Quickspin slots added really seem to be on a mission and have just announced the adition of another game provider, namely Quickspin. Players can now play their favorite Quickspin slot games at Chips and to celebrate this addition, the casino has started a nice event: Get a Quick Win with Quickspin

Players have 24 hours to earn as many points as possible by hitting multipliers of at least 25x. There is no minimum bet, no currency restriction, just play Quickspin slots and climb up the leaderboard. Whenever you hit a 25x or more multiplier, you earn 2 points. If you hit 50x or more, you earn 5 points, for 100x or more you earn 10 points and for 1000x, you earn 30 points.

The top 20 players will be rewarded, 1st place gets you a nice $175.

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