How to Use Bitcoin Bonuses Correctly

Using Bitcoin Bonuses Correctly Improves Gameplay

Claiming and using bitcoin and online casino bonuses is a fundamental part of the online casino experience for many players. After all, this is how a good number of us fund our experience, boosting our balance with free cash when we deposit. However, not all crypto casinos bonuses are worth their salt. Only some of them will positively benefit your gaming experience. Are you using your bitcoin bonus incorrectly? Find out what that means with our “how-to guide” today.

Is There a Wrong Way to Use a Bitcoin Bonus?

Oddly enough, yes. It isn’t so much about “using” the bonus the wrong way, more about claiming the wrong type of bonus for your needs. Just claiming any crypto casino bonus willy-nilly is a terrible idea. You’re likely to claim the wrong one, find out that you can’t use your bonus how you would have liked, and end up burdened with cumbersome wagering requirements for nothing. If you utilise the advice in our guide to using bitcoin bonuses correctly, you can eliminate those issues. Here’s how…

Check Those Wagering Requirements

Checking the wagering requirements of any bonus you intend on claiming is the first step. It is not the case that the more valuable a bonus is, the higher the wagering requirements will be. This is a choice made by the casino. They don’t have to slap you with a high playthrough rate. Therefore, we urge you only to consider bitcoin bonuses that have wagering requirements of 40x or less. Failure to do so will see you spending aeons trying to clear your rollover requirements. Using our sites, you can find something in the 20x to 35x range with ease.

Watch out for Game Eligibility

It may be tedious, but we do encourage our readers to check the terms and conditions of each bitcoin bonus they claim before doing so. After all, all the information you need should be there. One of the critical things to look for is game eligibility. For instance, not all BTC slot bonuses are valid on live casino games or vice-versa. You need to ensure that any games you want to use the bonus on aren’t excluded. Progressive jackpot bitcoin slots, for instance, usually are. Any bonus which has poor game eligibility isn’t likely to be for you.

How Much Can You Win?

Some bitcoin bonuses come with win caps, and this is especially true when it comes to free spin offers. Again, you can find this information in the terms and conditions of each offer. If there is a win cap, you need to ensure that it is set to a reasonable height or at least one that you are comfortable with. Claiming a bonus worth 1 BTC and only being able to win 1 BTC just isn’t worth your time.

What About Withdrawal Caps?

The advice concerning win caps can also be applied to withdrawal caps. Some bonuses seem appealing because they don’t have win caps. Instead, they may carry withdrawal limits. In a sense, they are saying, “sure, you can win whatever you want, but you can only withdraw this amount.” This is no good, either, as it means that you’re going to have to re-invest a lot of what you’ve won. Avoid claiming crypto casino bonuses with low withdrawal limits. Again, it is up to you to decide how low you’re prepared to go.

Do You Need to “Activate” Bonuses?

This is a crucial step. Most casinos automatically add bonus funds to your account when you deposit, but not all of them. Many casinos that promote responsible gambling want you to clearly state that you accept the bonus. One of the ways that they may do this is to require you to enter bonus codes, which you can often find on a bitcoin casino’s promotions page. However, sometimes they want you to opt-in. On the odd occasion, the bonus may be automatically added to your account, but you can’t use it until you go to your account settings and “claim” or “activate” it. Crypto casino players could end up missing out on crucial bonus funds if they aren’t aware of the exact steps they need to take.

Identifying Ideal Games to Play

The final step to using your bitcoin bonus correctly is to be choosey about the games you play. Most of our top crypto casinos have hundreds, even thousands of games to offer. If you don’t like the look of one, we’re sure you can find another with the same theme, albeit with better terms and features. Not all slot games are suitable for you, depending on how you want to wager, for instance, and the same is true of bonuses.

For example, highly volatile games require a big balance, and that isn’t going to work out well with small-scale bonuses. Similarly, high rollers aren’t going to be impressed with bonuses that have wager caps. Therefore, you should do your homework. Just because a game you want to play is eligible to be played with bonus funds doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ideal.

Find the Best Bonuses Right Here

If in doubt, you can always rely on us to help get you over the line. In our casino reviews, you can discover a wealth of top bonuses. We also go into detail about what claiming various offers means for you as a player, particularly in relation to the terms and conditions attached to the offers.

Check out slot reviews to learn the ins and outs of top bitcoin casino games and read our guides to crypto casino bonuses. Between our reviews and guides, you have all you need to put two and two together to work out how to claim the best bonuses and cracking casinos offering top titles.

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