10 Crypto-Themed Slots You Should Try

Crypto Slots

We rarely do list articles, as that is not usually our thing. Nonetheless, given that these have a decent search volume and many newbies love them, we have chosen to give them a shot by posting one and seeing the response we get. Of course, internally, during discussions concerning the potential topic, we came to the realization that not many crypto-themed slots exist. We then did further research into this subject and discovered that around thirty online gambling games utilize the blockchain phenomenon as their motif. That is both staggering and disappointing, given that Bitcoin has been around since 2009, and over the past few years, digital coins have more or less attained a mainstream following. Yet, it seems like most gaming developers still do not fancy blockchain tech as a theme for their titles.

Still, from the ones available, we pooled a list of ten decent enough ones for gamblers of all expertise levels to try. On our journey to finding these spinners, we also encountered a few staggeringly bad products that we will not mention. So, focusing on the positive in the narrow slot crypto-themed space, here are ten games from this category that may interest you. Hey, you are a crypto fanatic. You are on BTCGOSU. Thus, who knows, many of the coin visuals alone will appeal to you. Test these games to find out.

10. Satoshi’s Secret

As everyone reading this likely knows, Satoshi Nakamoto is the secretive inventor of Bitcoin. Much has gotten made concerning his identity, with speculation rampant regarding who this person is active even today. Endorphina is a Czech provider we have discussed on various occasions in the past, and we reviewed one of their games, Lumber Jack, in November 2022. We should look into others.

Satoshi’s Secret is a lesser-known release from this company. It is one that hit online casinos in mid-2015. It has an RTP of 96%, a medium variance, a 6×3 layout, and twenty paylines. The presentation here aims for a Matrix, green digital vibe, and while this is not the most exciting slot ever, its beauty lies in its simplicity. It has a trading bonus game and Qwerty one, where you hack bank accounts with three layers of protection. Overall, this is a spinner we recommend for those in the mood for rudimentary slot action. Nothing more. At some platforms, it accepts penny wagers and boasts a max win of x500,000.

Satoshi’s Secret Slot

9. Cryptomania Jackpot

Here is a brand we do not think we have ever talked about. Eurasian Gaming. It is a slot developer that got up and running in 2017, founded by Saverio Castellano, an Italian that used to work for Novomatic, and established GameART. Eurasian Gaming aims to create products for hubs that operate in the US offshore sphere. So far, this provider has churned out over a hundred titles, and Cryptomania is not one of their more famous ones.

The game showed up online on the first of January 2019, and it looked to cater to the low-roller crowd by featuring a low variance, simple gameplay, ten paylines that pay both ways, and a max prize of x5,000. The hit frequency here is not terrific at 16, but this is one of the rare low-variance slots we have seen that carries progressive jackpots.

Cryptomania Jackpot Slot

8. Bored Ape Slot Club

If you are reading this, you have had more than your fair share of experience with cryptos and probably know all about the Bored Ape Yacht Club. For those living under a rock, this is a collection of Ethereum-powered NFTs launched in 2021, which received mainstream press, even getting valued at $4 billion at one point.

In all honesty, we have never heard of Chilli Games, but it appears to be an interactive gaming entity that got founded in 2019 in Ukraine. They have around twenty slots to their name, and this one is the first we are coming across. It is a 5×3 one, with an RTP of 96.43%, twenty paylines, and accepting bet sizes up to $100. The visuals here have a comic-book feel, and the free spins implement interesting features.

7. Bitcoin Bob

We have heard of Mobilots, the team behind Bitcoin Bob, but we have not played any of their games. From what we know of this provider, it is another one that operates from Malta, originally established as Vista Gaming. They now have around eight products, and Bitcoin Bob is a more than solid game from this brand, debuting in mid-2021.

Know that Bitcoin Bob is a 3D slot, which is why we added it to this list. That and the fact that it has the cascading mechanic. Plus, a low-to-medium variance and a betting range that moves from $0.05 to $150. Yes, free spins are in play here, and so is a jackpot prize, but the mixture of all these things intrigued us, but any single one. Bitcoin Bob looks a bit rough, but if you can look past that, it is an Okay game with some nifty specs.

Bitcoin Bob Slot

6. Mining Factory

TrueLab is a part of the True Flip Group, another Maltese entity. Their Mining Factory game is a 5×3 spinner with a minimum wager of $0.1 and a maximum bet of $120. The gameplay here takes place on a 5×3 layout with twenty-seven betways, and the variance setting is high. The most you can hope to win on this title is a prize worth x6,480 your stake.

Mining Factory has expanding pay symbols, wilds, a free spin round, and a pick’em bonus game. The presentation here is cartoony, and this slot has a surprisingly fun energy, we must say.

Mining Factory Slot

5. CryptoMatrix

Do you know Mr. Slotty? We do. It is an innovative casino developer from Lithuania that has delivered acceptable quality online games since 2013. Perhaps you’ve played their titles – 50 Lines of War or Aztec Pyramids. Though not the best-looking games around, they are somewhat above-average and well-loved by casinos due to their leanness, coming in at less than 5MB in size. Mr. Slotty has seven RNG certificates and gets most praised for the fast load speeds of their releases.

CryptoMatrix is a 2018 Mr. Slotty spinner featuring an RTP of 94.6%, free spins, penny bets, and a 3-1-3-1-3 grid.

Cryptomatrix Slot

4. Heads & Tails XY

Most crypto gamblers are well aware of the XY series from BGaming, as these games offer provably fair-like elementary gameplay from a third-party company. Heads & Tails is an entry in this series with a coin with the Bitcoin symbol on one of its sides and the Ethereum one on the other. It provides a literal heads or tails game, with the caveat that the coin can land on its side also. And from there, this title delivers its 1% house advantage.

Heads & Tails XY

3. Crypto Fortune

NetGaming, the developer of Crypto Fortune, established its operations in 2018, with offices in England, Malta, and India. It may not have taken the internet gambling sphere by storm but this brand has unleashed a few noteworthy titles in its five-year existence. Their most played one by far is Crypto Fortune, which only recently showed up on the scene, making a splash in early February.

It boasts an RTP of 94%, twenty paylines, a 5×4 setup, and a betting range of $0.1 to $50. Crypto Fortune is somewhat reminiscent of NetEnt’s Starburst visually, and it stands out due to its four bonus features, of which we most like the Bull or Bear mode.

Crypto Fortune Slot

2. Blockchain Megaways

We have spoken about Booming Games on BTCGOSU in the past, and their Blockchain Megaways release ranked fairly well in multiple markets when it debuted. It scored high for trying to be different and due to it incorporating a money-collect feature. Though, many gamblers have complained that its free spins round activates way too rarely, spoiling the gaming entertainment on its reels for them.

That said, we thought overall, Blockchain Megaways was an Okay title from Booming. It has cascading wins, mystery symbols, a cash-collect feature, and free spins with an unlimited progressive win multiplier. That is not shabby at all in our eyes. We have a review of this game, so read it to learn more about Blockchain Megaways.

Blockchain Megaways

1. NFT Megaways

NFT Megaways is another slot that we have assessed in-depth. It is a Red Tiger product that made its way onto gambling sites in September 2021. In our review of it, we noted that we quite liked its 1980s-inspired soundtrack and 8-bit pixelated pop artwork. The bet sizes here are disappointing, with the maximum one standing at only $10. Nevertheless, the max exposure of x10,499 tries to make up for that.

The chief thing we did not like about NFT Megaways is that it is a high variance slot with not-so-high payouts. Still, its meme symbols totally won us over, and we suggest you give this game a shot if you have not already done so. Red Tiger is a reputable company with a rep for supplying simple gaming fun with unique charm. And it does that perfectly in NFT Megaways.

NFT Megaways Slot

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