Bc.Game: New Bc Lottery launches!

Possesed by the Christmas Spirit, Bc.Game has launched yet another promotion. This time, they have surprised us with a Provably Fair lottery, with daily draws and a $100.000 jackpot prize.

The rules to participate are pretty simple: buy tickets with BCL (the new coin for the lottery) or at $0.10 a piece and wait for the draw. Payment structure will be as follows:

  • 6 number match (100%), $100.000 to be distributed amongst all the winners (with the same 6 numbers)
  • 5 numbers match, $3.000 per ticket
  • 4 numbers match, $20 per ticket
  • 3 numbers match, $1 per ticket
  • 2 numbers match, same amount of tickets and numbers for the next round
  • 1 number match, no prize
  • If all six numbers are missed, you will get the same amount of tickets and numbers as in the missed round.

To count as a match, numbers will be considered left to right. Draws will take place at 15:00 UTC and ticket sale stops at 14:50.

We don’t know if this lottery will only be a Christmas thing or a new permanent addition; but we do know one thing for sure: Let’s make the most out of it while it lasts!

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