BC.GAME: UEFA Risk Free Bet

Much to the surprise of some of our readers, today we are bringing a sportsbook promotion from BC.Game! Yes, we know that up until now, Stake has taken the lead on offering sports promotions, but competition between these two is getting real!

The promotion at hand brings a risk-free bet for the UEFA Champions League. How does it work? Keep reading to know all about it:

First of all, you will need to place your bets on the selected dates:

  • 4/12: Leg 1-1 match
  • 4/13: Leg 1-1 match
  • 4/19: Leg 2-1 match
  • 4/20: Leg 2-1 match
  • 5/9: Semi-final Leg 1 match
  • 5/16: Semi-final Leg 2 match
  • 6/10: Final match

After placing your bet, you will have to wait for the match to end. If you win, congratulations! But if you happen to lose the bet, that’s where BC has you covered. Depending on your VIP level, you will receive a Free Bet of a different max value. Tiers are as follows:

VIP LevelsFreebet amount
VIP 4 – 7Max freebet $10
VIP 8 – 21Max freebet $20
VIP 22 – 38Max freebet $30
VIP 39 – 59Max freebet $50
VIP 60 and aboveMax freebet $100

And how would players be able to claim this free bet? Well, right at the BC.Game promotions page, there is a “click here” button. You do have to click it, and at the new tab that will open, you will just need to fill in the losing bet ID. After this, the free bet will arrive in your account within 72 hours.

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