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2.7 / 5

MintDice is run by a former professional poker player and features provably fair Bitcoin casino games.

Easy Access
Deposits & Withdrawals
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
  • License(s) Curacao
  • Deposit Options BTC
  • Minimum Deposit 0.0001 BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal 0.001 BTC
  • Customer Support E-Mail, Bitcointalk
  • Languages English
  • Restrictions USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey
  • Unique games
  • Provably fair games
  • High-paying faucet
  • Few games
  • No promotions

MintDice launched in March of 2017. It is the brainchild of gambling industry veteran Bryce Daifuku. A former professional poker player. The platform incorporates provably fair technology and aims to enhance its ecosystem of trust via Proof-of-Solvency (PoS). A scheme designed to let users verify the financial holdings of online websites. MintDice is a fully-cryptocurrency casino featuring games like Bitcoin Dice, Plinko, Slots, and Bit.Rocket—a Bitcoin Crash game.

First impressions

MintDice features a design that seems more applicable to a nutritional company, than to an online casino. Everything on the site goes against all that we expect from an online gambling platform. It has minimalistic icons, flat graphics, and big buttons. It mixes many things to produce something that tries to appear stylish and modern but ends up looking bland.

Registration should go off without a hitch. You can choose one of two options, an anonymous account or a full one. The difference is that you’ll have to supply an email for the latter. We suggest it, as some minor restrictions come with the anonymous one, and you’ll only spend about 30 seconds more for a full account.

Once you get in, you won’t see any promo banners, but graphics advertising the few games you can play on the site. It’s all a bit underwhelming. However, we should say that version 2.0 of the site will launch soon, so updates await.

Games offered by MintDice

If you’re looking for a crypto gaming site that has live tables and a vast selection of slots from top-industry providers, then you have most certainly come to the wrong place. MintDice online casino has neither.

This brand uses a somewhat clever marketing strategy to advertise itself as the world’s best bitcoin casino dice and bitcoin slots games. It’s not lying. It features a dice game, as well as a slot one. In the slot game, you can change three themes. The game stays almost the same, with changes happening in the jackpot amount and the game’s visual aesthetic. These games use a random number generator ranging from 0 to 1,048,575

Plinko and Bit-rocket are also game options. Bit-rocket is a social online game of skill and luck. You place a bet, a max payout, and you watch as the multiplier increases. You can cash out at any moment to win. However, if you cash out too late, you will lose your entire bet.

The reason to play on this site, aside from that these are provably fair games, is that they feature a small house edge. A regular casino’s house edge on a table game can run up to 5%. While if you play Dice and Bit.Rocket here, the house edge is 1%. While for Plinko and slots, it is 2%. So, you stand a higher chance of winning here than at a land-based casino or while playing more conventional games.

PowerMint and Castle Royale were two titles that should have been on the platform by the end of 2019. However, these games still have not made their debut. Though, we see mentions on more than a few pages.

Play at MintDicePlay at MintDice

Easy Access

Right off the bat, there is no MintDice mobile app. You’ll have to content with the mobile version that’s accessible through a mobile browser. It is more-or-less the same as the desktop version, just resized to fit a smaller screen. You can use Chrome, enter DevTools by pressing F12 and select the Device Toggle Toolbar to see what the casino looks like on a smartphone. We wouldn’t bother. What you see on a desktop is what you get on mobile.

The minimal design may even work better on mobile phones. Though, some of the banner text and the site headings get rather large and distracting, while the letters in the navigation bars stay small. All the games work on the mobile version, and the uninspiring design works about how you would expect on your phone.

Deposits & Withdrawals

It seems like the only currency accepted at the moment is Bitcoin. When you visit the FAQ section, it provides a long list of cryptos. Nevertheless, once you’re inside your account, and you go to the deposit option, you can only select Bitcoin.

You should be aware that the minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC, while the minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. MintDice advises players that they should change their deposit address each time they place funds in their casino account and that all deposit addresses remain valid for at least two months. If a deposit arrives at the wrong address, these funds are lost, and you will not see them in your casino account.

MintDice withdrawals go through at the regular market rate transaction speeds. The site is not responsible for the amount of time blockchain confirmation may take. In some cases, a user’s first withdrawal will require manual confirmation, which may take up to a few hours. Large withdrawals also require manual processing, which may take up to 24 hours. Users can choose to pay a normal blockchain fee when withdrawing funds, of 0.00011083 BTC, or a priority one of 0.00013228 BTC.

MintDice Bonuses & Promotions

There are no conventional promotions on this site. You will not see a MintDice welcome offer or any type of hefty MintDice bonuses. Instead, what you get are investment opportunities and a Bitcoin faucet.

The site is home to one of the highest paying free faucets in the crypto gambling sphere. A free cryptocurrency rewards system that gives you cryptos for filling out a captcha. You can use these funds to play any game, and you can if you earn enough money from the faucet, you can cash it all out.

You can get Federal Reserve Dollars (FRD) from the faucet as well. These are “play” funds that you can use to do some entertainment-based, stressless gambling.

Now, the second way to earn funds at MintDice is through casino investing. The site provides you the chance to put in your money alongside the site’s bankroll. If the site’s bankroll grows, meaning, if other players lose, your investment grows.

For example, if MintDice’s bankroll stands at 100 BTC, and you invest 10 BTC, then the overall number is 110 BTC. If someone loses 1 BTC, then the casino bankroll grows to 111 BTC. Meaning, your investment grew too, from 10 BTC to 10.1 BTC.

Know that players play 10,000 BTC per year on the site. Every game has a 0.75% house edge effectiveness. So, all the investors, together, may earn 75 BTC per year. Due to house commission, the casino edge for investors drops to about half of what it says on the site.

Play at MintDicePlay at MintDice

VIP Program

Currently, the site features no MintDice VIP Club or loyalty program of any sort. However, there has been one in the works for quite some time. Since at least early January of 2020.

The site has an empty rewards page, and in the FAQ, it says that a program that will feature levels, chests, and achievements is coming soon. If you do some googling, you can see that there’s a MintDice page on Behance that features some potential artwork. Thus, they’re cooking something.

According to some info found, the VIP program will have two functions, both giving real cryptocurrencies to those who claim specific levels and also providing on-site rewards. We’ll have to be patient and play the wait-and-see game.

MintDice Customer Support

It’s a bit strange to see an online casino with no live chat support, but for some reason, this crypto casino has decided not to include one. Thus, your MintDice support options are email and the FAQ section. The latter we can call decent, as it offers information in nine seperate categories. One of which is MintDice contact. Once you enter this specific section, you’ll see that the platform has three email addresses listed. One for comments, another for tech support, and a third for security issues. Not the greatest, or the fastest support solution, but at least, it’s something.

We suggest giving the FAQ section a quick once-over before emailing. Although not very detailed, you may be able to find the answer you’re looking for there. You can also ask for help in the game group chat. Maybe other players can assist? However, we doubt it, as all they seem to do is cheer each other.


Prism Sentinel N.V, the company behind MintDice casino has a Gaming Curacao license. The site operates under the Master License of Gaming Provider, N.V. #365/JAZ. Gaming Curacao is one of four Master License holders, and they’re one of the oldest ones. Their existence dates back to 1998, and they are the only Master License holder that shows interest in dealing with player complaints, taking action against operators. If you cannot resolve your issue with MintDice, we suggest sending Gaming Curaçao an email at this address: [email protected]

The site uses SSL encryption to protect your data, and it promotes the use of two-factor authentication. It recommends open-source solutions such as FreeOTP, but Google Authenticator for Android and iOS should do the trick. It also advises that you set up an emergency withdrawal address for all the funds that you plan on betting on the site. In the case of an event where the site shuts down, it wants to be able to return all cryptocurrency assets to their proper owners, fast. does not share or collect your information, and it does not track or profile you.

GOSU Conclusion

We seem to have caught MintDice during a transitional phase. There seem to be a lot of development plans for this year, including new games, interactivity features, and a marketing strategy to increase consumer awareness. Still, despite these promises, there has been little headway. Announced features and games have not yet hit the site. The current offer caters to a specific crowd. If you’re one of the target customers, then you may enjoy what it has to offer. However, if you prefer variety, this is not the place for you. MintDice casino seems beholden to consumer demand, external blockchain drama, and other factors. The project remains active, and we expect the 2.0 version soon.

Play at MintDicePlay at MintDice

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