Proceed with Extreme Caution: The Betnomi Saga Continues with


In the volatile world of online gambling, trust and transparency are paramount. However, recent events involving the founding team of the now-defunct Betnomi have raised serious concerns about the safety and reliability of their latest venture, From Betnomi’s abrupt shutdown to promises of refunds and the subsequent launch of, the saga unfolds with a trail of broken promises and deception.

The Troubled History of Betnomi

Betnomi’s sudden disappearance on July 2nd, 2023, under the guise of scheduled maintenance, left users stranded without access to their funds. Despite assurances from Betnomi’s administrators, no official announcements were made regarding the downtime or the fate of users’ balances. This lack of transparency only added fuel to the growing speculation that Betnomi might have executed an exit scam, leaving users in financial limbo.

The Promises of Refunds

In a surprising turn of events, the Betnomi admin resurfaced on online forums, offering “explanations” and promises of refunds for affected Betnomi users. However, despite multiple deadlines and assurances, the majority of users are yet to receive any compensation. This failure to fulfill promises has further eroded trust in the Betnomi team’s integrity and raised questions about their true intentions.

The Emergence of

Despite assurances to the contrary, they proceeded to launch, a move that has further fueled skepticism and suspicion within the online gambling community. Initially portrayed as some kind of a testing environment,’s emergence as a fully-fledged platform raises questions about the true intentions and commitment to user welfare.

Broken Promises and Deception

The administrator’s return to the Bitcointalk forum was accompanied by a litany of excuses and explanations, but ultimately, actions speak louder than words. Despite pledges to refund affected users, only a select few have received compensation, leaving many in limbo. The lack of transparency and accountability surrounding these developments only serves to deepen the sense of betrayal felt by those impacted by Betnomi’s collapse.

Proceed with Caution

In light of these revelations, users are strongly advised to exercise extreme caution when considering engagement with or any platform associated with Sorsis Chatwin. The repeated pattern of broken promises, deception, and disregard for user welfare underscores the importance of thorough due diligence and skepticism in the online gambling sphere.

Why You Should Avoid

  1. Founder’s History: Sorsis Chatwin’s involvement in Betnomi, a platform marred by controversy and accusations of an exit scam, raises red flags regarding the integrity of
  2. Lack of Transparency: The absence of clear communication and disclosure regarding’s ownership, operations, and regulatory compliance adds to the uncertainty surrounding the platform.
  3. User Safety Concerns: In light of Betnomi’s troubled past and Chatwin’s involvement, users risk exposing themselves to potential financial loss and security breaches by engaging with


The Betnomi saga serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in online gambling and the importance of vigilance in protecting oneself from potential scams and fraudulent activities. As seeks to establish itself in the market, users must remain vigilant and prioritize their safety and security above all else. BTCGOSU remains committed to providing unbiased and informed insights to empower users in navigating the complex world of online gambling. Stay informed, stay safe.

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