Wagers, Bonuses and Rakeback Oh My!

You find a crypto casino that looks interesting. Maybe you find it here on BTCGOSU, or maybe a friend told you about this cool new place that lets you gamble with BitCoin, Ethereum and even Doge. After checking your cold wallet, you decide lets go gamble, but you login and are immediately berated by these casino bonuses. What are they? Free money can’t be real right? What’s the catch? Here at BTCGOSU we want you to be comfortable choosing what to do with your casino bonuses.

Types of Bonuses

First lets take a look at the different types of bonuses casinos offer.

RakeBack: A fan favorite at many casinos is the rakeback bonus. Rakeback cuts the house edge a bit for you by taking a small percentage of funds lost while gambling and paying them back to you for a second chance at the reels or the tables.

Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses are interesting and a bit double edged when it comes to gambling. Many sites offer a X% bonus up to a certain amount on your deposit with a tied in wager requirement to be able to withdraw funds. Many common wagering requirements range from 20-40 times your deposit + bonus amount wagered to activate withdraws on the funds. What does this mean? Lets look at an example:

A casino offers a 200% bonus up to 1 BitCoin on your first deposit with a 30x playthrough.

You decide to take full advantage and deposit 1 BTC. You account is immediately credited with 3 BTC. Now you are charged with the task of wagering that 3BTC ($137,160 USD at the time of writing) 30 times through the system. So you will have to wager $137,160 x 30 for a grand total of $4,114,800 before being able to withdraw any of your funds.

While the example seems incredibly daunting, it is not impossible. There are some sites that have fine print attached to their bonuses excluding certain games, limiting bet size and generally making it take a while to wager your funds free. Deposit bonuses really help the entertainment gambler, streamers and the challenge acceptors.

VIP: Many crypto casinos allow players to work their way through levels of a VIP program through wagering. Some offer exclusive bonuses at each level, instant cash bonuses, increased rakeback and a myriad of other incentives for you to keep putting money through the site. BC.Game even offers a Cruise each year for their top wagerers.

Whether you choose to take advantage of a casino’s bonus programs or not is up to you, but knowing what each type offers gives you the ability to make an informed decision. Check out some of the casino reviews here on BTCGOSU to see what each casino has to offer in terms of bonus programs.

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