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YOLOdice closing down

We have just learned that YOLOdice will be closing down by 1st March 2021. Not the greatest news for crypto dice fans out there since YOLOdice has become one of the most reputable sites in the space. As usual, there have to be good reasons why the casino`s management decided to move on. Also worth a mention: They may come back in the future with a revamped YOLOdice, a new project…

You can read the announcement on Bitcointalk here.

The site will be fully operational till 1st March 2021. From 1st to 15 March, placing bets will no longer be possible and all balance-holders should withdraw their funds. After that, the current website will be replaced by a static page.

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  1. fMBET says:

    … in fact they do not reveal a certain cause other than as they mention it themselves “rest” … a possible sale?

    I must say without the spirit of being BTCGOsU fans that I found out first here (news)

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