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Souljaboy gambling with crypto on BetFury?

Some interesting stuff going on in crypto gambling space with celebrity Souljaboy having tweeted yesterday that he was looking for a crypto casino. Right away we could see hundreds of responds by pretty much every crypto casino around, inviting Souljaboy to check them out – for obvious reasons, a personality like him gambling on site X, Y, Z would not only generate some big turnover (probably) but also give an image boost, advertising, promotion etc., you name it.

Souljaboy`s tweet:

Today, some people in the BetFury telegram group shared images of a player with username “Souljaboy” having wagered huge amounts of ETH and BTC – at the moment of writing, we are talking about 700+ ETH & 800+ BTC wagered. Some crazy amounts really and if it’s true that we are talking about the “real” Souljaboy, then this may be considered a great little success story for BetFury.

We dare not judge whether this is “real” or just fake news with some high roller trying to take advantage for whatever reason. Truth is that Souljaboy has not confirmed whether he chose a crypto casino and even less so if that is BetFury. As soon as we learn more, we will of course post an update on this.

What we can say is that it would be great to see such people advertising crypto gambling for real since it helps raising awareness and of course gets “normal” people to trying out crypto and crypto gambling.

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