Luckydice opened its virtual doors in 2019. It’s a fresh player on the crypto gambling market, one that we’ll keep an eye on. A company known as PlayHub is behind this site. You would not find this out by visiting the About page, or the site’s terms and conditions. It’s the same team that’s behind BitKong and SimpleDice. Even though this is just a dice site, it’s a fine one at that. There has been a lot of effort put into crafting this platform, and it offers promotions that’ll keep you playing if dice is your thing.

First impressions

Luckydice features a colorful and modern design that has a heavy Japanese cartoon influence. It features happy mascots with large hypnotic eyes. The theme may be a tad too blue, with only the mascots adding a sense of vibrancy. Some white or a little yellow could have added a splash of contrast and made a better first impression.

Registration is super-simple, though the process of entering a new verification code every time you log back in, gets annoying. It’s for our safety, but still.

It takes the site a little to load the game, and it all appears crowded when you access it through a desktop machine. Though, we did like the drop-down menus and the fact that everything is accessible through the main page interface.

Games offered by Luckydice

Well, as far as Luckydice games go, there’s only one. If you want more games, the site advises you to visit SimpleDice and BitKong. However, know that you won’t get much variety there, as these also have one game apiece.

If you’ve ever played a crypto dice game, then you know the drill. You set your bet size, and you select one of the payout multiplier parameters, under or over, then you roll. You can choose between a classic mode and a digital one. The digital mode is for you if you want to after bigger wins.

There’s not much else to say. The game’s design is terrific. The organization is decent, you have subtle animations and sound effects to spice things up, and there’s a fantastic auto bet option.

Easy Access

There’s a Luckydice mobile app for Android Phones. You can download it from the site. There is no piece of dedicated software for iOS users. So, that’s a bummer.

The site encourages you to download the Luckydice app if you’re on an Android phone. It tells you that you’ll be able to play faster through it. We followed the cat’s advice and found out that it was indeed correct. The dice game took a while to load when we first-accessed the casino through a mobile browser (Chrome). We looked at a load screen for at least five seconds before the game came on.

Other than that, we have to admit, Luckydice casino looks great on a mobile phone. If we had to choose between versions, we wouldn’t hesitate to pick the mobile one. It has far less visual clutter. The left-side panel on a desktop browser is more-or-less useless. It just takes up space and is distracting. On a mobile device, you’ll see what you need, very little else. It’s a far more pleasant and practical experience.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Seeing as Luckydice is a crypto casino, naturally, it has a wide array of popular crypto options. Nevertheless, it tries to provide a nice blend by offering up an even wider selection of fiat currencies. But as far as cryptos go, players can use the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dash

All the methods have different limits and fees. Seeing as it’s unpractical to go through all of them here. If you are interested in particular cryptos listed above, make an account, and head over to the cashier tab for a quick look-see. For reference, we’ll list some numbers, limits, and fees regarding Bitcoin. The Bitcoin minimum deposit is 0.00100000 BTC, and the withdrawal limit is the same. If you deposit less than this amount, the site will deduct a commission of 0.00010000 BTC. The normal processing time is one hour, which comes with a fee of 0.00100000 BTC. You also have the option to select a high-priority processing time, which will transfer your funds out of your casino account in less than five minutes. The high-priority withdrawal comes with a fee of 0.00050000 BTC.

Players can exchange currencies on the site. However, exchanges between currencies must be to play a game in a different currency. They cannot be for personal use or not be game related. You cannot deposit funds for exchange and withdrawal without making bets.

Luckydice also accepts a wide range of fiat currencies. By our count, the current number stands at 32 fiat currencies.

Know that the payment options available may vary depending on your current location.

Luckydice Bonuses & Promotions

Many Luckydice promotions run concurrently on the site. We kick our list off with the Luckydice progressive jackpot. To win the rising sum, the first seven signs of the bet’s first-row hash must be seven. Also, your bet cannot be a losing one. Only a winning bet can win the jackpot.

If you open up the site on a desktop, you cannot escape the leaderboard. There are daily, weekly, and monthly boards. If you’re the top winner, you’ll win different kinds of prizes. The size of the Luckydice bonuses depends on the Total Pool for that specific period.

As you earn points on the site, you’ll move up the ranks and get access to different Luckydice cashback deals. There’s a different cashback percentage for every rank. These start at 0.1%, and they end at 0.3%. The site calculates the cashback from every bet and adds it to your account every 24 hours at 00:00 GMT.

The casino also uses credits as a universal way to reward players. Users will get all their rewards and bonuses in credits that they can later convert into currencies. A magic chest is a Luckydice bonus given to users when they reach a specific number of points. The site doesn’t tell the players in advance how many credits are in the chest. It is random. The site currently lists three types of chests silver, gold, and black.

Other types of promotions present are the free faucet that gives new users the possibility to play games with real money without a deposit, and the refill bonus, where a user gets an amount according to one of the options available.

VIP Program

There is no Luckydice VIP program per se. There’s a point-collection program that rewards loyalty. The site uses points as a method to compare player’s bets. Since there are so many cryptos on offer here, using one metric is very useful to follow a player’s progress. As the player attains points, he moves up the ranks and unlocks achievements.

Rewards depend on your rank. The higher the rank you achieve, the better benefits you get. You start with the Shimin rank. You reach the second rank on the ladder, Samurai after you hit 1 million points. The Daimyo rank starts at 10 million, the Shogun one at 100 million, and you secure Emperor status when you accumulate 1 billion points. So even though the site uses a cute cat for a mascot, it incorporates terms from Japanese history that signify, feudal lords, warriors, military dictators and the like.

Luckydice Customer Support

In terms of Luckydice customer support, at first sight, the platform has all the usual options. Live chat, email, and an FAQ section. However, when we attempted to get in touch via the live chat option, we read that the live chat had been inactive for the past 18 hours and that we will receive an email response to our inquiry.

When we saw that notification, we immediately went searching for the email address, so that we can reach out via the Luckydice email. It wasn’t as easy to locate the address, as we initially thought. We did manage to find it on the privacy policy page. The address is [email protected] How well it works, and what are the response times, we cannot tell you right now. However, we can tell you that we got a response via the live chat after waiting for one hour.

Live chat response came after one hour.

As far as the FAQ section goes, it’s not impressive, but it’s somewhat decent. It covers 22 FAQs, the majority of which cover cryptocurrencies, betting, and payment options. Give it a gander before reaching out to a representative via the two forms of Luckydice contact.


The site worries about player safety. It proves this by making you go through an account verification process each time you sign in to your account. Every time you log in, you must make a trip to your email inbox and copy a security code sent to you by Luckydice crypto casino.
We could not find any evidence that the site has any sort of gaming license. We did read that it reserves the right to cancel or reject any bet. It may suspend, terminate, or delete your account for any or no reason without giving you notice, and the only place you can complain is to the support staff via email.

The site uses an RSA encryption algorithm (2048 bits) from Sectigo to protect any data exchanged on the site, which is terrific. We also have little doubt when it comes to game fairness, as the site has a dedicated page that goes through the topic in detail.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Terrific design
  • Six cryptocurrencies supported
  • Android app
  • No Live Chat available
  • Only one game

Luckydice casino is among the best crypto dice sites we’ve seen. It has one dedicated game, but it’s gone all out to make it as entertaining as possible by adding different promotions in the mix. If dice is your game, you may have to call this place home for a while. The site allows the use of six different cryptos and over thirty fiat currencies. The support options were admittedly underwhelming, but at least we got a delayed reply sent to us via email and the live chat eventually became available. There’s no iOS app, but there’s an Android one, and the site functions well on different kinds of mobile devices. In terms of mobile design, Luckydice gets an A for effort and the same for execution. The site could work on presenting some information in a more detailed way.

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