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The popular online cryptocurrency gambling platform, has just raised the bar in the fight against gambling addiction with a new strategic partnership with BetBlocker, a non-profit organization advocating for safer gambling. This partnership helps customers to make use of BetBlocker’s free and anonymous software that helps crypto gamblers enjoy more responsible gambling activities. 

BetBlocker’s Revolutionary Tool

The tool provided by BetBlocker helps prevent access to specified websites related to gambling and offers the user the option to set time frames that will block them from having access to the sites they specify. The BetBlocker calendar feature also allows users to plan blocks in advance, which has been praised as revolutionary within the industry as it helps gamblers to proactively manage their betting.

This further supports responsible gambling by minimizing the risk of gambling addiction as users can block out times anywhere from a few days to several years, based on their needs when it comes to gambling.’s Commitment to Safe Gambling

A representative from stated they will not tolerate any incidents of unsafe gambling activities taking place, saying that their association with BetBlocker is part of their efforts to help players and protect them in the process.

Pedro Romero, Safer Gambling Partnerships Chief at BetBlocker, expressed his excitement about the collaboration between both companies, sharing how BetBlocker was thrilled to collaborate with and expand the reach of its responsible gaming software. Mr Romero also expressed how delighted he was that is promoting responsible gambling by taking this significant step forward.

Ongoing Efforts and Resources has consistently prioritized the use of responsible gaming measures and tools into its platform, which has emphasized their commitment to ensuring a safe, enjoyable gaming experience for their users. 

Although the partnership with BetBlocker seems to be a crucial element in their customer care and protection strategy going forward, also offers a range of other resources designed to help its users gamble responsibly. These include self-assessment tools, limit-setting options, and self-exclusion features. The main goal is to clearly create a more secure environment where players can gamble safely, knowing they have tools at their disposal to maintain control over their betting habits.’s Expansion and Future Goals

Earlier this year, expanded its presence in the United States through a partnership with Mancala Gaming and later joined forces with Hub88, an aggregator that boosts the content library for brands worldwide.

By collaborating with BetBlocker, has underscored its dedication to creating a safer community for all its users. Providing tools to help minimize the risks associated with gambling, aims to have a responsible and secure gaming environment with a diverse range of games for all their users.

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