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BC.Game: VIP RECHARGE launched

BC.Game are improving their platform day after a day and we are happy to share that they have recently launched a new, very interesting feature, called VIP RECHARGE.

VIP Recharge – what is this?

BC.Game players with level 22 and above, who have wagered at least 1000 USD in the previous 7 days, are now eligible to request Recharge Activation with the recharge being redeemable for the next 7 days. In order to activate Recharge, simply get in touch with the customer support or VIP manager and they will set you up.

What’s cool: You can choose your favorite crypto as well as the timing. There are three options, a daily one where you collect once every 24 hours, an hourly one where you collect your recharge up to 24 times a day and a Flash Charge where you could collect every 10 minutes (144 times a day). How much Recharge you get is based on your last 7 days wagering, losses and your VIP level.

If you haven’t tried out BC.Game yet, you should definitely do so now – why not while also taking advantage of our exclusive 1000 FREE DOGE BC.Game offer!

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