BetFury: 19th BFG tokens burning completed

BetFury completed another token burning session yesterday and shared the details. In total, the amount of burned tokens from the 19th token burning session is 17 536 798 BFG.

We are happy to see that BetFury keeps burning tokens as initially “promised”.

Read on for more info and a quick overview.

  • Transaction hash of 5 000 000 BFG burning: d23f6ec1271eb949109f55e7073e91ac0d34180e973b63ee7d8720bcfa85b207
  • Transaction hash of 3 135 136 BFG burning: 7fa2b8705000c846c79102de2f151f2cd2e76b974df5a2fc8c1a9bd89066cfd8
  • Transaction hashes of 9 401 662 BFG burning: 2ff86d1d1cc8038222f27fdf2c84e9770244b9f6a792048ce95e4c466ccdcdf9
  • Auction burned – BFG tokens used in auctions
  • Team burned – The team`s BFG tokens (received through mining)
  • Gaming burned – BFG tokens from players who bet their BFG and lose
  • BetFury contract address: TNE6kmX6EiCgE9HH4bSuWZBuknQ389kU7w
  • Cold wallet address: TF7mYoRhLqUddroeExLvBUfYmQUH6aTKQJTP4Me9WvS6WgmPL9uYAcq1jBqrMfEZfM8b

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