Fairlay is not your typical gambling site. Instead of being the bookie, they match bettors against each other, taking a 2% commission from the winner’s payout. While it may seem confusing to some, this creates a more profitable situation for the player.

First Impressions

Unlike most books, Fairlay doesn’t require you to register if you don’t want. If you select Create Instant Account it will create a special URL link for you to log in to your account. Any time you want to access your account you just need to go to that URL and it will house your gambling profile. If at any time you want to add an email and password it is simple by just clicking Convert Account. Of course the biggest draw back to this is if you lose the link you lose your account. But to some that risk is worth not having to disclose any personal data. For those that do want to make an account, all that is required is your email.

Games offered by Fairlay

Let’s now have a closer look at all the Fairlay Options.


The majority of the site is built around the sports book. At the time of this writing they had 16 different sports on tap, with many different wager types for each sport. As mentioned before the big draw to Fairlay is the odds. Just as an example, at this writing you could get Chelsea to win their next match at 1.434 odds at Fairlay. The next best odds at their competitors is 1.405. Over time you will noticed that difference in your bankrool.

Horse Racing

Very rarely can you find the ability to wager on the horses at crypto sites. At Fairlay they offer a wide array of tracks, both in the US and around the world. For the smart player this creates a huge opportunity. Since these wagers do not go into the parimutuel pool, you can use a site like this to discover overlays in prices. And since these prices are fixed, you know exactly what you will be getting. This is the perk we love the most. We can sit back and watch a race knowing no matter what horse wins, we win.

Other Markets

Besides the above an area where Fairlay shines is offering wagers on many other topics, like finance, politics, economics, entertainment and more. As of this writing you can wager on the Winner of the US Presidential Election, number of COVID-19 Deaths in the US, Will the US economy hit 5%+ GDP growth by year end 2020, and many others. For the player that follows the news it can create quite the profit maker.


The biggest drawback to Fairlay is their lack of casino. Since they are not a traditional book, they do not carry traditional games. They do have a Dice game that you can wager on. Much like their sports book any wager you place will be matched up to another bettor, again causing much better odds for the player. If their dice game (0-100) for a bet of 0-50 the odds are 1.997. For your average book the odds would be 1.98. Over the long haul that starts to add up.


Another added feature Fairlay has that others do not is a coin exchange. You can swap your ETH, BCH DASH and LTC at the current market rate. Right now you could exchange 1 ETH (current price $231) for 0.025 BTC ($230). You can not find exchange rates like that anywhere else.

Referrals/VIP Level

For every player you refer to Fairlay you will earn half of their commissions for life. That is free money right into your account. Also to help keep their clients happy they have a VIP program. You earn points on all wagers and the more points you earn the higher your level. As your levels increase your withdraw fee goes down and the commission you pay on each wager goes down. You even earn points just by logging in and depositing and withdrawing.

Fairlay Bonuses & Promotions

For those of you looking for bonuses, Fairlay is not for you. Since they are just matching bettors up they do not offer any bonuses.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Fairlay accepts deposit of ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC and BTC along with withdrawals of all 5 coins. There is a small 0.5 mBTC fee on withdrawals as long as you stay under the 5 BTC limit over a 24 hour time frame. If you need more then 5 BTC in a day there is a 5 mBTC fee. Withdrawals are instant.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Lots of available prediction markets
  • Instant transactions
  • No bonuses

While Fairlay may not be the best looking site and the lack of a casino can be a draw back for some, Fairly offers a huge value to the educated bettor. With better odds, a VIP program that reduces VIG to almost nothing, horse betting that can make almost anyone a winner, Fairlay is a welcomed addition to the online gambling scene.

No welcome bonus available

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