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Crypto.Games: New VIP Membership Bonuses

Crypto.Games have recently added some new VIP Membership bonuses and it’s about time to let you all know about their rewarding VIP Membership program while you are playing your favorite games with crypto. With Crypto.Games being one of our users`favorite crypto casinos, it’s definitely time to provide you with some information about their new VIP program.

How to achieve the Crypto.Games Premium VIP Membership?

In order to qualify the Premium VIP Membership, you need to take part in their monthly wagering contests and land one of the top spots. If you make the top five for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top three for Litecoin or become the top player for the other available coins, you will be eligible for the exclusive perks for a whole month. Please note that PlayMoney of course doesn’t grant you access to this new VIP membership program.

What are the benefits of VIP Membership?

While being a VIP player on Crypto.Games, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower Dice House Edge
  • Play Dice with only 0.8% House Edge
  • Bet priority and maximum bet speed
  • Exchange limits increased up to 1 Bitcoin so you don’t need to use external exchanges
  • VIP Chat
  • $100 BTC Birthday present (min tier 3 verification, KYC required)
  • Free Lotto entries for BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE
  • Receive monthly vouchers per email

We highly recommend giving Crypto.Games a shot, especially if you are a Dice player.

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1 thought on “Crypto.Games: New VIP Membership Bonuses”

  1. fMBET says:

    With this new bitcoin price, there will surely be an adjustment/ add rewarding VIP levels for some casinos.
    Crypto.games always offering improvements, this casino adapts to situations, by the way it is one of the few casinos that I know that offer LN an alternative in times when fees are so high, so welcome this new New VIP Membership Bonuses.

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