Netherlands Government Officials submit Motion to Ban all Gambling Ads


On February 9, 2024, Derk Boswijk, a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party in the Netherlands, proposed a motion to ban all gambling advertising in the Netherlands. The main reason for this was to protect young people and vulnerable groups.

This motion further received endorsement from Dutch politicians Nicolien Van Vroonhoven, Diederik Van Dijk, Mirjam Bikker and Michiel Van Nispen. It is part of the ongoing efforts by the Netherlands government to tighten regulations on advertising in the gambling industry.

Dutch Advertising Regulations Evolved Over Time

In July 2023, The Netherlands authorities already introduced a ban on most types of gambling advertising. Through different channels of media including television, radio, print, and public places. The mentioned restrictions, however, still allowed targeted advertising in certain contexts, such as on-demand streaming services, social media, direct mail, and online gaming platforms.

Boswijk’s motion aims at resolving the problem of young people and fragile groups continuing to be subjected to targeted adverts hence the need for government revision of the current legislations.

Proposed Motion is a Total Ban and Player Protection

The House of representatives vote will determine whether there is enough backing for a total gambling advertising ban. The other motion presented by Mirjam Bikker, on the other hand, asks for the overall gaming limit for the Dutch service providers, accusing Franc Weerwind – the Netherlands Minister for Legal Protection – who, in her opinion, does not succeed in protecting vulnerable players.

Bikker’s motion advocates for an overall limit on deposits and losses at online casinos, preventing gamblers from independently increasing these limits. The motion, co-submitted by nine politicians, including Boswijk, demonstrates a collective effort to enhance player protection and responsible gambling practices.

Netherlands’ Commitment to Player Protection

This latest development aligns with the Netherlands government’s ongoing commitment to player protection. In 2021, Bikker and Van Nispen played a pivotal role in introducing the ban on untargeted advertising. The subsequent motion to extend these restrictions showcases the government’s determination to curtail the impact of gambling advertisements on vulnerable segments of the population.

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch regulator, has set an ambitious goal for 95% of targeted ads to reach individuals over the age of 24. The regulator has issued “limited” guidance, expecting operators to take a lead role in ensuring compliance with the ban.

Industry Response and Concerns

With mounting regulatory pressure, the gambling industry in the Netherlands worries about possible adverse impacts. Peter-Paul de Goeij, Chairman of the Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA), has warned that making legal gambling too unappealing should be avoided. Striking a balance between regulation on the one hand and maintaining a seductive legal gambling offering, on the other hand, should be the goal.

Chairman of the Licensed Dutch Online Gaming Providers (VNLOK) Helma Lodders states the vitality of applied measures to minimize the risk of players but to make the legal gaming market interesting and safe.

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