Mark Cuban’s Substantial Loss in MetaMask-Related Crypto Scam


Prominent entrepreneur Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks recently experienced a significant financial setback, losing approximately $870,000 in a cryptocurrency scam linked to MetaMask.

The Unexpected Turn of Events

The incident began when cryptocurrency sleuth WazzCrypto identified suspicious activities within a wallet named “Mark Cuban 2” on EtherScan.

The Shocking Discovery

Mark Cuban was taken aback when informed by DL News about the unusual wallet movements. Confirming his unfortunate experience, he expressed, “Someone got me for 5 ETH.”

Expanding Losses Beyond Initial Estimates

Cuban’s losses extended well beyond the initial 5 Ether, equivalent to approximately $9,000 in the current market. In total, he suffered losses amounting to nearly $870,000, distributed across approximately ten different cryptocurrencies.

Among the notable assets he lost were Lido-staked Ether, SuperRare tokens, Ethereum Name Service holdings, and various stablecoins.

Suspicions of an Exploit

Cuban suspects that the exploitation of his assets occurred when he accessed MetaMask after a prolonged period of inactivity. Recalling that his MetaMask application crashed multiple times while he was attempting to clean up his account on his mobile device, he became increasingly convinced that he might have downloaded a compromised version of MetaMask.

In response to this incident, he took immediate measures to secure his NFTs on OpenSea and transferred all his Polygon holdings to a different account.

Unveiling the Vulnerabilities in Digital Transactions

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency transactions. Fraudsters often craft counterfeit versions of MetaMask extensions or apps, enticing users to reveal their private keys or seed phrases. Once these malicious actors gain access, they can swiftly empty victims’ cryptocurrency wallets.

Mark Cuban’s Ongoing Advocacy for Cryptocurrencies

Mark Cuban’s involvement in this crypto scam is particularly noteworthy given his consistent advocacy for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Earlier this year, he assumed the role of advisor and investor in Blocto Wallet, contributing to its successful Series A funding round, which secured around $80 million. The MetaMask incident underscores the unpredictability and potential pitfalls that even experienced investors may encounter in the cryptocurrency realm.

Legal Challenges in the Cryptocurrency Arena

In addition to this unfortunate incident, Mark Cuban and his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, currently face legal issues related to Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency platform they endorsed. Plaintiffs allege that this platform is an unregulated and unsustainable fraud, drawing comparisons to other Ponzi schemes. This ongoing legal battle adds further complexity to Mark Cuban’s cryptocurrency journey.

Who is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban stands out as a prominent American personality renowned for his multifaceted career spanning entrepreneurship, investment, and television appearances. Born on July 31, 1958, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cuban has etched a lasting legacy in the business realm through his unwavering determination and innovative mindset.

His entrepreneurial journey commenced with the co-founding of MicroSolutions, a software reselling venture, which he astutely sold to CompuServe in 1990, marking his initial foray into substantial financial success. However, it was his astute pivot into the burgeoning domain of online streaming that truly propelled him to prominence.

In 1995, he played a pivotal role in establishing, an internet radio company that Yahoo later acquired for a staggering $5.7 billion in stock. This landmark deal not only catapulted Cuban into billionaire status but also firmly established him as a forward-thinking tech luminary.

Mark Cuban’s substantial loss in a MetaMask-linked crypto scam emphasizes the significance of vigilance and caution when participating in digital transactions. This incident serves as a stark reminder that cryptocurrency scams can impact even seasoned investors, highlighting the ever-present risks in the cryptocurrency space.

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