BitKong is a cryptocurrency casino or game as it is really just 1 game. BitKong supports multiple cryptocurrencies and offers an Android App as well as the ability to play for free. The company behind BitKong is running 2 other popular sites, too – LuckyDice & SimpleDice.

First Impressions

BitKong looks great, right of the bat you know the design is professional and graphics are fun and appealing to look at. BitKong offers 3 options, deposit BTC (or other crypto) to play, use the ‘For Fun’ mode which allows you to test the game with ‘play’ money or use the faucet to get some BTC and maybe win big for free.

Everything works and the interface is highly optimized and available for Android.

BitKong is basically just one game so you can’t really expect it to have a ton of features, nonetheless, the platform offers players 2 other dice games hosted on different websites. The provably fair system used by BitKong seems to be basically an industry standard implementation (nonces), which is great, but nothing revolutionary. The “bonus options” portion is not explained and we couldn’t find information anywhere – this is something we would like to see fixed in the near future as it’s not a plus for provably fair. Everything should be simple, clear and obvious how to verify a bet (including the bonus options).

The BitKong Game

BitKong game consists of 4 columns and 9 rows. The player has 4 options available on each row, one of them will automatically make you lose, the other 3 will allow you to pass to the next row which has bigger rewards. You are free to cash out at any time and there are multiple levels available.

Levels go from Easy to Medium, Hard, Extreme, and Nightmare which only 1 out of 4 wins per row. The harder the level, the better the payout. Payouts are 1.29x (3 in 4), 1.45x (2 in 3), 1.94x (1 in 2), 2.88x (1 in 3) and 3.8x (1 in 4). At certain levels, there is a chance of getting an extra random multiplier.

The minimum amount that you can bet is 10 Satoshis and the max goes up to 1 whole Bitcoin.

Please note that BitKong has a house edge of 3%, which is triple the standard house edge for most provably fair games on other sites.

BitKong Bonuses & Promotions

BitKong JackpotBitKong offers players a great variety of bonuses and extra rewards. To win the Jackpot, the first seven signs of the bet’s first-row hash must be seven (77 77 77 7) and it has to be a winning bet. The jackpot gets bigger and bigger the more players bet. Seems to be a 1 in 268 million chance of winning the jackpot (16^7). Sha256 hashes use hexadecimal characters (0-f). Yes, a nice prize for sure but it’s obviously extremely difficult to get.

BitKong also has a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard that rewards players based on their points. There is also a Ranking that allows players to benefit from a cashback up to 0.3% for the ‘King’ rank. Lowest cashback rate is 0.1% and taking a 3% house edge into consideration, it’s 10% rakeback at best, which requires a ton of wagering.

Magic chests are again based on points and will reward you with a random amount of credits. There is also a free faucet that will only allow you to claim it if you have reached a certain amount of points. To be honest, it is quite hard to understand what points and credits really are and how they differ. We couldn’t find any information about that but their value seems to be both equivalent to 1 cent.

Deposits & Withdrawals at BitKong

Deposits on BitKong are free unless you are depositing less than 0.001 BTC in which case a 0.0001 BTC fee will be deducted from your deposit. BitKong supports both Segwit and Legacy Bitcoin addresses as well as Bitcoin lighting which has a minimum deposit of only 0.00001 BTC.

The fee for withdrawing is a standard 0.0001 BTC but you can choose to use 0.0005 BTC to speed up the transaction. You can also exchange your Bitcoins inside the casino.

BitKong Customer Support

BitKong can be contacted via E-Mail and also has an active thread on Bitcointalk. We would like to see a Live Chat support added.

We personally contacted the support team to ask for the house edge of BitKong and they responded in less than 3 hours even though it was pretty late at night so we are definitely happy with the service.


When it comes to security, BitKong allows you to use a 2FA traditional authenticator and also something called ‘Security Keys’ – something we haven’t seen before in casinos, basically allows you to use Trezor, Ledger and other hardware devices through BitKong. You can also enable Telegram and Line authenticators.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Great Interface with amazing graphics and design
  • Supports Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Android App
  • It’s really just one game and this "could" be a con

If you are looking for a casino with hundreds of games, BitKong will not meet your needs, however, if you want an innovative and simple betting game, this is definitely the right choice. The design and graphics are great and really fun, you will enjoy looking and playing the game even if you are losing. Additionally, BitKong provides users with a provably fair system ensuring that their bets are fair.

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