BetFury: Revamped BetFury Rank System launched

BetFury has been making waves within the gambling community through some of the most distinctive and creative promotions in the industry. Now they have gone a step ahead and improved their VIP offerings by introducing a revamped ranking system that aims at providing players with cashback, personalized experienced, and lots of exclusive promotions. Below we have unfurled all the highlights of this new rank system and discussed how players can get the most out of it.

What are the different ranks and requirements?

The VIP system is divided into 20 ranks, below are the requirements and perks for each rank.

  • Newcomer: $0
  • Gambler I: $3000
  • Gambler II: $10,000 (Gambler I + $7k)
  • Gambler III: $25,000 (Gambler II + $15k)
  • Bet Maker I: $50,000 (Gambler III + $25k)
  • Bet Maker II: $100,000 (Bet Maker I + $50k)
  • Bet Maker III: $200,000 (Bet Maker II + $100k)
  • Game Master I: $400,000 (Bet Maker III + $200k)
  • Game Master II: $650,000 (Game Master I+ $250k)
  • Game Master III: $1,000,000 (Game Master II+ $350k)
  • High Roller I: $2,500,000 (Game Master III+ $1.5m)
  • High Roller II: $5,000,000 (High Roller I+ $2.5m)
  • High Roller III: $10,000,000 (High Roller II+ $5m)
  • Betfurian Pro I: $25,000,000 (High Roller III+ $15m)
  • Betfurian Pro II: $50,000,000 (Betfurian Pro I+ $25m)
  • Betfurian Pro III: $100,000,000 (Betfurian Pro II+ $50m)
  • BF Hero I: $200,000,000 (Betfurian Pro III+ $100m)
  • BF Hero II: $400,000,000 (BF Hero I+ $200m)
  • BF Hero III: $650,000,000 (BF Hero II+ $250m)
  • BF Legend: $1,000,000,000 (BF Hero III+ $350m)


Cashback refers to a part of the lost amount given back to players based on their rank and net losses. The cashback ranges from 1% for Newcomer all the way to an unreal 25% for the BF Legend!

Rank Bonuses

Rank bonuses are a direct, ready to withdraw bonus with no strings attached for unlocking each rank. Higher the level reached, the bigger is your reward. At Betfury, it ranges from $3 for Gambler I and goes up to $30k for Betfury Legend.

VIP Manager

Exclusive promotions and personalized VIP manager unlock once you reach High Roller III (the 13th rank in the system).

How is cashback calculated and paid?

Cashback is calculated from all your gaming activity (except Live, Table, and Sports betting) during one period (Tue-Thu, Fri-Mon) according to the formula: Cashback amount= (your deposited lost coins in one game period) *cashback %.

Note: Coins for winnings, staking payouts, jackpots, referral payouts, boxes, bonuses (battle rewards, Betfury spins, manual bonuses, VIP bonuses, airdrops, events rewards) are not involved in the cashback accrual.

To claim your cashback, just visit My Cashback under profile and withdraw it.

Important: The cashback expires in few days so claim your cashback at the earliest.


We definitely like this revamped version of the VIP system. It offers a large amount of cashback to high-ranked players which is the most attractive part of the program along with the access to an exclusive VIP manager. But we would have preferred the cashback to automatically get credited to the player’s account. We don’t want players to lose their hard-earned cashback to the expiry date. That said, the benefits on show overshadow these small negatives and with all the promotions going on at Betfury along with the dividends system, it’s certainly an excellent addition to the platform. There are weekly and monthly bonuses sent to all the active players as well.

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