idea of what it looks like on a mobile phone. The game nearly takes up the whole mobile screen. Everything is just the right size, blending readability, and functionality nicely. One minor gripe is that when we clicked on the drop-down menu in the top left, we couldn’t see the last two options (FAQ and support). Other than that, everything worked fine, and we do not have anything negative to say about the YOLOdice mobile version. You should be able to access the site through any mobile phone and enjoy a seamless play-on-the-go experience.

Deposits & Withdrawals

YOLOdice crypto casino allows the use of four cryptocurrencies on the platform. It also lets players exchange their cryptos through a dedicated page. The exchange rate gets calculated based on data from major exchanges, and it includes a fee, which falls within the range of 3% to 4%.

The cryptocurrencies that players can use here are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin

Depending on the crypto and the deposit amount, a transfer will have to go through a specific number of confirmations before it reaches a player’s account. For Bitcoin, this number is one, while for, Litecoin and Dogecoin, it is two. For Ethereum, this number is eight. Players can find a QR code and a deposit address for each crypto. If the deposit gets confirmed but does not land in your account, you should send an email to the support team.

When it comes to withdrawing funds, players can choose between an instant withdrawal and a batch one (Bitcoin only). All withdrawals come with a fee. For Bitcoin, the instant fee is 0.00102 BTC. For Litecoin, it is 0.001 LTC. For Ethereum, it is 0.001218 ETH, and for Dogecoin, it is 4 Doge.

Instant withdrawals go through immediately, unless there are not enough funds in the hot wallet. Then, a player must wait for someone from the site’s staff to transfer funds over from the cold one, which may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. While this occurs, the deposit will receive a pending status, and a user can cancel it at any time. The benefit to batch withdrawals is that there is a lower fee, but the process takes longer.

YOLOdice Bonuses & Promotions

When on the subject of YOLOdice promotions, we have to kick things off with the referral program. Players can earn coins for bringing others to the site. YOLOdice provides a referral link, and once a player gets someone to sign up through it, that person counts as his referral, and he can earn 0.2% of all his bets. It doesn’t matter if that person wins or loses what he bets on the site.

Investing is a big thing here, as well. Like with other sites, those that choose to invest supply funds to the casino bankroll, and in return, as it grows, they get a share that’s proportional to their contribution. Players can open and close their investment positions at all times, and they can have as many as twenty open investments. The dice game has a house edge of 1%, so in theory, the casino should always stay ahead. You can see a full breakdown of how everything works on the site, including formulas that calculate the expected return on investments. Know that you can start help bankroll YOLOdice, with an investment as low as 0.001 BTC.

There are also weekly wagering contests here. Each crypto has its leaderboard, and the more players bet, the higher position they attain on the board. The prize pools depend on the weekly YOLOdice profit per crypto. Anyone can join, and everyone gets their prize within one hour after the contest ends.

Those active in the chat can participate in trivia games and get rain from time to time. Follow the platform on Twitter, as it posts exclusive giveaways there, and keep a watchful eye on the Bitcointalk thread as well.

Rakeback becomes available to those that reach level seven on the platform, and YOLODice has a jackpot prize for each cryptocurrency. You win a prize proportional to your bet if you land a winning one that ends with 77777.

VIP Program

So, is there a YOLOdice VIP program? There’s a point-collecting program, a level system, where players accumulate points and move up, level to level, en route to unlocking better rewards. You earn experience points or XPs, by playing the game, wagering coins on the platform. However, you can also level-up through investments and referrals.

There are fifteen levels, and you get access to different features in each one. As soon as you register an account, you can participate in the referral program, tweak your privacy settings, and take advantage of the free faucet. However, how much you can get depends on your level. The more you use the site, the faster you can climb through these levels and begin using customization features and earn rewards. As you move up, you can start adding a profile image to your account, post links and banners in the public chat, get a Rakeback of up to 30%, lower bet delays, and the ability to receive faucet funds without solving captchas.

YOLOdice Customer Support

The question everyone wants to know the answer to, is there a YOLOdice live chat? No. There is a public chat that the staff encourages new players to use. It proclaims that Scott, Ethan, and other moderators lurk there and can provide assistance. When we attempted to access it, it told us that we must be level 4 to chat. A dynamic requirement in place to prevent spam, the chat said. Thus, we didn’t use this option, but we did observe that there were 168 active members there.

The platform has a dedicated FAQ page, which features guides about things that the site also explains elsewhere. So, it’s a bit repetitive, and you have to scroll a lot to go through all the FAQs, as it is quite a long page. Thankfully, there are links at the top of the page that lead you to each section.

YOLOdice also tells members to reach out via the Bitcointalk thread if they run into any issues, and that they can also check out a Trello board that lists bugs and announcements on upcoming features. What the staff is working on, and what concepts they are throwing around that may make their way onto the site soon. We haven’t seen this option at other sites. We like it.

The YOLOdice email support is at the bottom of the Support page, listed as the last YOLOdice support option. We sent an email with three basic questions and waited for a reply. After four hours, we gave up waiting.


YOLOdice targets the crypto niche. So, the staff hasn’t acquired a gaming license, nor have they bothered to put up a terms and conditions page. Here, more-or-less, the FAQ page acts like one.

YOLOdice keeps the player’s login and account information private, as well as their transaction history. However, all bets, seeds, profits, and investments are public but can be anonymized. Players should explore the profile page and adjust these things to their liking.

All users must provide a master wallet address before they make a deposit. The site asks this to authenticate users, and so that this address can act as an emergency one, in case something happens, and the platform needs to return funds to players. It also allows users to securely login via message signing, set up 2FA, and set withdrawal address restrictions.

The site’s servers are secure via a multi-layered application, and there haven’t been any breaches so far. Cold wallet funds get controlled via off-line encrypted cold wallet devices. The cold wallet implements a two-level design, and some funds get additionally split and get stored on other hardware devices.

The platform has been running since 2016, and there are no complaints regarding its security, so it’s safe to play here.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Low house edge
  • Investment opportunities
  • Community presence
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Single-game only
  • No live chat support

YOLOdice is one of the more popular Bitcoin dice sites. At first glance, casual players may not understand as to why. The platform targets a specific niche, in crypto gamblers who enjoy simple games and are more into the investment opportunities, referral commissions, and chatting with others than they are about playing. These kinds of sites thrive on a sense of community, and that’s what YOLOdice has managed to achieve. Players can connect with those that operate it, as there is no company behind it, but real people. It has only one game and a few common bonuses. Sure, the site could see improvements in many areas, such as customer support. However, if you fall into its target demographic, and use one of the four accepted cryptos here, have a look-see. It won’t hurt.

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