Twitch Prohibits Streaming of Certain Gambling Activities from October 18th


Twitch Says Adios to Gambling Streaming

Twitch is renowned as a platform for video gamers to stream their progress and activity. With millions of viewers and members, it is one of the most popular (and niched) social media platforms around. It isn’t just video games that have been a hit on Twitch, though. Many gamblers have streamed their success (and failings) as they play online. However, that’s about to change following Twitch’s latest policy update.

New Policy Rules

Twitch has reportedly seen many casino affiliates sharing links and referral codes to gambling sites and games in their streams. Such content is already subject to regulation in several countries as it amounts to gambling advertising. Now, Twitch is set to change its rules to prohibit this content on their platform – to a degree.

Following a discussion with “the community”, content related to streaming at gambling sites will be prohibited. Streaming gameplay of slots, dice games, roulette, and other games (irrespective of whether you’re trying to persuade players to do the same or not) will be prohibited as of October 18th.

Twitch Gambling Ban

Wiggle Room and Exceptions

There do appear to be some exceptions. Perhaps unfairly (some will argue), games at sites that are licensed in the US or are protected by sufficient regulation in other regions (presumably including the UKGC and MGA) may be exempt from the current rules. We won’t know for sure until Twitch updates its policy, but it appears as though Twitch is going after the unregulated, unlicensed betting sites. The platform has also already named and shamed,,, and However, they are clearly reserving the right to add others to what amounts to a blacklist in the future.

Not Everything Is a No-Go

While there appears to be wiggle room with some licensed sites, there also appears to be plenty when it comes to sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker. In fact, Twitch has even gone as far as stating that their new policy update doesn’t cover these forms of gambling.

More Information as It Breaks

Naturally, as we have a keen interest in all forms of gambling, we’ll be sticking with this one as it breaks. An updated gambling policy is expected from Twitch soon. We’ll review it and translate the “lawyer-speak” into crystal clear English for all those interested ahead of the new rules coming into place on October 18th.

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