Launched in February of 2014, BitDice considers itself a pacesetter in the crypto gambling sphere. Seeing as it was the first crypto casino to go public in Costa Rica and among the first ones that hit the internet, it has a right to put forward such claims. Kairos Overseas, a Curacao-based company, owns and operates this platform under a Curacao Gaming license. It allows the use of six cryptos, features close to two hundred games, and has a dedicated sportsbook.

First Impressions

Anyone that accesses the site will not be taken aback by its design, as it is no visual marvel. The organization here is quite basic, and not a great deal of effort has gone into tying everything together. Images stick out, and inappropriate typefaces are an eyesore. That said, navigation is easy, so that’s something.

Registration may be a tad confusing. You need to select the – Get In button in the top right, and then from the pop-up window, click the text at the bottom that says – Create Account. You will then have to enter a username, password, and agree to the terms of service. Once you do this, you’ll have to click on the confirmation link in your inbox before playing.

When you complete your registration, the chatbot will immediately greet you with a bonus of 0.00000100 BTC. There’s a public chat, but it isn’t very active.

Games offered by BitDice

When it comes to BitDice games, the platform divides them into four general categories in its drop-down menu. They are Dice, Blackjack, BitAces, and Slots. Now, this may be slightly confusing as it’s not the correct organization. The first three mentioned are provably fair games only found at BitDice. They are simple games featuring easy to understand rules and rudimentary graphics. The casino boasts that with optimal-play, the house edge on some of these can drop to 0.84%.

Regarding Blackjack, it is worth mentioning that the following rules are in place:

  • 6 decks
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Can double after split
  • Double 9-11
  • Split to 2 hands
  • Can hit split aces
  • Dealer does not peek
  • No surrender

This makes for a 0.714% house edge with optimal play, which is quite a bit higher than other provably fair offerings (Stake 0.57%) and live dealer/table game provider offerings (Ezugi 0.11%, Microgaming 0.35%, Pragmatic 0.46%, Softswiss 0.62%, Evolution 0.45%, Habanero 0.55%, etc.). If provably fair is not as important to you, you should consider playing Habanero blackjack instead of BitDice’s in-house offering.

Easy Access

According to its RoadMap, released in 2017, the platform claimed that a BitDice mobile app should be available at the start of 2018. However, we are well past that point, and there is still no app. During our conversation with a staff member, he told us that the mobile app is coming when the new version of the site launches. For now, there’s no BitDice Android app and no dedicated software for iOS users.

We accessed the site using our Android phone, running on Android Pie, via Chrome, and these were our impressions. In terms of design, the BitDice mobile version is more-or-less what you get on a desktop machine, with text that’s too spaced out and menu options that do not adequately resize. The provably fair games look and play fine on a mobile screen, but the UX design of the sportsbook is confusing, and the platform seems slow. It was a very frustrating experience trying to navigate around the sportsbook on a small screen.

All in all, if you plan on sticking to the casino side of things, mobile-play is an option. The platform may not look amazing, but it is operational on mobile devices.

We should note that BitDice claims to bet the first one to implement WebSocket technology, with a mobile-centric focus, as a way to provide fast bet speeds.

Deposits & Withdrawals

At first sight, this may appear to be a Bitcoin casino, but BitDice actually accepts five different cryptocurrencies.

You’ll see CSNO listed here, and if you are wondering what that is, then know that it is a profit-sharing (dividend) token. It is an Ethereum token, which you can play with it like with any other coin. If you have CSNO in your Ethereum wallet, when the site makes a profit, you will get your share in your Ethereum wallet quarterly.

CSNO aside, BitDice allows the use of the following cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • EOS

You can deposit via the address available for each crypto or through a QR code. Each currency requires a specific number of confirmations before deposits get credited. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin all require one confirmation. Ethereum needs five, and EOS needs twenty. The minimum Bitcoin deposit is 0.00000001 BTC.

Before you can make a withdrawal, all your previous deposits need to get confirmed. Due to security measures, large withdrawals have to go through manual processing from a cold wallet, which may cause a delay of up to 24 hours. The site deducts a withdrawal fee to cover the blockchain one, and the minimum amounts you can take out are 0.001 BTC, 1000 DOGE, 0.1 ETH, 0.1 LTC.

If you don’t have any cryptos or your desired one, the site suggests you use online exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Local Bitcoins, or buy coins through CoinMama or CoinHouse.

BitDice Bonuses & Promotions

When it comes to BitDice promotions, the offer is quite disappointing. It’s almost non-existent, as everything ties into the level up system we’ll explain below. The site staff told us that they will beef up the bonuses once the new version launches, which should be soon. However, according to players, they have been saying that for a while.

One promotional offer that exists outside the BitDice loyalty program is the BitDice jackpot. You win a part of it by rolling 77.77 on dice. If you do happen to be super-lucky and win it, you will receive 90% of the full amount only if your bet was above 0.01 BTC or the equivalent in another crypto. If your wager was lower than this, then you will receive a percentage of the full amount. You can utilize this formula to figure out the exact sum – your bet *90/0.01.

The site promised on-site raffles for the first quarter of 2018. However, there is still no such option on the platform. From time to time, you can stumble upon quizzes in the public chat and win prizes that way. You can also get tips via the chatbot, and the site offers investment opportunities through CSNO tokens. It’s the first crypto casino to implement the Kelly investment system.

The site offers Loss Back and Bet Back. The first credits back a percent of your loss amount, while the latter credits back a part of your bet amount. These only exist within the BitDice level program, and they come in the form of tokens/points that players can convert to Bitcoin. For every bet you make, you can convert them to Bitcoin at a rate of 1000 Tokens = 1 BTC. Additionally, you can also use the tokens for events or to buy raffle tickets.

Concretely, BitDice lossback ranges from 0.007% ($100 wagered) to 0.1% ($50 million wagered), which means – if we are honest – that the vast majority of players will get practically zero lossback. If you are a player wagering millions and bonuses are important to you, you should definitely check out other sites such as Stake, Primedice or Bitsler, where you would gain much more from bonuses. A lot of sites offer a easily obtainable 10% rakeback, which effectively matches BitDice’s highest level (50 million) lossback + betback rewards combined.

Loss Back Calculation: LossBack percentage = (0.01 * (10 * (level / 15)))

The ‘Bet Back’ which can be similar to the last one as it basically credits you with a percentage of the amount you are betting as a bonus. To be honest, Betback is really low, too, ranging from 0.003% to 0.05%. It’s also fixed, so playing the 3-4% edge slot games doesn’t increase the betback. This is beneficial for blackjack players who can get effectively 10% rakeback at 1.5 million USD wagered playing Habanero, or with 5 million USD wagered playing in-house Blackjack (using combined betback + lossback).

Bet Back Calculation: BetBack percentage = (0.01 * (5 * (level / 15)))

You can also claim a daily treasure chest. Even with large amounts wagered, treasure chest seems to pay a few cents at best though.

VIP Program

Is there a BitDice VIP program? Yes. There’s a level system here that rewards constant gameplay. Meaning, you level up via your bet activity en route to better prizes. You can bet in any crypto. The platform converts your bets to Bitcoin via the current market price for the purposes of its level system.

The more you bet, the higher you move up the BitDice level ladder, from level one to fifteen. Once you have wagered at least $100 on the site, you earn the title Spectator (level one). Being a Spectator gets you a Loss Back of 0.007%, a Bet Back of 0.003%, and a trade commission of 2%, as well as a Level 1 Treasure Chest. At the final level, you become a Satoshi Pimp, perhaps a poor choice for a title in this modern age. However, being a Satoshi Pimp comes with perks such as a Loss Back of 0.1%, a Bet Back of 0.05%, a trade commission of 0.5%, and a Level 5 Treasure Chest.

Bet Back and Loss Back, get paid in BitDice tokens/points. For every bet you make, you receive these tokens, which you can later convert to Bitcoin. The conversion rate is 1000 tokens for 1 BTC.

Treasure Chests are daily loyalty rewards. The reward is unknown, but it comes in the form of tokens/points, whose number falls within a specified range, depending on your site level. As mentioned, there are five Treasure Chest levels within the overall fifteen level program. You get a new Chest level after moving up three levels up in the main system.

BitDice Customer Support

As per our procedure, when it came to our evaluation of the BitDice support options, we kicked things off with the BitDice live chat. It is accessible via the blue circle icon in the bottom right. We typed out a message and got a notification that said that all replies land in our email inbox as well as this window. The chat runs on Intercom, and we had to wait for fifty-six minutes before we got a reply. Conversation with the representative ran smoothly after.

Though there’s a live chat, the casino says on its contact page that the fastest way to establish BitDice contact is via the on-site ticketing system. That if you use that option, a reply should come within 24 hours. We gave it a try, and we got no response during our four-hour wait. Alternatively, you can send the staff a message at – [email protected]. Though, be aware that they do not advertise this option, and you can only find the email address inside the Help page.

Speaking of Help pages, the BitDice FAQ is only half-way decent. It features twenty-six FAQs that divide into six categories. These are General, Technical, Financial, Security, Blackjack, and BitAces. Only the first one is somewhat robust, housing ten detailed explanations of some common issues. The rest are poor, with some presenting only one to three FAQ per category. It’s good that this page is here, but it won’t be of much use.


Kairos Overseas operates BitDice under a gaming license from Gaming Curacao (#365/JAZ), one of four Curacao master license holders. Though have questions regarding the credibility of Curacao master license holders, Gaming Curacao has made efforts into solving player disputes. It is not at the level of the MGA, but this license is par for the course for crypto casinos.

The platform utilizes advanced encryption with an ECC key (256 Bits) to protect all user data. The Data Protection legislation bounds the site to guard your information per applicable laws and best business practices.

By default, the site makes you complete an email confirmation whenever you sign in from a new IP address or device, and it recommends that you enable 2FA on sign up. You also have the option to enable IP whitelists, and you can set Lock Withdrawals, which will only allow withdrawals to specific addresses.

Know that BitDice can retain payments if suspicion of system manipulation exists. It will also bring about criminal charges regarding this matter. Costa Rican courts have jurisdiction to adjudicate disputes arising from the violation of the site’s terms and conditions.

GOSU Conclusion

Pros / Cons
  • Sportsbook
  • Modern slots
  • Six cryptocurrencies supported
  • Slow website
  • Promotions are lacking

When the new version comes out, it will feature so and so. These are the type of sentences that the staff at BitDice likes to throw around. In our conversation with them, they told us that the new version should hit the domain in a few weeks. However, this seems to be an old tale that many Bitcointalk members have heard. We guess we’ll have to wait and see if this occurrence eventually happens. For now, the site is not competitive with others operating in the sector. Its mobile version can be a lot better, and promotion-wise it doesn’t offer up much to entice players to join. We faced issues when accessing the sportsbook on both desktop and mobile devices, and we weren’t satisfied with the slow customer support either. Positive aspects include that BitDice does have more games than a lot of other crypto casinos, years of experience, fast betting speeds, and accepts five cryptos.

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  1. fMBET says:

    I like the minimum bet of 0.00000001 BTC; watch out! Remember that first of all fun and sanity are necessary and this type of bets are also an acquired right of having bitcoin and a way of simply having fun.

    And in that sense, it should be a “fun” casino. In my case, I have taken the 100 welcome satoshi seriously and applied the 1: 100 to them and that has worked for me.
    I have these records:
    BETS: 125864
    WAGERED: 94.45 USD
    PROFIT: -1.31 USD
    And all this with 100 satoshi … 🙂 I have forgotten him, but it is already a simple personal challenge. I have to comeback it at any time, I am near the Treasure Chest 🙂 /Level1

    So, in an order of fun with the goal of “big” wins that we all have in any way, obviously including myself, you have to consider the loss back and the betback explained in the review. You should know if it suits your play style, goals and fun.

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