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GOSU NEWS, hailing from Oslo, Norway, is an emerging crypto venture that blends entertainment and profitability. This innovative platform brings together the worlds of turkey racing and digital farming, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for crypto enthusiasts.

Turkey Racing on the Blockchain introduces the thrill of turkey racing on the blockchain, allowing participants not only to spectate but also to engage in on-chain betting through a dedicated Telegram bot.

Getting in the Race

Discover how users can make their turkeys eligible for racing by depositing the project’s native cryptocurrency, $VEG, and participating in racing and gambling activities within the decentralized application (dApp).

Easy Betting with Telegram Bot

Learn how’s Telegram bot streamlines the process of creating wallets and executing $VEG transactions for betting. The bot announces races hourly, offering a selection of randomly chosen turkeys for competition.

Hassle-Free Gaming

Explore how covers all gas fees associated with gambling within the bot, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free gaming environment.

Digital Farming with

Cultivating Non-Fungible Vegetables

Understand the digital farming concept, where users can cultivate non-fungible vegetables and tend to a flock of pixel turkeys, all operating under the official $VEG contract.

Farmer NFTs

Learn how users can purchase farmer NFTs using $VEG coins, instantly generating $VEG without the need for staking. Discover the exponential increase in farmer NFT costs, encouraging users to accumulate more for higher returns.

Turkey NFTs

Explore how turkey NFTs, available for a flat fee of $VEG, introduce an element of unpredictability by occasionally claiming a portion of the $VEG harvest when a farmer makes a claim.

The Future of

Role of Buildings

While buildings are part of’s future roadmap, find out how they will play a central role in managing and expanding farms, offering various functions, such as mitigating disasters and boosting field yields.

Phases of Development

Discover’s extensive roadmap, with Phase 1 focused on entering the Ethereum mainnet, supported by robust social media engagement.

Explore Phase 2, which will make Turkeys and Farmers available for minting, and subsequent phases emphasizing social marketing, airdrop events, and community rewards, leading to the introduction of diverse buildings in Phase 4.

Exploring Crypto Animal Racing

Beyond Turkeys

Learn that turkeys are not the only racing animals in the crypto world. Discover other animal racing platforms, such as, enabling bets on live-streamed hamster racing events, and Photo Finish, a virtual horse racing simulation offering racing, breeding, and trading activities. opens up a world of exciting possibilities in the crypto space, uniquely combining entertainment and profitability. Join the crypto racing and farming revolution today!

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