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Fundamentals are always the best ones in most given situations. There are many Poker strategies that you can choose from, but there are times that it’s best to stick to the basics. Apart from bluffing your way through the pot, there are more simple techniques that you can use. Observing your opponents always provides a good source of information. You can see poker professionals wearing glasses during games. This is not because of the lights but because the eyes are often good indicators of the opponent who has a strong hand. Each one of us has habits that we carry on absentmindedly everywhere we go which gives others a clue on what we think or feel. In poker these are called “tells”. These are actions that tell the value of a player’s hands.

Live Table and Online Poker Tells

If you are playing on a live table it is not hard to spot these things if you are observant. Unless your opponent has taken extra precautions like wearing glasses or hats, there are still tells that you can pick up here and there. Unfortunately, most poker games are now played online. Players will not have the chance to interact with their opponents or see them face to face. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t pick up a few tells here and there. They may not be as easy to pick up as live tells, but they can still provide information.

How to Tell Tells in Online Poker

Online poker tables are equipped with chat boxes. This enables the players to talk to each other online during a game. Players can use this to gauge the strength of their opponent’s hands like the way they do it in a live game. Players with strong hands would most likely coax you into calling. They can also feign weakness and bluff using this feature. Action buttons are also good tells. If a certain opponent has no pauses during a game, he is either using a “call any” or “raise any” button. “Call any” button is most likely used for a draw, and “raise any” is used with a strong hand.

Pauses are another set of good tells. If he has a strong hand, your opponent will most likely stall then raise you in an attempt to lure you in. If they have weak, marginal or drawing hands, they will most likely stall then call. Quick bets indicate weakness. The way they act during the game, use their check boxes and speed are good indicators of the value of their hand.

These “tells” are good sources of information. But poker players should also remember that these are only supplemental to the game. Players must always remember their basics more than anything else, whether they are playing online or on live table. These “tells” are only indicators and should not dictate the way you play your game. If you keep your eye open, you will able to tell the individual tells of your opponents. Keep in mind though that your opponents are also watching you. It’s best to avoid predictability during the game.

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