Simpledice is the third gambling website by Playhub. Their previous two products, BitKong and Luckydice have gotten quite a following, and the company expects the same fate for their latest outing. Simpledice began operations in 2020, in April, and is more-or-less a clone of Luckydice. The main difference is that the dice game is not a mirror image, though very similar to what you get in digital mode at Luckydice. Overall, the site’s design and all its options are more than adequate for a simple dice site.

First impressions

Violet drenches the whole Simpledice website. Different shades of it. You’ll only see some white used in the typography and a few other places. But that aside, the design is practical, and everything works well.

Registration is simple, but having to enter a verification code every time you log back in the site, gets tiresome. More of an annoyance, than a negative aspect, as it’s in your best interest, as is the two-factor authentication the site promotes.

There are a lot of great promotions and payment options available on the site. In combination with the attractive design and seamless mobile compatibility, the first impression was more than decent.

Games offered by Simpledice

The site bears the name Simpledice, and by golly, it features a simple dice game. That’s it. The name is a dead giveaway. Nonetheless, if you’re reading this review, or considering the site, you probably already knew that. These are among the simplest crypto games out there, and dice websites are super-popular right now.

Here, all you have to do is set your bet size, and select a payout multiplier parameter. Then, you press the roll button, and a split second later, you find out your result. Once you set these attributes, the game’s interface will inform you of your chances, as well as your potential profit. You can view your last six roll results at the top of the game.

That’s about it. The site will tell you to visit Luckydice and BitKong for more games, but the Luckydice one is very similar to the Simpledice game, and BitKong too has only one game. So, variety is not PlayHub’s thing. They’re going for a specific market.

Easy Access

Unlike its sister site, Luckydice, there is no Simpledice app, for Android, or any type of other mobile devices. Yet, we’re not sure you need one. Once you access the site via a mobile browser, it prompts you to activate the Add to Home Screen option. So that the platform can become easily accessible. If you plan on becoming a regular player, this is not a bad option.

The site works terrific on a mobile device. We don’t know if it’s because of our desktop screens, but the colors seem more saturated on the Android phone we used to access Simpledice. They look duller, less saturated on a desktop one.

Overall, the mobile organization is great. You can resize your desktop browser to about half your screen size to see what it looks like on a mobile phone. It’s not the same, but you get the idea. The buttons and all the text are the perfect sizes for a mobile screen. We really enjoyed the play-on-the-go experience, as the Simpledice mobile version is terrific.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Like most crypto casinos, the site allows you to use more than one cryptocurrency, and it provides you the opportunity to exchange currencies. Though, you must use Simpledice’s exchange to only exchange currencies for the sole goal of playing games. You may face issues if you try to exchange and withdraw without making a bet. The site can restrict the exchange of currencies without any prior notice at its sole discretion.

As far as currently available cryptos go, you can use the following for Simpledice withdrawals and deposits:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dash

Naturally, there are different minimums for every currency. However, the minimum deposit and withdrawal number are identical for all methods. Meaning, you can take out the same minimum amount that you can put in your account. For Bitcoin, it is 0.00100000 BTC. Litecoin, 0.01000000 LTC. The Ethereum number is 0.02000000 ETH. The Ripple limit is X2. The Dogecoin one is 100 Doge, and for Dash, it is 0.01000000 Dash.

Users can choose between two processing times for withdrawals, a normal and a high-priority one. Both come with a fee. However, the one for a high-priority transfer is much steeper. Though, you’ll get your funds within five minutes, while you’ll have to wait up to an hour using the normal method.

Players can also use fiat currencies at Simpledice. The site allows the use of over thirty fiat currencies, which you can exchange for cryptos. Despite popular currencies such as the Euro, or the US dollar, you can also use many that you won’t find elsewhere, like the Turkish Lira, the Pakistani Rupee, and the Kenyan Shilling.

Simpledice Bonuses & Promotions

If you’ve read our Luckydice review, or if you have visited that platform, you’ll notice that the Simpledice promotions match those available over there. They are identical.

There’s a progressive jackpot. Meaning, the winning sum is constantly increasing until someone pulls off the big win. You can check the current amount on the Simpledice bonus page. To win this prize, the first seven signs of the bet’s first-row hash must be seven. You cannot win a jackpot prize on a losing bet. Depending on your bet size, you win a percentage of the jackpot. Instance, 1% from 50 points, 10% from 500 points, 100% from 5,000 points.

The site features leaderboards. You climb to the top positions by accumulating more points than the competition. Different spots on different boards can win you different bonuses.

There are also cashback deals, these range from 0.1% to 0.3%, depending on your rank at Simpledice. If you bet big, the bigger your cashback payout will become, calculated from your bets. Then it is added to your account.

Know that users get all their bonuses and rewards in site credits, the cashback included. They can, later on, exchange these credits for currency.

There’s also a Magic Chest promotion. A bonus that players receive when they reach a specific number of points. The number of credits inside a chest is random, but it falls in-between a specific range.

New users can take advantage of one of the best free facets around, and there may be a refill bonus on the site from time to time.

VIP Program

There’s no classic Simpledice VIP program. There’s a point-collection one. There are five ranks, and you attain a rank by earning a specific number of points. Points are a way to show a single wagering metric. Players reach ranks and attain achievements via these points. The five ranks are Noob, Casual, Amateur, Pro, and Elite. To become an Elite user, you need to earn 1 billion points.

This system is identical to the one at Luckydice crypto casino. The same company runs both sites, so they’re clones of each other in many aspects. The Simpledice loyalty scheme is one of them.

The higher your rank, the more amazing your perks get. You have a stimulus to keep playing, as your benefits rise as you move up the ladder from Noob to Elite.

Simpledice Customer Support

Well, your Simpledice support options are email, live chat, and the site’s FAQ section. The live chat option is a strange one. The website says that it’s working 24/7. However, it is often inactive. You type in your question, and then you’ll get a reply hours later. This reply will land in your email inbox in the form of a live chat transcript. Nevertheless, there’s always the off chance that you’ll run into a staff member there, active. We did, once, and they were most helpful.

You can find the email address in the terms and conditions and the privacy policy page. The terms and conditions page uses the term legal. It says there that if you want to make a complaint of any sort or report a vulnerability concerning Simpledice, then you should email the administration at [email protected]

The FAQ section is nothing special. It has 22 FAQs, and you can open it via the support link at the bottom of the page. It goes through basic stuff. Still, you can get clarification on a few matters there. Thus, we won’t knock it. For Simpledice contact, we recommend using the live chat option.


We couldn’t find out the location of PlayHub’s base. However, after a conversation with a site representative, he told us that the company is in a country that doesn’t require gaming licenses, but he wouldn’t specify which one. In any case, for any sort of complaint or issue, all you have to fall back on is the support staff. The site itself is the only authority that will have the final say regarding all matters.

Simpledice uses advanced encryption to protect player data. It implements a 384-bit ECC key. These small keys allow encryption to stay ahead of computing power, without creating longer keys. Game fairness shouldn’t be an issue. There’s a dedicated fairness page, which explains the verification procedure that allows users to verify the integrity of every bet they make.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Good design
  • Decent promotions
  • Six cryptocurrencies supported
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live chat not always available
  • No gaming license

It’s a dice site, what can we say. If you’re looking for a good one, this is not a bad choice. Not bad at all. It is new, so if you’re worried if the company has ironed out all its kinks, know that it runs two other gaming platforms, so it has experience on its side. It is also active on popular crypto forums such as bitcointalk, so you can follow the site’s progress there and read about other users’ issues. Overall, there isn’t much to complain about, as there isn’t that much content on the site. Maybe if we played for a long time, we could better inform you about potential issues, but as things stand, we couldn’t find anyone making a serious complaint regarding Simpledice. The dice game is decent, the mobile experience is terrific, and you can use both cryptos and fiat currencies. Simpledice does what it sets out to do.

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